Miesha Tate’s List of Hopeful Next Opponents Includes Gina Carano, Holly Holm and Sarah Kaufman

April 20, 2014
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Miesha TateFormer Strikefroce women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate scored her first UFC win on Saturday at UFC on FOX 11 in Orlando, Fla., with a unanimous decision victory over Liz Carmouche.

It was Tate’s third UFC fight. She lost her promotional debut to Cat Zingano in April 2013 and was defeated by champion Ronda Rousey for the second time in her last outing.

“I was going through a mental hurdle so to speak, losing two in a row and thinking, man, am I just cursed. Like, can I just not win a UFC fight, or what is it? I’m over that hurdle now,” said the 27-year-old during the UFC Post Fight Show on FOX Sports 2. “I’m over that hurdle now and I’m looking forward to moving forward from there.”

With the feud with Rousey behind her, and her first UFC win under her belt, Tate is looking ahead to who’s next. And she has a list of names.

“I think Sara Kaufman would be a great fight. It’s one that I lost 29-28 back in Strikeforce when there was only three-minute rounds. She’s off a good win,” said Tate.

Kaufman and Tate fought in May 2009. Kaufman won by unanimous decision. When Strikeforce first featured female fights, they only fought three, three-minute rounds.

Tate would also like to fight “that boxing girl that’s not in the UFC yet.” She’s talking about multiple-time world boxing champion and undefeated mixed martial artist Holly Holm.

“Holly Holm, I think that she needs to come over to the UFC. And she’s undefeated. She’s got a lot of hype going in too. She wants to climb her way to the top. I think that would be a good starting place,” said Tate.

Holm and her representatives met with UFC president Dana White recently and talks did not go well. After the meeting, White said the organization is no longer interested in signing Holm.

During the UFC on FOX 11 post-fight press conference, Tate said she’d love to fight Gina Carano.

“I’d like it. I’ll take that fight all day long. I’ll fight anybody, but I’d love to fight Gina,” said Tate.

The possibility of Carano returning to mixed martial arts after a five-year hiatus from the sport has snagged headlines over the last couple of months. She also recently sat down with the UFC president to discuss a potential comeback.

“We don’t have a deal with her yet – she’s still under her Strikeforce deal which ends in June – (but) I’m confident we will,” said White about Carano during the post-fight press conference. “But until we have a deal with her we’re not thinking about anything.”

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  • Maddawgmar

    I think she should fight Sara McMann. I feel Sara would destroy her.

  • Seth

    Yeah, win 1 fight finally after being ranked 3 after 2 devastating and humiliating losses – now all of the sudden she talks tough. She really is as dumb as her bf…

    • Maddawgmar

      She had lost 3 of her last 4 fights before this “win”. I felt Carmouche won rnds 1 and 2 though. She isn’t as good as she likes to put on.

      • Seth

        Before Rousey rematch she said she can escape as many Rousey’s armbars as she needs. I guess she didn’t need it when Ronda broke her arm twice. Before this fight she was bragging how she “took Ronda deep into the fight”…last time I checked Tate was flying all over the cage, each time she tried to do something.That chick is just stupid. Same as her bf. Who cares about them?

        • david

          Talks tough? Its not like shes challenging rousey shes challenging Carano.

          • Seth

            She’s in no place to challenge anybody. Not after getting KTFO by Cat and after quitting against Rousey. She will fight who ever UFC tells her to now. You have to earn a position to call someone out.

          • david

            Actually shes can challenge everybody in the division except rousey. The division is so weak that shes allowed to do that. And don’t tell me Carano is any threat to anybody.

          • Seth

            I didn’t say that, Carano vs anyone is nothing more than exhibition match for media. Nothing more.

          • david

            If the Gina Carano gets a title shot it will just show that the women’s division is a joke and once rousey leaves, so does the division.

          • Seth

            Not really. Carano’s title shot would be pure PR for female MMA. Carano is known, so that would get more attention for WMMA. Nothing more. Should she get one? No way in hell. Would that be good for BUISNESS? Probably yes. Some people should understand that some of the UFC decision aren’t based on sport reasons. Nick Diaz shouldn’t get his title shot either, but people were climaxing when UFC announced that. That was also pure BUISESS decision.

  • Dan

    Tough crowd here – I didn’t read any tough talk…no predictions of putting beatings on anyone…she probably got asked who she would like to fight next. If you read the above and watch the post-fight press conference and sense cockiness, you imagined it.

    I think she clearly won last night – round one was Carmouche’s, but the first minute was Tate on the feet and the rest of the round was a few drag-downs and Carmouche struggling to keep Tate down while getting hit with punches and elbows and not being able to advance her position at all. First two minutes of the second round was a mirror of the first…then Tate got dominant on the ground, landed strikes, and improved position to where she was able to go for submissions. And the third was obviously all Tate – the one truly dominant round in the fight.