Miesha Tate: “I Didn’t Feel Like I Was Out of the Fight” (TUF 17 Finale Video)

April 14, 2013
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Miesha Tate StrikeforceMost viewers watching Cat Zingano finish Miesha Tate saw little to doubt in the referee’s stoppage of the fight. Tate maybe could have been given a little bit longer to prove she was still in the fight, but following successive knees and an elbow that appeared to send her towards the canvas, most wouldn’t argue the stoppage.

Miesha Tate would, however, beg to differ.

“I didn’t feel like I was out of the fight,” she said at the post-fight press conference, obviously frustrated by the stoppage.

“I got from the bottom up, got kneed a few times on the way, tried to shoot another shot, and the fight got stopped.”

Check out Miesha Tate’s comments from the TUF 17 Finale post-fight press conference…

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  • Maddawgmar

    Quit whining. You were done. You ate four straight nasty knees and a huge elbow that dropped you. All the strikes were unanswered. Ok stoppage. And I watched that knee on the way up on DVR, and your hand was off the mat.

    • Joe Fanslau

      The “huge elbow” was fully blocked by her left hand and she definitely looked to be shooting, not falling from a TKO situation. The last two of the four knees seemed very glancing as well. The fight shouldn’t have been stopped just then, IMO. It’s likely that she’d have lost to strikes shortly but I’ve seen bigger comebacks from worse strikes simply because the ref wasn’t too anxious.

      • Maddawgmar

        I just watched the stoppage again and yes the elbow was blocked, yet she did fall to all fours. She didn’t lunge forward, she fell forward on to her hands and knees.

        • marcus miles

          Great stoppage.

          • NoobKiller

            Don’t be stupid, it was a bad stoppage you noob

          • JOE SHINE

            Big Nose Tate had had enough

          • marcus miles

            Only a noob would say early stoppage. If you don’t understand the signs of someone who is not gonna come back from getting blasted then maybe you should get a few years under your belt youngin.

          • JOE SHINE


          • JOE SHINE

            Tate was hurt and avoided serious damage by the true stoppage

        • jeremy

          Your wrong, she did lung for a take down when she fell. She wasnt out, she was taking damage was was still fighting and never gave up. As soon as she fell She lunged/shooting as soon as she dropped. it was a bad stoppage.

          • Marcus Miles

            She may have tried to shoot and wanted to shoot in her mind, but that looked like a take down attempt from someone who was uncoordinated due to blows to the head. She went to all fours either way, call it a take down attempt or a fall. I get what your saying, she wasn’t knocked out, her heart was still there and if given the chance to get back to her feet she would still fight….. i get that. But if that fight didn’t get stopped, Miesha would have just gotten pounded for another 10 or 20 seconds and the outcome would have been the same with more unnecessary damage. I personally thought Miesha was gonna win that fight from the first two rounds. Didn’t see that coming.

      • JOE SHINE

        Big Nose was out of it

      • Rory

        She was done…and about to get beaten into oblivion…had the ref not stepped in…good stoppage!

      • JOE SHINE

        what the hell were you watching??


      Tate is just filled with hate

  • okdod

    “I didn’t feel like I was out of the fight,”

    And many dying people don’t feel any pain. It was clearly NOT an early stoppage. Move on.

    • NoobKiller

      Ok noob, it was an early stoppage and a bad one, if that was a guy taking hits, it wouldn’t have been stopped. The ref was female and still discriminated

      Get out of the house and learn

      • NoobKillersDad

        There you go again

  • Shelby

    I felt like she was losing, but I agree with her. She dropped down to grab Cat’s legs, and was stopped from doing so.

  • You lost me at “most viewers.” Seriously, why does this author feel qualified to represent the majority? You simply don’t know what the majority feels about a fight from last night so use some different wording next time.

  • Darin

    I used to like Miesha. She sounds like a pissy whiner here. I’m glad she lost.

    • NoobKiller

      Good on you tough guy

      Go out and find yourself a job while your at it. Obvious loser

      • NoobKillersDad

        Look at you man, coming on here just talking S@#t on people like your someone. You are nothing but a fan that vicariously lives through this sport as if it belongs to you. This webpage is probably the only sense of human socialization you can get, and since your to lame to have conflict out in the real world, you go on these comment boards trolling people because it gives you a sense of comfort. on another note…. like it or not, your chick lost dude… get over it!!!!


