Miesha Tate vs. Sara McMann to Go Down at UFC 183

November 12, 2014
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A women’s bantamweight fight between Miesha Tate and Sara McMann is scheduled to go down at UFC 183, officials announced on Wednesday night.

The Tate-McMann clash adds to the growing fight card, which is scheduled to take place on Jan. 31 in Las Vegas. UFC Tonight first reported news of the match-up.

Tate (15-5) comes into the 2015 bout going 2-0 in 2014. In her previous outing, Tate went three rounds with Rin Nakai, dominating the Japanese fighter from bell to bell.

McMann (8-1) also comes into the bout off a win, a split decision in her favor against Lauren Murphy last August. Her only professional loss came this past February at the hands of current women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

UFC 183 is scheduled to be headlined by a middleweight affair between former division king Anderson Silva and Nick Diaz.

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  • Maddawgmar

    Bad News for Meisha…

    • shakejunt

      i feel like this is best case scenario for her right now. beat everyone who has challenged and remain solid #2. she may not get a third shot, but she’ll test girls who do want a rematch.

      • Maddawgmar

        I agree, this is her best move to stay in title contention. And I commend her for taking this fight, but this is the worst match up stylistically in the division, Rousey included. At least with Rousey she had a wrestling game that was able to put her down a few time with(even though she couldn’t do anything with it). But with McMann, Meisha will have to rely on stand up, which lets be honest, looks kinda like a teenage girl flailing about. I think Sara wins this pretty easily…

        • deepgrim

          mc manns stand up is nothing special either tho, meisha stand up looked a bit more technical against that Japanese girl tho she has a big reach advantage. i think it is a 50/50 fight

          • Maddawgmar

            I’ll go with a 50/50 fight if it stays standing. But if wrestling come into play, it’s 100/0. So I’ll go as far as to say 75/25 Sara’s way.

  • King Of The Spread

    Does anyone agree if Miesha Tate weighed in with out make up on she could make straw weight?

  • dandogood

    Meisha Tate without 10 pounds of makeup on is a man.

    • Micha Jackson

      I beg to differ! Make up is part of being a woman, and Miesha has some of the best body features in the MMA! For all the battles this woman has gone through, I’m surprised she looks as good as she does! Wow! I can’t believe I’m defending Tate like this! Maybe I don’t really hate her, just dislikes some of the things she does. I would hate to be in the spot light, I’m sure 90 percent of the people wouldn’t like the things I do. 😐 I need to stop being a freaking hypocrite!

  • Micha Jackson

    Awww…So I get the fight I’ve been begging for! Both girls claim to be Ronda’s toughest fight, now let’s see what they can do against each other! I think McMann has this one, but you never know! I hate on Miesha a lot in the past, but the girl has really made a name for herself. I hope both ladies sell the fight and don’t hold back on pre fight press conferences!