Michael Bisping vs. Mark Munoz Expected to Headline UFC Event in Manchester

July 13, 2013
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Michael Bisping at UFC 120The UFC is returning to Manchester for the first time in four years, and it looks like home-country favorite Michael Bisping will headline the fight card in a middleweight bout with Mark Munoz.

Bisping vs. Munoz is expected to headline a UFC on Fox Sports 1 event on Oct. 26 in Manchester, England. MMAWeekly.com sources confirmed the original report by MMAJunkie.com.

The UFC last made the trip to Manchester for UFC 105, which featured Randy Couture vs. Brandon Vera in the night’s main event.

This time around, Bisping will be counted on to draw the crowd to Manchester Arena, when he and Munoz square off in a five-round, non-title fight at top end of the fight card.

Bisping (24-5) most recently fought at UFC 159: Jones vs. Sonnen. He defeated Alan Belcher by a unanimous technical decision after the fight was stopped following an injury to Belcher’s eye. The injury was a result of an incidental poke to the eye by Bisping.

Bisping has been on the cusp of a title shot for the past couple of years, but has twice been derailed; once by Chael Sonnen and then by Vitor Belfort.

Munoz (13-3) is fresh off of a dominating performance over Tim Boetsch at UFC 162: Silva vs. Weidman on July 6 in Las Vegas. He had been out of action for a year prior to that bout, battling injuries, depression, and extreme weight gain, but if anything, he seemed to gain strength from overcoming adversity.

Munoz had also been a step away from a shot at the UFC middleweight championship, but was stopped last summer by Chris Weidman, who recently upset Anderson Silva to win the belt.

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  • I’m a big fan of Bisping and I counted him out completely when he was up against Chael Sonnen, and then questioned him when fighting Alan Belcher. As much as I like Munoz, I’m going with Bisping on this one.

    • MMAMA

      I hope Bisping wins, because I want him to get a title shot. I like Munoz a lot, but I really think if Bisping doesn’t get a shot soon, he might never really get one. Should be awesome!

      • Oz

        Why do you want to see Bisping get a title shot? He has nothing for either champ whether it’s Silva or Weidman and gets beat every time he’s for a one against guys who have already lost to the champ. He isn’t good enough to beat the highest level guys but good enough to be a lower level contender.

        • aaa

          Weidman isn’t on TRT, so I reckon Bisping would give him a good fight.

          • Little Jimmy

            Bisping would definitely give Weidman a good fight. If it stays standing, I’d give to edge to him.

        • Mark McDowall

          I think Bisping/Weidman title or no title could be a hell of a fight!!

      • That’s true. Bisping has been around a long time and he’s had some great fights. He won TUF and had a great streak, only lost to the best guys in the world and only stopped once by the beast in Dan Henderson. His kickboxing is world class and his footwork and cardio make him a tough fight. I would like to see him get the win in an impressive fashion and be in talks for a title shot as well.

        • Baller31

          He won TUF, but when he fought Hamill, Hamill completely destroyed him. Yeah, I know he won by decision, but if you saw that fight you know the scoring was scandalous.

          • I most certainly seen that fight. I would have to watch it again but I know a lot of people felt Hamill won. But that’s the one fight a lot of people hold against him. The only way to stop critics is to win by finishing fights so I do understand where a lot of people are coming from. He does lose a lot of important fights but it’s not like he doesn’t have talent, he’s had some real tough fights.

          • Baller31

            I used to hate Bisping but he has kind of grown on me, kind of like a British Nick Diaz with his comments and attitude. I think he has solid technical standup but not enough power, and his defensive wrestling has improved greatly since he entered the UFC. I don’t ever see him winning the title though.

          • I’m a big fan of his but I do agree with you somewhat. It’s hard seeing him being a dominant champion. He is very talented but when he does not have stand up KO power or impressive submissions, or real strong offensive wrestling it’s hard to see him getting that title. I do wish him the best but he’s been around a while now, and he keeps falling short.

          • TheCerealKiller

            We’ve had this argument before. He will NEVER get a title shot! He has to beat someone to earn it. Munoz is not he fight that moves him any closer.

          • That is true. Munoz since getting KO’d by Weidman only two fights ago does little for Bisping. I wouldn’t mind Bisping vs Costa P. or Tim Kennedy!

          • TheCerealKiller

            Cecil Peoples was the ref that just gave it to Bisping. He didn’t watch that fight or any of his fights! Youtube him looking around during fights. Chris Watts gave all three rounds to Hamill.

    • solo

      Bispings wrestling is underrated. And it shoudnt be. Sonnen fight show that. Im going with Mark on this one. He does have some good momentum after his last fight, and he showed some high level stuff on the ground against Boetsch. Bisping is more technical striker for sure, but he hasnt finish a top level fighter, he only tko’d Miller and Rivera, fighters who are not fighting anymore. If he can pull a victory somehow, i think its gonna be a decision again. But as i said i think Mark can take this, its just a felling i guess.

      • I wouldn’t be shocked if Munoz won but I do think it can be a good fight. If he can handle Munoz wrestling then he may have this one.

  • thom

    the average man on the street could beat bisping. munoz is going to annihilate him. bisping is an effing joke.

    • Smarter guy who replies

      Ahhh, no they couldn’t. Don’t be that guy who sits around on his couch all day pretending he can do what these athletes can. Bisping would beat up the toughest guy you know easily yet he’ll never be champ.

      • thom

        have you seen bisping fight? he is an average fighter at best. there is nothing special about him. if everyone in the world trained to be a fighter, bisping would be on or below the 50th percentile.

        • Achilles

          Your comments make it clear you have no experience in the fight game

          • thom

            and your comment is meaningless and makes it clear that you aren’t very bright. bookmark this page and check back after the fight. we’ll see who has the experience to spot an over-rated fighter who’s in over his head against munoz.


    Don’t Like it, wanted to see Munoz vs Vitor. It gives the UFC a challenger to the champ whoever wins. Bisping should fight Kennedy, Phillippou, or Rockhold…

    • Oz

      Munoz vs Vitor doesn’t make sense. Bisping does since they’re both on 1 fight winning streaks and Vitor is way ahead of him in the rankings and already deserves a shot only after Anderson which Munoz does not being on a 1 fight win streak and already losing to the champ. Nobody cares to see Munoz fight Weidman again.


        Ok then make Vitor fight Gegard, whats he gonna do? Sit around for the winner of CW v AS # 2 ?? And Bisping, dont get me started with all his losses & chances to beat a consensus top 10 fighter. Like Suga, Hendo, Sonnen, & Vitor. Plus the loss to the Axe Murderer & Lack luster win over Stann. His last 2 Kos since 2009 are Mayham & Rivera. Should be ranked 11th not in top 10 til he beat someone in top 10! The way Munoz looked v TB , he may just get that rematch someday.

  • Texas Beast

    So this is a free event? It better be.

  • Mark McDowall

    I think this will turn out to be a great fight…a new mentally improved Munoz and a not injured Bisping can be a great fight. With the striking improvements that Bisping showed against Belcher…with nerve damage in his bicep limiting his punching power…I could see him taking this one. Munoz has a shot if he can get Bisping on the ground, but Bisping has good take down defense and BJJ so who know’s. Either way I see a great fight coming!!

  • TheCerealKiller

    Bisping has never beat a top 5 fighter and never will! His biggest win is over a pity rated Stann, who has also never beaten a top ten fighter. How Stann ever got ranked is beyond my understanding.

  • Jd

    Munoz all the way, bisping wont be able to match munoz wrestling skills and from then on it will lead to a stoppage via ground and pound.