Michael Page Throws Venom at Paul Daley

June 12, 2017

Michael “Venom” Page and Paul “Semtex” Daley, two of England’s top mixed martial artists, have been feuding.

A bout between the two was proposed for Bellator 179, but negotiations fell through after Daley refused to accept the fight. Daley instead faced Rory MacDonald on May 19 and lost. After the fight, he hurled insults at Page during his post-fight interview.

Page was sitting in the front row and as Daley exited the cage, he approached Page and an altercation broke out.

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On Mondy, Page continued to add fuel to the rivalry by posting a series of photos on Instagram targeting Daley after Daley apparently turned down a fight between the two a second time. 


Who remembers the youngers in school that would do this ? #Paula

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  • El Gvapo

    Paul Tampax Daley did make me chuckle a bit I have to admit.

    • deepgrim

      me too