Michael Bisping Weighs in on GSP vs. Silva and Jones vs. JDS

September 1, 2012

Jon Jones vs Junior dos SantosRumblings of a potential superfight between middleweight champion Anderson Silva and welterweight titleholder Georges St-Pierre have been recently rejuvenated by Silva calling for the mega match-up and St-Pierre responding that he’s open to the idea.

UFC president Dana White has even added fuel to the fire by indicating that fight could happen as soon as early next year should GSP get past Carlos Condit at UFC 154 in November.

Imaginations have run wild, as well, about possible match-ups for light heavyweight champion Jon Jones, who recently stated he could make the move to heavyweight as soon as 2013.

Michael “The Count” Bisping recently weighed in on the possibilities during an online chat hosted by MMAWeekly.com content partner Yahoo! Sports.

“It is a business and I think Anderson vs. GSP would be astronomical numbers,” said Bisping.  “I think Jones vs. JDS (Junior dos Santos) would be awesome too. Everyone wants to see champ vs. champ.”

The potential superfights seem closer to reality now than ever before and Bisping gave his predictions.

“I think Anderson beats GSP and Jon Jones; and JDS beats Jones,” said the middleweight contender.

St-Pierre, of course, has to get past interim champion Carlos Condit and Jones has a scheduled fight with Vitor Belfort looming at UFC 152, but if all works out, we could see both of those superfights in 2013.

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  1. God, it’s me. Could you please help make the JBJ and JDS fight happen, soon.

    • If they made that fight soon I would cry with tears of joy.

  2. Dana, I would pay double the normal PPV rate to see this fight, just sayin

  3. How easily distracted you all get. I wave my hand and make noise with it so that you can’t see how I’m hiding my trick with the other. How gullible can you guys get? Jones moving to hw? who cares? I don’t care for any fantasy scenario right now. Jones just ducked a smaller, out of practice challenger after a fully, successful training camp!!!!!!!!!!!! Did you guys forget? Silva and his management are trying to duck Weidman, a legitimate contender!!!!!!!!!!!!! He wants GSP? since when? … oh wait, since GSP has been out for almost an entire year and will probably never be the same fighter due to a serious knee injury. And let’s play along with the fantasy setting for a bit: when’s the last time GSP dominated someone? who did he beat up to a pulp, knocked out convincingly or submitted anyone with impressive fashion? Silva sure isn’t stupidd. Give me a break. UFC is worst than WWE now days. What a circus. And you guys eat up anything these whacko mma writers throw at you.

    • aaaand this is why its dana white and joe silva making the fights and not you

    • why are you even talking? Weidman KO’d an insanely out of shape / unfocused Munoz, so what? Anderson would KO him early in the 2nd like everyone else. Bisping hit the nail on the head, you’re a dummy son. Anderson would beat Jones and GSP. And Junior would beat Jones. You sound like you’re a TUF newb and just should stop talking before my computer explodes

    • I agree with everything BlackDog said.

      (1) GSP will not fight Anderson Silva.

      (2) Anderson Silva will not fight Jon Jones.

      (3) Jon Jones has no incentive to go up to HW and fight people his own size.

      (4) UFC IS worse than WWE.

  4. Obviously these are all really hard fights to call. That’s what makes them so appealing. The fighters are all amazing.

    That being said I agree with Bisping’s prediction that Silva would beat GSP and Jones, but I disagree that JDS would beat Jones. That might change if we get to actually see JDS display some of his other skills besides his striking in the Velasquez fight.

    • These mo way on gods green earth that jds would get his ass kicked by jones. He would knock that f****** out in the 1st or the 2nd.

      • Seconded….would love to watch it happen though.

    • I disagree with Bisping on 2 counts. I think Bones easily dispatches Silva AND JDS. For god’s sake everyone needs to come back down to earth with JDS. The fight with Crocop was back and forth…JBJ is too fast for him. With Silva, JBJ would take him down easily and dominate him on the ground.

