Michael Bisping Wants Rematches with ‘Cheating Scumbags’ Vitor Belfort and Dan Henderson

July 21, 2015

Top ten-ranked middleweight Michael Bisping has only been knocked out twice in his 34-fight, eleven-year mixed martial arts career. The two men that put him away with strikes, Dan Henderson and Vitor Belfort, were both using the controversial and now banned Testosterone Replacement Therapy at the time. Following his UFC Fight Night 72 split-decision win over Thales Leites, Bisping stated that he wants a rematch with each of them.

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“As a fighter, everyone wants to face the guys that have victories over them, especially guys that have victories for unfair reasons. They’re all taking Testosterone Replacement Therapy. They’re all taking steroids. They use their backsides like a dartboard. They’re cheating, scumbag (expletives). I would love to face them on a fair playing field. Test them before the camp, during the camp and on the night. Yes, of course, I would love a rematch,” said the 36-year-old. “Obviously Henderson and Belfort are two that I’m definitely after.”

Belfort knocked Bisping out with a head kick in January 2013, but didn’t look like the same fighter in his first fight after TRT was banned.

“If you look at Vitor when I fought him, he looked like a cross between a michael-bisping-ufc186post-750powerlifting champion and the Incredible Hulk. When he stepped in against Chris Weidman he looked like an out of shape middle-aged man, like a dad that went to the gym once a week. There’s certainly two different people. I would love to smash his face in and shut him up once and for all and get the revenge. I have no respect for that guy whatsoever. I think he’s a piece of (expletive) is what I think,” said The Ultimate Fighter 3 light heavyweight tournament winner.

Henderson finished Bisping at UFC 100 in July 2009. The Englishman doesn’t hold the same animosity toward Henderson as he does with Belfort, but he still considers “Hendo” a cheater.

“Dan Henderson, he’s another one. God bless him. He’s had a great career, but he was on Testosterone Replacement Therapy when we fought. The amount of testosterone that they were allowed to legally have in their system is just ridiculous. There’s a reason why it’s been outlawed,” said Bisping.

“They used to say, ‘oh, I have to have Testosterone Replacement Therapy otherwise I couldn’t fight.’ Well, now it’s banned and they’re still fighting. They needed it or they didn’t need it. The fact is they didn’t need it and they were cheating. They were manipulating the system. I would love a rematch with the pair of them.”

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