Miesha Tate: “I Don’t Like Ronda Rousey Because She’s Always Been Disrespectful to Me” (video)

July 29, 2013
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08-Miesha-Tate-TUF-17-Finale-w-478x270Miesha Tate recently finished filming the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter, where she coaches opposite her nemesis, UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey.

There is no love lost between the two, although Tate says she respects what Rousey has accomplished in the sport. She just has a difficult time getting along with someone that she  says has “always been disrespectful.”

The Ultimate Fighter: Team Rousey vs. Team Tate premieres on Sept. 4 on Fox Sports 1, and then the bitter rivals will rematch in the co-main event of UFC 168 on Dec. 28 in Las Vegas.

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  • Me

    This from a woman who uses her opponents face to get up. She’s the last one to talk about respect. Ronda has attitude outside the cage but during the fight at least she does show more respect.

    • Scott Gordon

      Not to mention enlisting her boyfriend to thwack Cat Zingano in the head before their epic fight…

  • yeah

    No, it’s because Ronda is so much stronger and better fighter.

    And we have to listen to this for the next five months…

    • lowlb

      No, it’s because RR is an jerk.
      There are better words to describe this feted hag (RR) but I can’t write them in this post. RR is an a-whole.

      • Scott Gordon

        Sure, RR may be a jerk, but the crap that ‘Big Nose’ Tate has pulled pales in comparison. Meisha’s shenanigans with Cat Zingano alone (using Cat’s face to get up, her boyfriend hitting Cat in the back of the head before the fight, etc.) wiped out any respect that I had for her.

        But forget about RR–I’d love to see Miriam Nakamoto use that big nose for target practice!

        • Werdoomb

          RR might just be trying to play that heel character. I am not sure. She has been vocal as of late for sure.

          I don’t really care because she (a) hasn’t said anything outrageous (like Chael), (b) hasn’t done anything that reflects poorly on her character (like Tito), and (c) she has been tearing up WMMA (unlike Tito, Chael or Mir, the three of the most vocal mediocre fighters).

      • Werdoomb

        She just comes across as a bitter, hater. She is just bitter that she has been in MMA longer than Ronda but Ronda is getting 100 times more attention than she is.

        I am not saying that RR is 100% cool. She is a good fighter but lately she’s been way too vocal outside the ring, kinda like JBJ.

        But at least RR can back it up in the cage. At least she is the women’s champ.

        Tate just lost to Cat Zingano. And she is getting a title shot?

        • Scott Gordon

          If RR can break Big Nose’s arm and big nose, she’s 100% cool in my book!

          • Werdoomb

            She is too vocal. Calling out Cyroid and saying stuff like “I wouldn’t be on the front page of the ESPN magazine if it weren’t for my looks” are not being humble.

            I don’t really care.

  • solo

    These two are fighting in almost every aspect that they can. Who’s a better fighter, whos more prettier, who has a better ass…

    • onehitwonder

      i’ll give the nicer ass to Tate.

      • ronbo

        If you think she has a big nose then you probably think my “joe” is big!!

        • Scott Gordon

          Channeling Ron Jeremy, ronbone?

    • Werdoomb

      not really.

      There would have been no women’s division in the UFC but for Ronda. I am sorry but this is the truth. Ronda has done more for women’s MMA than rest of the females combined.

      Tate is ungrateful.

      There is no competition. Who cares about who is hotter? The fact of the matter is Ronda is the champ and she is getting all the attention whereas the only way for Tate to stay relevant is through Ronda.

      This is even more sad than Mir’s use of Brock’s name to stay relevant.

      What rivalry?

      • Scott Gordon

        “Tate is ungrateful” just about sums it up.

        Tate wanted to be the one remembered for bringing WMMA into the mainstream, but that accolade belongs to Rousey. Without Ronda’s gift for gab, good looks, unbeaten streak and olympic level talent, all of the female fighters would still be fighting in smaller promotions.

        • Werdoomb

          This is true.

          DW was always against WMMA for one reason or another.

          WMMA had star fighters before Ronda, namely, Cyborg and Gina Carano. But it wasn’t until RR came into the picture that the WMMA landscape changed.

          Tate needs to realize that she is not good enough to be the champ. RR beat her. Just accept it and stop sounding like a sore loser.

          • jbear

            It’s all about the money for Dana, and an alleged pretty face with RR (with a dirty mouth).

  • Scott Gordon

    It’s Joe Shine!!!

    Yeah, that meanie Meisha ‘Big Nose’ Tate really gets on my nerves! It doesn’t take much to bring out her true, mean-spirited nature, like when she used Cat Zingano’s face to get up after the first round of their fight. Of course, we all know how that went: with Cat smashing Big Nose in her big nose with a barrage of nasty knees. What was better? Watching Zingano get her hand raised while Big Nose tended to her monstrous, swollen-like-a-pig, broken big nose. It made me a Cat Zingano fan for life!

