Miesha Tate Fires Back at Sarah Kaufman Calling Her a Coward

February 11, 2015
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Second-ranked UFC women’s bantamweight Miesha Tate is most famous for her rivalry with champion Ronda Rousey, but she has a new adversary in fourth-ranked Sarah Kaufman.

Kaufman defeated Tate in 2009 in the defunct Strikeforce promotion and has recently turned up the heat in lining up a rematch in the UFC. In a recent interview with Fox Sports, Kaufman called Tate a “coward” and accused “Cupcake” of ducking her. On Feb. 5, Kaufman posted a video on Instagram of her smashing her fist through a cupcake and saying, “don’t be scared.”

Don’t be scared, Cupcake. @mieshatate @ufc @seanshelby

A video posted by Sarah Kaufman (@sarahkaufmanmma) on

Tate responded to Kaufman on Wednesday by posting an image of a CT scan on Intagram and insinuated that Kaufman was irrelevant. “I wasn’t going to bother posting the CT Scan picture of the break in my orbital bone BUT since Kaufman referred to me as a coward and said I turned down the fight with her repeatedly, I figured I would post the proof. I have not been offered a fight at all because I am on injury suspension. I have always stepped up, never backed down from a fight. I don’t think anyone can argue that I am a coward,” she wrote. “I am not cleared to fight (or train) yet but trying to heal as quickly as possible. I want to fight Bethe Correia (the undefeated, tough, relevant fighter) when I’m healed up but that sure as HELL doesn’t make me scared of Kaufman.”

Tate last fought on Jan. 31, defeating Sara McMann by unanimous decision. She suffered a broken orbital during the contest and was medically suspended for six months unless she is cleared by a doctor. Correia is currently ranked seventh in the women’s 135-pound division.

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  • Seth

    Legit words…from someone with a “cupcake” nickname. Tate is as irrelevant as she can be…for all I care, she can stay on the shelf for the rest of the life. What we expect from someone who got ragdolled and ultimately gave up in a fight, tapping out to half-baked technique? Actually her nickname fits her. She is as soft as a cupcake…

    • Jeff McLeroy

      Seriously? She is one of the toughest girls out there! Her first fight against Rousey, she would not tap! She took a beating against Zigano and was not finished but the fight was called. She was even beating Zigano and I think she beat Kaufmann once before.

      • Seth

        …re-watch Cat fight – she was out and she was gettin beat up badly. And in the second fight with Rousey – she did tap. After escaping one armbar and tapping out to the other one, which was easier to escape. I don’t even know why she got that title fight back then. I guess it was ONLY because there was no one else and rightful contender got hurt. She earned NOTHING in the UFC so far yet. She BARERLY has a positive record in the UFC and lost both fight that mattered in her UFC career. Being finished in both. For me it’s enough said, about “cupcake” in the UFC.

      • Ronda’sMom

        I think people just don’t see her as someone that could ever beat Ronda. And WMMA is not big enough for there to be multiple superstars. So everyone that is not Ronda is considered a filler or a stepping stone put in place to make Ronda look good.

        The strength difference between Ronda and Tate is too big for Tate to do anything meaningful. Tate could practice kicking, punching, BJJ, wrestling all she wants. It’s very difficult to overcome the strength difference. Tate can punch and kick all she wants but she is going to be thrown around like a ragdoll.

    • deepgrim

      oh you just made yourself look like an idiot. in the first fight with rousey her arm was long broke before she tapped when she released there was no way she could escape rousey’s armbar- its called learning a lesson. i suggest you watch that fight before commenting on the toughness of tate. and now she won her fight with mc mann with a broken eye socket and from been well down in the fight, not to mention the punishment she took of zingano and in her opinion wasn’t finished

      • Seth

        I meant second fight, not the first one. She escaped first armbar, but the second one – which was half-baked and waaaaaaaaaaay easier to escape, she just tapped after being ragdolled. If you listen to her corner back then after the first round you will hear Carawy go “Good job, we survived first round”. That’s they way to gameplan a fight. SHe was ranked like #2 in the world while she was 0-2 in the UFC – another way to prove she’s legit, isn’t she? Kaufmann would smash her face AGAIN if they fight again.

        • Bogo

          How would you know how easy it was to escape? You weren’t the one in it. That armbar may not have LOOKED the way most armbars do, but that doesn’t mean it was “halfbaked” or ineffective. The point of an armbar is to hyper-extend the elbow. If the elbow is hyper extended the damage is already done. It doesn’t matter what the technique LOOKS like at a distance, it matters how it feels to the person the technique is being applied on. See the Gracie’s breakdown on that fight.

