Miesha Tate Sees Holes in Ronda Rousey’s Game, Plans to Exploit Them at UFC 168

December 24, 2013
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Tate-vs-Rousey-faceoff-460x270UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey has steamrolled her competition since making her mixed martial arts debut in March 2011. The Olympic medalist in Judo has finished every opponent by the same move, an armbar, in the first round. She seems unstoppable, but Miesha Tate sees it differently. She sees holes in Rousey’s game and plans to exploit them when the two rematch at UFC 168 on Dec. 28.

“There are always weaknesses in the game. I think a lot of people build Ronda up to be this invincible person and that there’s no way that she can be beaten. But I don’t see it that way at all. I see a lot of holes in her game and I see a lot of ways that she can be exploited,” Tate said on a recent media conference call.

“Just because it hasn’t happened yet doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen. You know what I mean? And I’m going to do something different on the 28th than anybody else has done. But yes, those holes are there. You guys saw it. I saw it,” she continued. “I don’t think it needs really any explanation. They’re there and they’re there waiting to be taken advantage of.”

Tate was on the receiving end of a Rousey armbar when the two first fought in March 2012. Tate was the Strikeforce women’s bantamweight champion and Rousey had turned pro less than a year prior. Only four fights into her career, many felt Rousey didn’t deserve to be fighting for the title and hadn’t earned it. All that flew out the window when Rousey isolated an arm late in the opening round and proceeded to dislocate it at the elbow. Rousey’s star was born, women’s MMA had a new face, and one of the biggest rivalries in combat sports emerged.

Looking back at the loss to Rousey, Tate views it as a learning experience and a lesson in fighting with emotion.

“Well, the mistake in itself in the fight was technical. But it happened because of the emotion. So I think that I was over emotional in the fight. And, I went out there, I kind of abandoned the game plan a little bit and I allowed her to play into her game plan,” said the 27-year-old.

Tate believes she’s more mature now and has grown as a fighter. The previous loss to Rousey has helped her prepare to avenge it.

“I just got sucked into all of it. I’m just, I’m more mature now. I’ve grown a lot as a person. When you lose, when you make a mistake, that’s why you make mistakes in life so that you can learn from it and become better and bigger and stronger,” she said. “And that’s what I feel like I’ve done. I don’t necessarily look at it like a mistake anymore. I look at it as a learning experience.”

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  • Guest

    Man, i cant imagine Ronda if she losses. How she’s gonna react… CMON Saturday baby!

    • Rence

      Something tells me that come saturday night, we’re still not going to see how she reacts to a loss. Not to Tate. Ronda may be beaten eventually but i really dont think cupcake is going to be the one to do it.

      Just my opinion

      • Alex Adams

        I’M with you: doN’t think Tate will beat her….even if I pray every night! Would lioke to Ronda vs a real competition: Cyborg Santos!!!!

        • Rence

          Sorry i know this is an older convo by now. I’m still not sure we’ll see Ronda lose, but i think McMann is going to give her one hell of a fight. She’s been pretty solid so far.

  • Danny boy

    Ronda you don’t have to be lonely at farmer’s market .com plenty of horses to feel your loud crude foul mouth you whore in a Jersey mafia accent! ok smelly bottoms


    Rhonda is the new Brock Lesnar, everyone wants to see her lose, yet we all know she’s gonna crush Tate, 1Rd ArmBar, this time she’s not gonna let it go, probably get suspended afterwards by uncle Dana

    • Rence

      She may go in to the cage pissed off, but i honestly cannot see her holding anything too long. once tate taps or the ref stops it, she’ll let go.

      Having said that, what would not surprise me is if she cranked on it hard from the get go instead of applying it, waiting for a tap, then adding pressure to make it hurt worse to get the tap. I “could” see her just going for a break as soon as she has it.

      But i think once tate taps, the ref stops it or the bell rings she’ll be a pro and let go. She’s seen what happens to guys that have done that in the past (Baba-who?) and i doubt she wants to follow the other guys to the smaller promotions.

      • Alex Adams

        DON’t think that White will release her. She would really have to do something crazy! If she hold a second or 2 just to hurt her nothing will happen. If she hold 4 or 5 seconds after the tasp and break tate arm…that’s another story. Whit GSP, Cain and Pettis out for 2014 White can’t lose Ronda

    • Big Tuna

      Lesnar didn’t crush anyone he was mostly covering up is face to avoid the barrage of shots to his head

      • Mark McDowall

        You must have missed his first fight where he turned Mir’s face in to hamburger in less than a minute…and the Herring fight where he broke BOTH his orbital bones with 1 punch…

        • Alex Adams

          Yeah…. and remeber him tapping out to Mir in a ankle lock, I also remeber him haviong is handfull with a 46yo in Randy Couture. Hey! Do you remeber also the time he got KO by Cain Velasquez?!? Lasnar was a Hype because of his freak size and NCAA record. Rousey’s a hype too! Cain velesaquez said it : everybody lose one day!

