Miesha Tate’s UFC 168 Backstage Interview

January 1, 2014
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A disappointed Miesha Tate talks about her loss to UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey in their rematch at UFC 168.

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  • robc

    Miesha needs a better corner/team. She has the tools but clearly is not getting the right coaching. Going to the ground or clinching with Rousey was clearly the worst thing she could do. They should been telling her to stay on the outside and punch with occasional low leg kicks. She has an iron chin, she likely could have worn Ronda down or at least avoided Ronda’s area of strength. Classy in defeat though, makes Ronda look like an even bigger biatch.

    • deepgrim

      yeah the corner team were not good she walking into quite a few judo throws but i believe that ronda is just better in so many areas at the mo and her stand up is getting stronger. think it will take a strong striker to finish her, obviously cyborg would be the one that comes to mind

      • steeltown65

        Cyborg juices for the weigh-ins. Tito is her manager. He says she can’t make 135 . So I figure Dana will add the 145’rs . Evenntually.

        • deepgrim

          dana always says he wants to make the big fights happen so we will see if he follows thru. havent seen holly holm fight yet but i hear she is a very good striker too.

          • steeltown65

            Already tried. She wants top pay of all female fighters. Ain’t happening!

  • jrcr_15

    Love Miesha !!

    Seems like a really nice, down to earth person, she’s only going to get better

  • Mma fanatic

    Meisha , 1st coming from a long time fight fan , I want to say thank you for that awesome fight! You looked amazing! I was praying you would GNP her out ! Ronda needs to be layed on her butt and pounded out! You won that night with or without the victory! Like silva , Ronda’s disrespect will be her undoing! Keep getting stronger, faster and more technical , why she keeps practicing her armbars! Can’t wait to see Ronda get her butt whooped!

  • al57

    Meisha Big Nose Tate is attached to that loser girly feminine Brian Caroway. Tate is 2nd tier anyway but needs a new team around her.

  • XJaVeNX

    “I wasn’t scared to grapple with her” … how’d that work out for ya?

  • 120 lb bells

    Easy to sit in the stands and critique somebody who’s out there playing for blood! Meisha has more balls than you computer wannabes! I bet you have some strong thumbs!