Miguel Torres: To Move Forward Sometimes You Have to Take a Step Back

August 28, 2012
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Miguel Torres UFC 126It’s rare that a fighter sees his release from the UFC as a positive step, but as Miguel Torres looks to rebuild, it seems like the perfect idea for him at this point in time.

Torres announced last week that he had been released from the promotion recently, following a loss to UFC bantamweight contender Michael McDonald in April, and has now signed on with Titan Fighting Championships.

It’s been an up and down road for Torres over the last couple of years, and his manager Glenn Robinson believes that, in the long run, this really will help Torres become the fighter he needs to be.

“Right now, Miguel is one of those guys who focuses on today, and so right now he’s very busy personally. Going to Titan was his chance to kind of sharpen his skills back and get back to who he was,” Robinson told MMAWeekly Radio recently.

There’s no doubt Torres’ career in the UFC was a roller coaster both in and out of the Octagon.

Torres went 2-2 overall during his time with the organization, but also hit the headlines after he was released and then eventually rehired following a controversial Twitter message talking about rape. Robinson believes that leaving the UFC will allow Torres the time to rebuild and refocus, and then he can hopefully return to the form that once saw him sit atop the 135-pound division.

“Sometimes in life, in order to move forward, you have to kind of step back a little bit. With everything going on in his life, this just worked out,” said Robinson.

The first step back to prominence for Torres will be fighting on the upcoming Titan Fighting card scheduled for Nov. 2 in Hammond, Ind., just miles away from where the former WEC champion resides.

The fresh start will allow Torres to compete, but not with the same amount of pressure looming overhead as he had in his last bout in the UFC.
As far as his relationship with Zuffa and UFC officials, Robinson points out that Torres’ release wasn’t based on any past bad feelings or a strained relationship. It was just the right time to cut ties.

“No bad blood, no hard feelings, it’s just something that is good for everybody,” Robinson stated. “This is the start of a new future for him.”

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  • mmagenius

    Still f–ked they released him after one less. For some f–king reason Dana doesnt like him

    • markrenton

      He was 2-2 in the UFC, but in the last 3 years Torres was 3-4 under Zuffa. In that time, he was beaten by 2 flyweights and was also finished 3 times (2 of which came in the first round). In interviews he blamed his losses on not training and then made a rape joke on Twitter (Dana loves twitter). There’s also the financial side… Miguel was a big name for a while in the WEC and gets paid much more than almost every BW and FW (He made double what McDonald did in their fight). You factor all those things and you can start to see why they might cut him.

      That being said, I still think Miguel is a very talented fighter and over the past 5 years I have really enjoyed watching his fights . I have a feeling we will see him in the UFC again and I believe being cut will make a positive impact. I’d really like Torres to get a fight with Bibiano Fernandes. Unlikely, but with him out of the UFC it would be a great match up IMO.

  • mmagenius

    I will be uploading a video I made of Dana white Today on my youtube channel mmagenius 2 check it out it will be called What Dana White does when not working

  • Mario

    He should get a haircut. That’ll be a step in the right direction for sure!

  • fjc1113

    I was a fan until he dissed me in Facebook. He wasn’t the same fighter he was in the wec but I stayed loyal until the . I won’t miss him tho. His fights, mullet, and taco stereotypes were getting annoying and becoming offensive

  • WarriorScholar

    Always glad to watch him get knocked out.

  • pooby

    Dana said “no” but Miguel’s roofies say “yes”.

  • It happens. He’s a veteran of the sport. Maybe he can rack up a few wins and get back in the UFC or maybe he’ll find a home somewhere else. Either way, he made a big impact during his time in the WEC.