          • Seth

            Go to jiu jitsu class. If you ask – as a white belt – coach how to escape an armbar, when top leg is not over, but under your head – he will show you how easy it is to defend and even escape. That’s why I can tell she gave up and quit – because earlier in the same fight Tate escaped more danegrous and stronger armbar from Rousey. So she know what to do – chick is skilled and know what she’s doing. By any means Im saying she’s not good – she is former world champion in a organization that at that point was basically leading promotion for WMMA in USA and north america. She’s top level – but if she escapes solid technique, almost lokced up – and then she can’t escape something that isn’t locked in yet and just taps…that just shows she wanted to get out of that fight.

            And I don’t blame her for that either – she got ragdolled, she was flying each time she got close to Rousey. Basically, she got bullied. 99% of people would quit if they were in her place. Blaming her because she lost? You have around 10 fighters on each card that losses a fight. You don’t blame them. You can get caught sometimes, clipped with right hand or your arm may slip while you defend a submission – s**t happens. But when you see stuff like that, or Brimage on his TUF fight – when he tapped before RNC was even locked…that just shows you fighter is looking for a way out. Brimage at least got his s**t together and turned into pretty decent fighter. While Tate…well, she’s still Tate…

          • Bogo

            I know how to escape an armbar. What you said doesn’t prove anything. Like I said, you don’t know the degree and mechanics by which that armbar was locked on and how extended her arm was. You’re making a guess, but you weren’t in the position Miesha was and there is nothing DEFINITE about BJJ.

          • Seth

            Rousey is armbar goddess – but even she can’t finish it, if she doesn’t lock it in. And you can lock it in, if your top leg is UNDER your opponent’s head. That’s BASIC thing when it comes to armbar. Without that, you also can’t get enough laverage – because your opponent can move, twist the arm sideways to take off the pressure of it. That’s the point – you have to immobilize your opponent, so the arm stays in one place. If your opp can move the arm, you won’t finish it. That’s armbar 101.

          • Bogo

            I’ve done it before, I’ve seen other people do it before. But as much as I love going over technique, it’s much harder to make a point over the internet with just text, so I’ll let Rener and Ryron Gracie explain it to you and you can try to tell them about how armbars work. http://youtu.be/EnrTK5mhS0M?t=1m50s

        • deepgrim

          dear god the game plan was to weather the early storm as rousey comes out of the traps fast and take her into the later rounds. rousey had not been out of the first round at that stage and so they figured she may struggle with the gas tank in later rounds as she had not experienced that in fight night, but put your slant on it what ever way you like. So tates toughness to you is based on that fight only then? is that how you like to judge a fighter? tate and carmouche are the only 2 fighters to ever give rousey a moment of difficulty in her career so far

          • Seth

            First of all, show me when Tate was at least close to even being close to put Rousey in danger. Because all I saw was Tate (and Rousey) windmilling in their first fight, untill they got into clinch where Rousey owned Tate. Second fight was even more about Rousey owning Tate and doing whatever she wanted. Carmouche got her good and Rousey survived only because she stayed calm and knew how to exploit really smal mistake Liz did while she set up that choke.

            Second of all – you are an idiot if you think Rousey would have cardio issues. If you don’t know, she spent her entire life training and being a part of THOUSANDS of judo competition, tournaments and stuff like that. Last thing she has to be worried about is her cardio. EVERY grappling sport requires cardio – ask any wrestler, jiu jitsu guy or whoever really trains and competes in grappling competition.

            Go back to Strikeforce: Tate Vs Rousey, but stay at Kaufman Vs Davis II. That’s what tough chick is. Both of those girls are tough. Tate is no where near to be able to hang out on the same toughness level as those two.

          • deepgrim

            she had rousey back in the fight for close to a minute in that fight and was looking the choke. incase you dont know thats one of the worst positions rousey has been in in her career as she has had it pretty good. have you actually watched that fight? and then you call me an idiot for suggesting rousey had bad cardio- actually it wasnt me who said she might have bad cardio, but tate had discussed in the post fight saying that no one had seen what her cardio was like past the first round, and while grappling tournament require good cardio yes, there are different things that can deplete your energy in an mma fight that you dont get in a judo tournament such as getting punched in the face and good body shots.

          • Seth

            Pick any UFC card you want – Im sure you will have a fight in that card where someone have someone’s back. That doesn’t mean its bad. Same as being mounted isnt bad always – go back to Hioki Vs Roop. Hatsu had him mounted almost entire fight and did nothing with it. Carmouche had Ronda’s back and also she had her in troubles. And by far, she was only one to come close to finishing (or at least defeating her)

  • dandogood

    Come on Sara plain jane mile white Kaufman is hard to look at. Sara even makes Chris Cyborg look like a model. Imagine Sara dull Kaufman as a champ or a contender no one would tune in to watch. Sara’s fights are a good time for a bath room break and to get more snacks. Sara is so hard to look at it turns fans off and away from the UFC.

    • TheCerealKiller

      I bet you miss looking at GSP in his tight shorts.

    • James Williams

      She’s been in some great slugfests. I don’t know why you call her dull.

      • James’sMOm

        Probably because she has no character/color. The men’s HW division, notwithstanding the lack of depth in talent, is the most interesting division to watch because each fighter has a distinct character.

