Miesha Tate Not Happy with Performance; ‘The Fans Deserve Better’ (Strikeforce Post-Fight Video)

August 19, 2012
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Photo courtesy of Esther Lin/Showtime

It wasn’t all that long ago that Miesha Tate wore the Strikeforce bantamweight title belt around her waist. In fact, it was only two fights ago.

So after submitting Julie Kedzie in a barn-burner of a fight on Saturday night in San Diego, the questions already started flying her way about a possible rematch with current champion Ronda Rousey, who was also victorious on the same card.

The answer was somewhat surprising, if not brutally honest.

Tate believes that her performance wasn’t what it should have been, and certainly wasn’t worthy of earning a rematch so soon after losing the belt. “The fans deserve better,” she stated bluntly.

See what else Miesha Tate had to say at the Strikeforce: Rousey vs. Kaufman post-fight press conference …

  • adam1848

    Great comeback. Takes guts to hang in after getting beat down for three rounds and still have the composure to pull off a submission, especially after taking a shin to the face. She didn’t look very good, but got the job done. I thought it was fight of the night.

    • horaceharter

      seriously how dumb are you? Meisha Tate is low rank nothing with zero fan base and one huge honker on that ugly mug of hers.

      • BlackDog2009

        Meisha is the real deal, I would love it if she found out your real name, address, yanked you out of your basement and beat the living shiit out of you whether you were man or woman. Have a nice day.

  • horaceharter

    Meisha Tate got a man’s nose and looks horrible. Meisha looks like she smells every scent within 3 miles of her.

  • maddawgmar

    I don’t think it was a horrible performance. Julie Kedzie has mean stand up, she hung in with Carano. The fight was back and forth, and after getting caught by that mean kick to the face, to be able to gather her wits and pull off the submission shows guts. Great fight, Kedzie rearranged her face and she still won. And the early article about her not deserving a shot, I agree. Prove yourself with another fight first.

    • horaceharter

      Kedzie is an okay MMA broad and tate is an average fighter also. Tate just got one hell of a honker that makes everyone laugh at that huge nose.

  • horaceharter

    Meisha realizes that Rousey is in another world and cannot beat her ever. Let Miesha’ wimp girlfriend Brian Caroway fight Rousey.

  • horaceharter

    Julie Kedzie is an average fighter tries hard and gives her all but is still average. Meisha cannot beat Ronda and knows it.

  • adam1848

    I’m a little annoyed by the comments about how female fighters look. If someone came on here talking trash about a talented male fighter because they were not “hot” or had a crooked nose, they would be mocked remorselessly and probably never taken seriously again. If people are so concerned with good looks, go find your mommy’s Victoria Secret catalogue or figure out how to get the parental lock off your computer. This is a Mixed Martial Arts website and these professional athletes deserve more respect.

    • horaceharter

      listen wimp you sound like Mr. tate the boyfriend of crooked nose Meisha.

  • horaceharter

    Meisha Tate has to do something quick about that huge honker of hers. Plastic surgery is a must as tate looks terrible with that snozzle. Kinda looks like Joe Paterno Tate does.

  • somecokehead

    horace did meisha kick your ass or something. you left 7 comments saying essentially the samething… stfu already. You look like a punk.

  • horaceharter

    Meisha Tate will never fight Rousey again. Let Rousey beat on Mr. tate.

  • Lisa Magnooty

    big mouth blowhard (aka meisha tate) has officially become the clueless brunette bimbo of MMA. Rousey not only snapped tate’s arm when she submitted her; it looks like she snapped tate’s mind as well! Note the left side of her face covered up by her hair during the interview. It’s swollen to twice the side, courtesy of a kedzie kick!