    • Jim

      Ummmwith an illegal knee you mean? Back to your keyboard child.

      • Scott Gordon

        Perfectly-timed knees. Big difference. Now who’s the amateur?

      • Maddawgmar

        That was a legal knee. Watch it again. I DVR’d it and watched it over and over because it made me glad to watch that. But the moment the knee hit the face Tate’s hand was six inches off the deck.

  • James Fox

    Another first round arm-bar coming right up. This time Rhonda will break it off and feed it to her.

  • ronbo

    LoL. Joe Swine and Scott Tranny crack em up. Rhonda Lousey is by far the most disrespectful and the weakest one move poor excuse for a fighter in MMA. Period

    • Scott Gordon

      Right. 😉

  • TKD Guy

    Good interview. I’ll watch the season.

    One thing I noticed, Tate is more articulate than Rousey… as for which one is more disrespectful of the other, I don’t know.

    • Supaman

      Rousey can easily rub others the wrong way b/c she can seem very brash. She was pretty disparaging in the pre-fight smack talk that went on prior to their 1st fight.

      But if you compare, Rousey seems to never have cared much for Tate, b/c Rousey was much more civil and reserved when talking about Zingano.

      I think Tate never was a big fan of Rousey, b/c even when Tate was champ, Rousey was getting alot of buzz, even though she was so new to MMA. Tate probably felt that Rousey hadn’t earned her stripes and was pissed when Rousey was talking all that smack and then ended up beating her easily.

  • Miesha Tate gave thoughtful, reasoned responses to the reporters’ questions. She was honest and professional. Miesha and Ronda have been great for women’s MMA.

    • Scott Gordon

      My two favorite WMMA fights both include Tate (Rousey vs. Tate, Zingano vs. Tate), so yes, she’s been good for the sport in that respect. But she is a bit full of herself and comes across as entitled at times (loses her bout with Zingano but feels like she belongs in The Ultimate Fighter opposite Rousey, etc.) It makes me wonder if Tate believes that she never lost her Strikeforce belt.

      • Miesha Tate has every reason to feel proud of her accomplishments.

        • Scott Gordon

          Especially losing her last fight and still being cast opposite Rousey in The Ultimate Fighter. Quite an accomplishment.

          • Although with her biased pre-fight and during fight commands plus early stoppage disgraced referee Kim Winslow did all she could to rob Miesha Tate of a win and a spot coaching on TUF, in the end it didn’t work. Dana White and the UFC hired Miesha to coach opposite Ronda Rousey. I’m looking forward to watching that series.

          • Scott Gordon

            Ha ha. No doubt Winslow sucks as a referee, but I think she got it right this time (even Dana White agrees). You can’t say that Miesha was going for a takedown when she collapsed from that elbow. She had become a human punching bag, and even Zingano wished the fight had gone a little longer to remove all controversy. There’s no way Tate would have survived the final round, period. Zingano was “in full beast mode.”

            I have no idea what you’re talking about in terms of Winslow trying to “rob” Tate. If that were the case, she would have done more than issue a warning when “Cupcake” used Zingano’s face to get off the mat. Tate was also warned about eye gouging throughout the fight, but no penalty was issued. And the instructions to defend herself were appropriate when she was getting ground-and-pounded. Though I did think Tate was intelligently defending herself (to a degree), she was largely inactive and absorbing punishment. I have no problem with Winslow telling Tate to do something to show that she was still in the fight. Yes, the knees at the end were close, but replays confirm that they were perfectly timed.

          • Before the fight and during the fight Kim Winslow barked confusing and nonsensical instructions and commands at Miesha Tate. It’s well documented and not disputed by Winslow. Tate fought on with a strong belief Kim was against her. Also, slow motion reveals that one knee was illegal. Anyway, had Winslow not stopped it prematurely, Tate would have survived, fought back and won the fight easily. Fate trumped Kim Winslow’s bias and early stoppage as now Miesha will star opposite Ronda Rousey on TUF. Should be a good show.

          • Scott Gordon

            The “illegal knee” theory is easily refuted. As Maddawgmar mentioned above, “That was a legal knee. Watch it again. I DVR’d it and watched it over and over…but the moment the knee hit the face Tate’s hand was six inches off the deck.”

            Watch the knees in question in slow motion and you will see they were perfectly timed and legal. That being said, all the rest are excuses. Sure, some of the instructions were probably confusing for both fighters because Winslow is a terrible referee. But the outcome was not in doubt, and Meisha should thank Kim for sparing her from Zingano’s forthcoming elbow series that would have separated her from consciousness.