      Tate got one huge NOSE

  • rmaz

    she definetly wasn’t out, but I’m glad the ref stopped the fight. she was taking some huge shots , no reason to let her get smashed even more.


      that’s one huge nose to fix on Tate?

  • Gary Fredericks

    “Something stinks” face….DAYUM that is exactly how I would describe it had I never taken too many blows to the head in my younger days! Thanks for that!

  • These articles are all so poorly written.

  • Steve Jenkons

    I thought that was an amazing fight. Really balls to the wall from both fighters, tons of heart, great action, nonstop. Congrats to both of them. They showed up 90% of mens fights in those 3 rounds. That said, I do think they should’ve let it go a little longer. We saw Miesha take those big shots and get back up, then do it again. She may not have defended, but she was willing to take the shots for position, which is a clear sign she was thinking tactically and wasn’t worried about getting KO’d. I never saw her go out, I saw her keep pressing, working to her feet. What’s done is done and Cat was on a roll, she very well may have actually finished her, but Miesha wasn’t really finished. I just hope they get to fight again. My wife has always had something against the women’s fights, not personally, she just couldn’t bring herself to watch them. Last night changed that. Going into the 3rd, with the smiles and excitement on both fighters faces, both so stoked to be part of such an epic battle really changed that for her. Now she can’t wait for another. Props to both fighters. You lit that place up last night.

  • Randi

    Boo Hoo Miesha….when you used Cat’s face to get up after the first round horn, you showed your true colors…quit your whining!

    • NoobKiller

      You have a point? Stop bitching about bitching, its pathetic


      big nose tate just hates

  • Ryan

    wow you guys deleted my comment because I said Meisha was ugly? Jeezus. Freedom of speech?


      Miesha is hard to look at.

    • Matte

      Perhaps you can go mumble total nonsense somewhere else then? Take your “freedom” where none will see your pathetic hateful comments?

      But since looks seem so important to you, feel free to post a picture of your perfect beautiful face.

  • Advance*

    She wasn’t completely out of it. She was in trouble but it was stopped more because the damage was really starting to accumulate. I think it was stopped too soon since she probably won the first two rounds and was definitely still trying to fight. It’d be one thing if she was already down two rounds and was just taking unnecessary damage. Or if she just turtled up like Jimmy Quinlan. If she survived she could have still arguably won a decision. The ref needs to factor in things like that

  • myk

    bad stoppage. Should have let it go a few more seconds. That ref has made some bad calls the past few months.

    • NoobKiller

      The ref was jealous, butt ugly, dyke, had to ruin the fight

      • JOE SHINE

        Winslow is one ugly broad. Nothing can help that thing look better.


    Too much hate in Big Nose Tate. so glad Big Nose lost.


    So glad Cat stopped Big Nose with those devastating knees into BIg Nose’s goose sized honker blooding Tate. Too much hate in Big Nose Tate.


    Big Nose Tate Losing was Great for all of MMA. Julie Kedzie had Tate beat. and Plain Kaufman beat Big Nose and Rhonda destroyed tater. But that referee Kim needs a serious full complete makeover for a month at least.whew?


    Tate is full of hate way too much hate bigger than the huge nose on that face

  • yes there should be a rematch for sure you ruled the first 2 rounds .ref screwed you for sure


    Cat did everyone a huge favor in Ko’ing Big Nose tate


    Big Nose tate just got one huge NOSE


    Kim Winslow saved Big Nose from serious damage and should be commended in stopping the destruction of Big Nose tate.

  • polk14

    Her whining has lost her more fans then a few since Ronda rung her arm almost off. Here she is after getting another beatdown and still she whines! Shut up skank!!


    Fallon Fox is prettier than Meisha Tate

  • Chris Valen

    If you know anything about Miesha, she has the ability to absorb massive amounts of damage, if you have be watching her as long as I have in various other fights. Yes she has taken extensive hits, but she has always recovered.

    Even in the fight against Ronda R. She had her arm dislocated, and bent into angles that I have seen men tap-out in seconds for. Yet she still Kept fighting. Her Title may be Cupcake, but she is in no way, soft like one.

    2nd before you tell anyone to quit whining go a couple of rounds with her, bet you she will tap you out in seconds!!