        • Big Tuna

          Must have been focused on the beating Cain laid on him as well as Overeem.

          • Mark McDowall

            I’ll give you Cain. He did beat his ass. But Overeem…no way. Did he beat him yes…but he also popped positive for having ridiculous T levels. And since he was caught and is being constantly tested he has had his ass handed to him twice.

            Would it have made a difference who knows…but it would have been a hell of alot more even.

    • archaictext

      Did you even see their first fight (or read the article)? Ronda (no h btw) had Tate in an arm bar early in the round and she didn’t let it go then…and Tate didn’t tap. She popped her arm out and Tate got out and still continued to punch Rousey in the face. It’s not a for sure thing. Rousey avoids getting hit enough to take it to the ground, but eventually someone is going to be able to avoid her go to arm bar and beat the shit out of her…fanboy.

  • Matt Spano

    I think Danny Boy needs help!!!!!!!!!. That trash bag Tate is gonna get smashed again on saturday. Thrown to the ground easily and have her arm snatched in less then a round. Guest there is no need to worry because that won’t happen. TATE is the most undeserving challenger and RR will prove so saturday. If I am wrong I will eat my words but I doubt it. Tate has nothing and I mean nothing for RR. Also this whole Tate is hot thing is a joke. She is average at best. She should not have acne at her age either ( most will say its the training and to that I say it’s from her wearing too much MAKE-UP). I know your all gonna comment on how she’s so hot I am ugly or what ever you say. But the fact is THERE IS HOTTER GIRLS AT THE WESTGATE F****** MALL RIGHT NOW.

    Come Saturday night and STIIIIILLLLLL your undefeated womens CHAMP Ronda I don’t give a f*** what you internet pussies think Rousey.


    • archaictext

      Wow. Nice opinion. You expressed it as fact, but whatever… idiots normally do. Did you even see their first fight? It was a close match and Tate showed much better stand-up skills than Rousey. That was a long time ago, and Tate (like everyone else in the world) knows exactly what to look out for. If Rousey does win, it would be nice to see her do it with something other than her go to armbar.

    • Mark McDowall

      Did you ask Miesha to Prom and she turned you down??

      What do looks and how much make up and hotness have to do with fighting???

    • Jimmy “The Saint” Tosnia

      Westgate mall?! That pigstye is still vertical?! Maybe 3-4 shops is still doing ‘business’?! Meisha Tate compared to the bi-polar, silly skitso’d, skin tagged moon faced, half-a-man, manic depressed, repulsive ronda, is straight runway model material!
      Dag, I done thought better of Pennsy Mixed Martial Arts followers, till your lamed up comment!

  • And I’m going to do something different on the 28th than anybody else has done.



  • Fred U

    Tate got under Rondas skin this time rather than the other way around like last time. Brilliant, actually. Ronda will fight angry, and Tate might be able to capitalize on it. Tate will play defense for a while, let Ronda loose steam and get desperate, and then swoop in for the kill. This one will be intersting.

  • Pat Garret

    Tate, has 2 chances to win this fight.” Slim and none!”

    • bajafox

      Aren’t those the same chances Matt Serra had against GSP?

      • Rhonda is what Evans said about tito ortiz….a oneTrck Pony..

  • Ed5

    The thing about most of these female fighters is that they really don’tknow what the hell they’re doing. The entire technical aspect goes out the window, and they’re just slugging it out throwing random punches and sloppy takedowns for 3 rounds. Big Nose Tate is no different, but she has the advantage of being more athletic than her opponents. The difference with Ronda is that she’s one of a very small handful of female fighters that KNOWS how to grapple…not one if these fools just rolling around doing anything. She knows what she’s doing on the mat. Sure her striking is horrendous, but that’s the case with most of the female UFC roster. Anyone who trains knows you have to be pretty new or make a huge mistake to get taken down with a simple hip toss. The fact that Ronda seems to take them all down with such a simple technique with such ease just shows you how much more ahead she is than the rest. The only way Big Nose will win is with a lucky punch, but I don’t see that happening. Anf you fools who drool over these famale fighters are damn fools.. look at the 2 hotties standing in the back at the weigh-ins…now those are beautiful women!

  • Big Tuna

    Rousey has many holes that need exposing

    • Guest

      So effed up! 🙂


    Rousey all the way

  • Ron Wheeler

    Tate has no business being in the ring with Rousey. She lost last in a one-sided manner last time, and lost to the person who should be fighting Rousey this time. This is a non-fight. Only way Tate wins is by lucky punch.