Miesha Tate Draws Julie Kedzie as Opponent at Strikeforce: Rousey vs. Kaufman

July 2, 2012
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Miesha Tate Strikeforce
It appears former Strikeforce women’s bantamweight champion Miesha Tate will get to be on another card with rival Ronda Rousey.

This time however they will not be facing each other as Tate will return to action on the same card as Rousey when she faces long time MMA veteran Julie Kedzie in San Diego.

Strikeforce officials announced the new match-up on Monday.

Miesha Tate has been out of action since losing the Strikeforce women’s bantamweight title to Rousey in March.

The two women engaged in the most bitter rivalry prior to ever facing each other in the cage, but once they met it lived up to the hype. Unfortunately the end result was Tate having her arm broken courtesy of Rousey, but now the former champion is healthy and ready to resume her fighting career with hopes of a rematch down the line.

Facing Tate in August will be longtime Greg Jackson trained fighter Julie Kedzie, who will return to the cage more than a year after her last fight in Strikeforce.

Kedzie lost to fellow bantamweight Alexis Davis last July in a fairly uninspiring fight, but she has to the chance now to get right back in the title race if she can beat the former champion in August.

Tate and Kedzie square off as part of the Strikeforce card headed to San Diego on Aug 18 with Ronda Rousey facing Sarah Kaufman in the night’s main event.

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  • pooby

    Tate is a tough one. I think she may be earning a rematch with Rhonda real soon.

  • TKD

    zzzzzzzz…women’s MMA…zzzzzzzzz

    • hypnoticattack

      lol….I guess U don’t like entertaining Fights. Stick to watching TUF & 95% of the fights UFC televises.
      Proof positive their fights Suck. Watch em & watch the TV ratings when they come out.
      Or their plummeting PPV #’s.

      • Obarmarama

        Agreed. Tate vs Rousey was one of the most compelling fights I’ve seen this year (including the malicious build up), and it only lasted one round. Rousey judo throws her, and appears to have broken her arm within the first minute. Tate escapes, takes her back, and you’re just willing her on to secure the choke, but Rousey is too strong, and Tates arm is probably screwed. Then with 50 seconds left, another judo throw and the sickest arm bar I’ve seen, literally breaking her arm and then twisting it. Sickening and sensational. However, why would they match her with Kezdzie? A virtual nobody these days, fighting a recent champion? I’m not really sure who Strike Force have on their roster these days, but I’m guessing they don’t have much. Unless they bring in new girls, or even cross promote with Invicta, I can’t see the female division lasting there. I doubt that they would do either, as Dana White has already expressed disinterest. I hope Invicta continue their good work. As for Strikeforce, I was surprised by the Showtime deal. Showtime really don’t know what they are doing. Dana blatantly wants to dissolve SF. He took out all their best fighters and the HW division (the division most rivalling the UFC). He took all the best fighters, Diaz, Hendo etc. The only poor guy that got screwed was Gilbert Melendez, who the whole deal rests on (not that he is a huge draw, jeez Showtime, you got duped). SF will get dissolved soon, just later than anticipated due to an uninformed tv station.

  • hypnoticattack

    I like how MMA fans who never get a date or can’t attract women are always saying how HOT Ronda Rousey is, or how HOT Gina Carano is. When they’re not at all. Rousey not the least bit attractive & Carano has a mammoth chest. Neither’s pretty by any means.
    I’ve even seen fans spew how hot Jessica Eye is. Really? R U nuts?
    Miesha Tate though. Really is a hot chick. Admit it Rousey Hardcores. It’s FACT!

  • joeshine

    Meisha always looks like she smelled every terrible scent in a 10 mile area with that broken nose sneer. If all they can find is Julie Kedzie as an opponent then woman’s MMA is about done.

  • joeshine

    The fight to see is when Rousey beats the hell out of Tate’s wimp boyfriend. whatever the kids name is.