Miguel Torres Issues Apology After UFC Firing

December 9, 2011
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Miguel Torres UFC 126

Miguel Torres

Former WEC bantamweight champion Miguel Torres was released from his UFC contract on Thursday following a recent controversial “rape” remark that he posted to his Twitter feed.

Torres reportedly tweeted, “If a rape van was called a surprise van, more women wouldn’t mind going for rides in them. Everyone likes surprises.”

According to UFC president Dana White, Torres told UFC officials that it was just a joke. Well, the joke wasn’t so funny to White, leading him to fire Torres.

“If that’s your sense of humor, keep it at home around your buddies and keep it to yourself. It’s not something you put out on Twitter. And there’s no explanation for it. I can’t make any sense of it,” White said in an interview on MMAFighting.com.

Torres has since issued a public apology on his official website:

“I have a lot to be thankful for in my life, I have my beautiful wife and daughter, my family, my health, my gym, and in terms of my career, I succeeded to the biggest stage in the sport of mixed martial arts, the Ultimate Fighting Championship.  I am very sorry for upsetting my bosses at the UFC, and also to my fans and everyone else who was upset by the language in my tweets.  I understand it was wrong, and I meant no harm or disrespect.  Given the chance, I will do whatever it takes to make things right. I am going to learn from this.  I think life throws you opportunities that can make you a better person, and so that’s what I’m going to do here. That is how I am going to react. I am going to use this to improve myself, and I hope that my fans will continue to support me.”

Whether or not his statement will have any influence over White’s decision to release Torres from his contract remains to the be seen.

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  • Torres has my full support. Hope they can resolve this matter and get him back under the Zuffa banner ASAP.

  • bajafox

    That sucks, I’m sure the guy meant no disrespect but hopefully he will learn from this and be let back in the near future.

  • shaman

    I agree with short bus

    If this thing flies no one should be safe. I’m calling MAJOR double-standard favoritism

    I guess how good of a guy you are depends on your PPV draw, which is exactly what it looks like. This crap White is pulling makes me want to read his mother’s book

  • shereko

    This wasn’t a “funny” joke, but I don’t believe its a fire-able offense. I do hope that this is a scare tactic to show him and others how to act accordingly in the public microscope but, this shouldn’t cost him long term. Besides the Forrest, and Rashad comments, there was Diaz starting a fight with Riggs in a hospital, Chael Sonnens exploits, Rampages “incident” etc and they were either not disciplined or came back. I feel he is truly remorseful for saying what he did, and I can see how he can make that mistake.

    I say let him off for a bit, and let him see things from the other side… then bring him back. Come on its the season of giving. haha

  • I think part of the reason for the firing was the fact that Landsburg (or whatever his name is) caught Dana off guard when he brought up the tweet. I think that was the first time Dana had even heard about Torres’ remark and he felt he needed to address the issue quickly. I realize Dana didn’t make the decision to can Torres right there on air, but it was done a short time after he was on the show.

    Hadn’t the tweet long since been deleted / edited by the time Landsburg even brought it to Dana’s attention?

    They need to work this out. Firing Miguel Torres for this incident and giving so many others a pass for committing far more egregious acts is very inconsistent and it does not sit well with me. I usually side with Dana but I think he is 100% wrong this time around.

  • nice 1,i hope dana gives him another chance,.hes 1 ov the best out there,LET HIM HAVE HIS JOB BK. us fans, want to fart dana`s head till he gives torres his job bk..HAPPY TIMES..

  • I agree with all you guys!! Torres should go back to the UFC!!!!! Dana should develop a consistent, concrete way of handling these situations. He could fine fighters for **** like this, but do not fire them for **** they did outside the octagon!!! It’s ridiculous and retarded!!!!

    • People keep calling for the UFC to impose some sort of monetary fine, that notion is a bit ill conceived.

      Zuffa does not have the authority or power to fine anyone, they are not a sanctioning body like the NSAC or CSAC. At most the UFC brass can stick a fighter on the bench, fire him or twist his arm to do some sort of feel good PR fluff but they can not take money from a fighters pocket. That would be like your boss deciding to fine you because you did something bad. You flipped those burgers and served those fries so you earned that money and there is nothing they can do to deprive you of it. All they can do is demote you, fire you or require you to attend some sort of “be kind to others” training.

  • dougdevine

    What about Dana?? An the things he said about Gays an other people that he put down??? He’s a hot head thats in charge of the greatest sport today!! Hopefully FOX has more front guys like they did in their first show an give Dana break a bit!!!

  • Prodigy815

    As a father and husband why would he even say anything as dumb as that?

  • kylesmith

    It’s total BS that you got fired, bro. Luckily Dana is a hypocrite and someone who goes back on his word all the time, so you’ll be back in no time.

  • therealmo

    Dana Joe Silva please bring Torres back,

  • KBEsq

    Dana White says he just doesn’t understand why Torres made these comments. Well, I think even more difficult to understand is White’s arbitrary reaction. Arguably, what Rashad said was as bad or worse. Now, I don’t think Rashad should get punished for his comments, but why does Rashad get not so much as even a slap on the wrist (other than White to simply say it was stupid), and Torres loses his livelihood from his comment.

    Also, Torres has since acted with nothing but remorse and maturity. He already said he was simply quoting a television show. Is there something else behind this release that I don’t know about?! We’re talking about a guy who, sure he wasn’t winning in spectacular fashion, but he was winning consistently nonetheless.


  • wilfredfreytes

    My God… Chael Sonnen keep fighting in the ufc after his steroids violation and MR Dana “filthy mouth” White did not firing him…thats by far is worst…

  • shakejunt

    rape IS funny