Miesha Tate Believes Gina Carano Can Make 135 Pounds and Wants That Fight (Video)

May 2, 2014
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(Courtesy of FOX Sports)

UFC women’s bantamweight Miesha Tate has three potential opponents in mind for her next fight.  She’d like a rematch with Sarah Kaufman, a fight with Holly Holm or a match-up with Gina Carano, she told UFC Tonight.  Tate believes Carano can make the 135-pound weight limit despite being out of the sport for five years.

Carano and Holm are not currently under UFC contract, although UFC president Dana White feels strongly that the organization will come to a deal with Carano if the 32-year-old returns to fighting.

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  • Straight is OK too?

    tired of Tate. Let Carrao warm up with Carmoche and then throw her in with Tate then Rhonda …

  • TheCerealKiller

    Carano IS under contract with the UFC. They own her Strikeforce contract. She just won’t come back and fight for her old contract money. Tate, you’re starting to sound like a Diaz, calling out people you don’t deserve to fight.

    • me

      so what makes carano deserve to even fight in the ufc?

  • MuayThaiFood

    True, Carano is currently under contract but it will expire before any fight could happen anyway so for all intents and purposes she’s a free agent. Why not get Cyborg over and let Tate have her? I don’t see anyone in the UFC calling her out and pressuring Dana to sign her

  • dandogood

    gina to big

  • dandogood

    Funny how Carano never asked for a Cyborg rematch? Gina just got KO’d and quit. That alone speaks volumes. Now Gina found out she cannot act and looks 250lbs on screen so Gina needs an UFC check.BS

  • dandogood

    Carano is built with a semi truck frame and isn’t seeing 150lbs ever again. Cyborg exposed Carano as a MMA fraud beating on smaller weaker foes till Cyborg destroyed Carano who quit the sport. QUIT the Sport. Cowrano got Ko’d in one round.

  • dandogood

    Meisha big nose tate is very limited skill wise and has a flat career. There are no stars but Rousey in the UFC. Carano even though beaten down and disgraced in humiliation by Cyborg beats Tate easy. But probably at 145lbs. Gina has that big wide body 747 plane frame that has filled out.

    • JJ

      Lmao ur just a stupid an asslicker talking about how Carano got exposed.
      But the one that got exposed already for a year is the one ur cheering for with her running away from a bout with Cris . Because Ronda cant fight. Because Judo is not fighting its just a grab and lock game that has nothing to do with fighting

  • brad king

    wow welcome back horace (dandogood).This fight could be one of the hottest fights ever! Dunno who i wish to win this one.