        Imagine playing Street Fighter when all fighters are american, surfboard shorts wearing, good physique, “well-rounded” fighters who does not come from any specific martial arts background who was trained in MMA from day one.

        Kaufman, Tate, Zingano are bland. Ronda and Cyborg are not.

        • shakejunt

          go get him, mom! show him what anonymous internet posts are all about!

  • TateHasNiceTits

    What’s the point of calling out a fighter you already beat anyway? Why doesn’t Kaufman call out Beth Correira instead?

    • Tom McElroy

      Tell me you are smart enough to connect the dots?…..The point IS that Kaufman beat Meisha at a time when women’s MMA was in it’s infancy. There were no widely known women fighters and there wasn’t any BIG money in womens MMA ……Now, in 2015, there are a few women who are receiving big $$$$$ from such exposure. Being that the general public cannot stop talking about Rhonda and Meisha, it is only natural to want to piggy back off of her current notoriety……Why did Frank Mir agree to fight Brock again after he easily beat him via armbar?……..Because Brock has the notoriety to bring in the BIG BUCKS, which Frank knew he would receive part of AND, is the reason he’s open to fighting Brock a 3rd time…………Here is a clue in life that you should have picked upon once you made the transition from teenager to adult which is, “If something in this world does not seem to make any rational sense, locate where the $ money $ is, and your answer will appear” It is capitalism’s essential motto!

  • She’s gotta be the hottest out of the MMA roster….Shouldve been Miesha in sports illustrated magazine…..

    • Ronda’sMom

      Except……she is not the champion.

      WMMA has room for only one superstar and that is the lady holding the belt.
      Tate should seriously thank Ronda for her being in the UFC. Without Ronda, it would have taken many more years before UFC had WMMA. And this is true.

      Ronda’s superpower is greater than the rest of the WMMA division combined.

      • Good point,…Although I think all the women deserve some credit…Still, IMO Miesha is better looking than most if not all….even the champion..

    • Aaron Gustaveson

      youre crazy, she has the face of a proboscis monkey that smelled a fart. rhonda is a goddess.

  • cheflacsto

    Give me a break, better looking, more money or not, Sara is not a fight Miesha should take. Bethe is undefeated and Ronda wants to fight her. If Miesha take her out, she puts herself in line for Rousey. In Miesha’s own word she still has work to do, so she would probably need one more before getting Ronda. I see no reason to give someone a fight because they bark at you, and don’t deserve it. So she beat you 5 years ago, unless Miesha sees that as something she needs to avenge have her go out and win a few before fighting her.

    • James Williams

      Good lord, the last thing I want to see is Miesha Tate put in a lame, uninspired performance against Rousey AGAIN. The last one was embarrassing enough. I want to see Rousey against competitors who will actually put in a decent effort.

      • cheflacsto

        I did say that Miesha is not ready to fight Rousey again. Ronda beat Sarah in about I minute I believe. Not sure there is any woman in that division that is going to put Ronda in serious trouble anyway. If she wins a few more fights they are going to have to give her another chance. How long do you think it will take Ronda to dispatch Cat?

        • BarrysHypocrisy

          Too bad Dana will never sign the fighter who has the potential to beat Rousey and Rousey will never agree to that fight.

      • sam

        Ronda has beaten everyone in an average of 15 seconds. MIesha atleast took her into later rounds. What “competitors” are you referring to that would put in a “decent effort” bc so far Miesha is one of maybe 2 people who has actually survived round 1 against Ronda

      • shakejunt

        the last one? you mean the one where she made it into round 3? meisha had some success on the feet, but he fight IQ failed her and initiated clinches. nobody else has made it that far and i’m not sure any others will.

  • Cuntlick

    Stop arguing guys! I would still tap that ass!

  • Scooby

    Kaufman is a funny guy.

  • dandogood

    Imagine dull milk white boring Sara Kaufman as the face of woman’s MMA?? There would be no fans watching. Dull Sara is so hard to look at it turns fans off. Does anyone even think ESPN could put Sara Dull in the body issue?? Field and Steam maybe on a bad month. Sara is unimportant to the UFC and jsut too hard to look at. Fact.

    • shakejunt

      someone’s got a crush…

    • GoalieSwagger

      She can scrap. I dont care what she looks like. Insisting a WMMA champ be gorgeous (which Rousey is not) does more harm to the legitimacy of the sport than it does good.

  • shakejunt


  • dandogood

    Sara Kaufman makes Chris Cyborg look like a swimsuit model.

  • The Prognosticator

    In my opinion, this seems like a rivalry staged by the UFC to garner interest in two irrelevant fighters in a weight division without parody.

  • jtmma

    Maybe she can send her boyfriend to give her the old elbow upside the head tune up, worked so well for them last time.

  • dandogood

    Sara kauffman is really hard to look at and has a face made for radio.

  • dandogood

    Sara Kaufman had to be born a guy?