Miesha Tate: “Becoming the Champion Means More to Me Than Anything” (TUF 17 Finale Video)

April 12, 2013
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Miesha-Tate-VideoMiesha Tate certainly feels the pressure of being the latest fighter to carry the torch for women’s MMA into the Octagon, but it’s a weight she tosses aside. She has much grander goals for herself that already weigh heavily on her shoulders.

“Becoming the champion means more to me than anything, more than a rematch, more than anything,” Tate said at Thursday’s TUF 17 Finale open workouts in Las Vegas.

“That’s something when I’m 80 years old some day and I have kids and grandkids, I can look back and say this is what I did. This is my accomplishment. So that’s my ultimate goal.

Miesha Tate faces Cat Zingano at the TUF 17 Finale on Saturday at Mandalay Bay.

Check out Miesha Tate’s interview at the TUF 17 Finale open workouts in Las Vegas…


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  • falloniousWolf

    But…you will never make champ so long as Ronda is around.


    Big nose Tate has to do something about that huge honker? Tate looks like she smelled some good bean soup gas all the time.

    • falloniousWolf

      she comes off as by far the biggest hater in MMA. First, she will never beat Ronda Rousey. Second, she has never really gave Ronda due credit, always saying something sly to discount Ronda’s achievements. Third, she is talking about being a UFC champ?

      Tate has understand that the only reason why she is in the UFC is because of Ronda.

      Ronda comes off arrogant these days but damn…Tate just comes off as a serious whiner.


    Big Nose Tate is one hateful broad. Get the nose reduced anteater face.