Miesha Tate’s ESPN The Magazine “Body Issue” Photo Released

Ronda Rousey vs Miesha Tate-478x270Miesha Tate has, like UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey, made the decision to pose for ESPN The Magazine’s “Body Issue.” The issue hits newsstands on July 12.

A recent feature by the NY Daily News revealed the photo, which was taken by Ben Watts for ESPN on a private beach in California. Tate, however, said it was far from a “private” shoot.

“It was nerve-racking,” Tate revealed. “Even though it was a private beach, there’s still big houses all around and we had a couple of people trying to walk by the shoot.”

Tate had criticized Rousey when the champion posed for the Body Issue, but seems to have changed her tune a bit now that she has finished up her photo shoot.

espn7n-6-web_medium“One of the of the biggest common misperceptions about women’s mixed martial arts is that we’re not feminine,” Tate told NY Daily News. “So for me, it’s important to show that women in this sport are comfortable about their bodies, that we’re pretty and carry ourselves as women — and we can also turn it up a notch in the cage.”

Tate and Rousey are opposing coaches on the upcoming The Ultimate Fighter 18 series and are currently filming the series in Las Vegas, although UFC president Dana White has said that the filming is going “bad.”

“I don’t even know if some of that stuff will make TV. It’s bad.  Those two do not like each other and their camps do not like each other.  And it is pure (expletive) mayhem every day,” said White, before adding, “It’s Ken and Tito type stuff,” he said.

Tate will get her chance to exact revenge on Rousey when they meet for the second time at UFC 168 on Dec. 28 in Las Vegas.

(Miesha Tate ESPN The Magazine photo courtesy of Ben Watts/ESPN The Magazine)

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  1. wish she had a slightly bigger butt. But then again im black!

    • im white and i wish the same thing. but then again i would not say no for any amount of money!!

  2. Sexy!

  3. i will take her any way i can get her. her and rousey. my god are we blessed.

  4. Fing Stripper…If you cant fight take your clothes off swing on a pole

  5. Good grief. Where are the unicorns, rainbows and glitter? I am all for the women showing their feminine side. However both Tate & Rousey photo shoots are ridiculous. This doesn’t make them look feminine, it makes them look absolutely ludicrous.

    • Bottom line:

      18-35 year old males have trouble masturbating to unicorns, rainbows and glitter

    • well said, these are both hot babes but God awful pics.

  6. “big nose Tate” ? what are you in the 3rd grade?

  7. I will never deny that Tate has a great body. Having said that, I just personally dont find her to be all that attractive. Sure, part of that is her nose, but i could get past that. I’m one of those people who lets their view of a persons ‘attractiveness’ be guided by the persons personality. Granted, i dont know her personally, but the way she comes off in interviews etc just totally skews my opinion of how attractive she is. If she didnt come off the way she does, to me at least, I would probably think she was smokin hot. As it is, i dont.

    Her girlfriend Caraway certainly doesnt help. These two remind me of Spencer and Heidi from “the hills”. Just a couple of douche bags who think they’re more important than they really are.

  8. LOL wow, thank you for that disturbing visual…i may send my therapy bills to you lol