  5. Jon Jones still has Dan Henderson and Alexander Gustafsson (if he gets past Shogun) to go through.
    Still, I would love to see him at HW, where he would get smashed by the likes of Overeem, Dos Santos, Velaskes.. even by fighters like Nelson, Big foot.. They are just too big for him.
    Best of all, would be to bring Fedor out of retirement into the UFC to ko Jones as a HW welcome fight.
    Jon Jones is used to fighting smaller weaker fighters. It is Jones hight, reach and strenght advantages that get him the win, not just pure talent. As a lhw he is very dangerous, as a HW he will get owned.

    • I agree…..

    • Overeeem wasn’t half Jones’s size at this stage in his career. Food for thought. Just sayin’


      • Exagerrating (spelling?) of course, but you get my point.

        Here goes Bisbing running his mouth again…

  6. buncha idiots

  7. Jones is a favorite over silva by a little. I think 60/40 .

  8. I think because of GSP’s takedowns he has a very good chance of beating Silva by decision, but Jones would finish him. Jones has taken some of the best wrestlers in the division and thrown them to the floor like grappling dummies. He would do the same to Anderson.

    JDS v Bones is a much more interesting match up. HIs frame can support another 25lbs of muscle easily, so if he’s walking around at 225 now, once he is walking around at 250, he will be a legitimate heavyweight, and still have reach over most of the division, and a more well rounded skill set. JDS has amazing hands, Cain is an incredible wrestler, Overeem is a world class striker, but Bones is a complete mixed martial artist.

    I personally think he is also a prick and would love to see him lose, but not liking the guy and not respecting his talent are two separate things. Bones will continue to clean out the LHW division, then take a 6-9 month break to bulk up. Then we will see if he is the best ever, or just one of them.

  9. Jones would destroy any man in the world he was put in the cage with. That is a fact son!,

    • There is always a bigger fish. That is a fact. But right now it looks like you are right :).

      JJ is fav against AS for sure. Against JDS.. not so sure… or not sure at all…

  10. obviously the a=b b=c therefore a=c transitive property does not apply to mma but it is worth mentioning…Lyoto Machida, who IMO is not the striker or the MMA that Silva is…out struck Jones in round one…not incredibly but he did nonetheless, that having been said, just imagine if that was Anderson Silva instead of Machida in there that round…does anyone really believe that Jon Jones could handle Silva’s punches that would land more precisely than did Machida’s…I don’t mean this as a rhetorical question…I am serious…what do you dudes think?

    Also, I could see Jones out grappling Silva, that is pretty obvious…but for how long could he do it?…Silva could handle 5 rounds of g&p, remember folks he is a black belt jiu jitsu and Chael did little to no real damage other than holding anderson down in a similar situation but I do not in any way believe Jones could handle 5 rounds of Silva’s striking…it wouldn’t get that far in a striking match…Silva by KO or an overwhelming decision, maybe even a Dan Hendersonesque rear naked choke…

    Silva wins in 3/4 scenarios IMO.

    • Yeah..and what if this what if that..bla bla.

      There is a reason why machida is at 205 and Silva is at 185. Silva may be a better striker but Machida has near perfect TD defense.

      Silva would have been taken down at will.

      • Silva, 2 years ago, in his prime, could beat Jones.
        And I think that fight would happen if the weights were fair. I think in a number like 88kg (194 lbs)…
        Jones is a natural heavyweight, that cuts weight to fight with 93,8kg… Jones bones structure and muscle in some lean shape is close to 100kg…
        Silva WAS a natural 84kg fighter (in his young times even less)… 2 years ago he was a chubby 93,8kg fighter… (he’s muscle and bone structure is lean, but with aging he weights almost 100kg with a lot of fat, like 18-20% BF).
        That said, I’m sure the final week preparation would be very diferent for both fighters … Silva would be in a fantastic and strong shape and jones with some difficult cut…
        THE FIGHT:
        Jones has some reach advantage and better control of the octagon… if the fight lasts 5 rounds, probability Jones would win for the judges…