            Like you, I’m looking forward to the series and I do think that Tate will make The Ultimate fighter more dramatic. But it’s Zingano’s spot, and since Tate lost, I feel that someone like Sarah McMann would have been more deserving. Oh well. It’s all about ratings, right?

          • You brought up the “knees”. I only replied that slow motion and stop action clearly revealed that one knee was illegal. You were so invested in that part of the fight that you reviewed the video like an assassination buff replays the Zapruder film. Perhaps it’s time to visit the optometrist. Also, Kim Winslow’s biased and confusing instructions and commands were only directed at Miesha. Dana White and the UFC hired Miesha Tate to coach TUF. Cat Zingano has a long recovery from ACL and meniscus surgery. Although she had done well, general MMA fans had never heard of Zingano. Ronda and Miesha are skilled fighters who have reached the Championship level but both are also excellent at pushing their brands. Love them or hate them, MMA fans know who they are. Cat has fallen back into obscurity and has tried to keep herself relevant by spreading baseless and outrageous lies about Miesha Tate and Bryan Caraway. I’m pleased you and others will watch the next season of TUF. Because of Ronda and Miesha it will get great ratings.

          • Big Nose Tate

            thanks daddy

    • Big Nose Tate

      thanks dad!

  • Ryan Butler

    her new name is Miesha “High School drama/excuse” Tate. I am sick of seeing and hearing about her. Cat Zingano would have been a better coach I predict. Miesha Tate won’t be around much longer. Miesha’s tough but too much of a diva. her boyfriend needs to get slammed for what he did to Cat. That’s BS. She should go on the WWE Divas show with her flip flop boyfriend and start doing mixed tag matches

    • Truth

      idk… i kinda think Miesha would be a better coach than Rousey, since Miesha has been around MMA alot longer and in a major fighting camp. Miesha’s striking is a lil bit better than Rousey’s (which doesn’t say much), but has great wrestling.

      Rousey is an amazing judoka and great grappling/submissions, but lacks striking and since majority of American MMA peeps are big on wrestling, Rousey wouldn’t be much help there either.

      Zingano would probably be the best coach, since she’s more well-rounded, her BJJ and wrestling is the most technical. She’s used to coaching, etc.

      at any rate, the truth will soon be found out anyway.

  • Peekineeze

    Tate looks like she has an impressive set of tig-ol-bitties. I had no idea. How bout her & Ronda have a tickle/pillow fight in their undies instead of this MMA stuff. Her t-o-b have earned her a new fan.

  • jbear

    I have an idea, Miesha, the next time you fight her, KICK HER BUTT. I will be rootin’ you for!!!

  • jbear

    I think she’s super hot.

  • obviius maximus

    I honestly think Rousey has a major Crush on Tate but bottles it up and drives her insane, kinda Hot, just saying.

  • Informed One

    Chuck you sound like a perverted old man with a crush on a woman your grandaughter’s age. I have good eyes and even better attention span, I watched that series of knees frame by frame and her hand was off the mat when the knee hit. It was luck on Cat’s part bc she started the knee before the hand came up, but it ended up being legal. Tate lost that fight fare and square, and she will lose again this fall. Sorry to burst your bubble, the good news is there’s another 20 something to stalk, and she wins her fights. Her name is RR.

  • Bill white

    Stare at Big Nose Tate’s face without turning away and laughing at that nose. Like she smelled a dump?

  • dgs

    I think Ronda is way too cocky and arrogant outside of the cage, but let’s be honest about this, Tate has nothing for her. Ronda will win again, no doubt about that.

    Ronda reminds me very much of Tito Ortiz in the early days of the UFC, where he was dominating everyone before they figured him out. There is no one in woman’s MMA at the level of Ronda right now except for Cyborg, and that fight ain’t ever happening.

  • $19500761

    I don’t like Ronda’s whiny voice. She always looks like she’s going to cry and her attitude makes her ugly. Miesha is tough but still very beautiful and feminine. Miesha is just too hot.

  • Tired of Rousey

    I just finished watching the finals of the men’s and women’s TUF, and as we all know team Tate took both. I guess it is time for another bi-polar, psychopathic, rant from Rhonda Rousey. I started watching the show with a good opinion of both fighters, but believed that Rousey would be the better coach (man was I wrong). By the end of the first show, I was surprised that Dana White allowed the poor sportsmanship shown by Rousey. Then Rousey showed herself to be, what I consider, an unstable mental case, and I was team Tate all the way. Congrats Team Tate and I hope you knock the sniveling sneer off Rousey’s face.