Michael Bisping: ‘Who’s to Say Silva Hasn’t Been Doing This His Entire Career?’

February 8, 2015
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Like most people, UFC middleweight Michael Bisping went through a wide range of emotions when he heard that Anderson Silva had returned a positive drug test result for steroids.

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He went from disbelief to shock to a realization.

In the end, Bisping was finally left wondering if Silva had been taking steroids throughout his career.

Check out the above interview that Bisping did with Rick J. Lee, where he addressed Silva at length, as well as Nick Diaz, and his upcoming fight with CB Dollaway.

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  • Joe Dog

    I thought Silva’s win over Diaz was overturned and considered a no contest….?

    • Braeden Van Asperen

      That was internet rumor. Won’t be overturned until there’s a hearing.

    • JJDNB

      Overturned?? It’s anderson silva. This will actually counts as two wins for him


    Enjoy Bisping. Never gonna win the title but love watching him try!

    • JJDNB

      Love watching him lose

  • Sir_Roy

    “When I do get to the top … I won’t fail my f’n test for steroids. That’s a fact.”

    Good on him.

    Shame a lot of athletes in the top echelon are on the sauce and messing it up for those who choose to fight clean.

    Test more. Test better UFC. Avoid embarrassments. Set precedence.

    • TheCerealKiller

      “When I do get to the top … I won’t fail my f’n test for steroids. That’s a fact.”

      He will never get to the top. He’s another guy that is overrated and has zero top 5 wins. Funny thing, I would pick Bisping over Diaz.

      • Sir_Roy

        Whether or not Bisping ever gets thrown into title contention talks again was not really the point of my comment. Not sure any fighter is truly “overrated” insofar as title talk is concerned. At the end of the day, they are simply “rated”. Bisping is rated 13th MW in his division at the moment. Thus him admitting he’s got a long climb ahead of him. Whether he’ll make it or not, well, I can’t blame most for being highly skeptical (I know I am). But good on him for staying hungry.

        You’re right on one thing, every time he’s climbed his way into the mix, he’s hit the top 5 echelon wall and went tumbling back down.

        I can agree to him being over hyped due to him being a vocal, entertaining mouthpiece, much like Chael was. Again, good on him for playing the game and making the most (financially) with the hand he’s been dealt.