Michael Bisping Tells Brian Stann to Sign the Contract and He’ll Get Knocked Out

July 9, 2012
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Michael Bisping isn’t backing away from his desire to one day face UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva, and he’s willing to go through Brian Stann to get there.

The always outspoken former Ultimate Fighter winner was in attendance to witness Anderson Silva’s latest victory, a second round TKO over Chael Sonnen to cap off UFC 148.

While Bisping says he believes Silva’s knee strike that eventually brought about the end of the fight was illegal, he still gives the champion his due as the best in the world. He just happens to know he’d do much better against Silva than his last opponent did.

“I want to fight the guy because I want to see how I can do against him. I beat a lot of guys, but I want to beat that guy. I think I can do better and I’m never going to know that until I get in there with him. Yes, I want to fight him. Yes, I want to get paid for a title shot, I want the main event, I want all that, but for me personally for my mind and soul, I want to fight the guy to know how I would do,” Bisping told Fuel TV in an interview after UFC 148 ended.

“Because I think I can do better than Chael Sonnen did, in fact I know I can do better than what Chael Sonnen did.”

Right now however, Bisping is still recovering from knee surgery and waiting for his next appointment inside the Octagon.

He hopes to return at UFC 152 in Toronto in September, and while a number of opponents have been mentioned including fellow middleweight Alan Belcher, he’s also open to a fight against former WEC champion Brian Stann.

The decorated Marine recently told MMAWeekly.com that he wanted to fight Bisping and welcomed the fight to happen in Toronto this September.

“I think that’s a fight that I need to jump at because he’s obviously ranked higher than I am. He’s a guy that’s right up there in the mix for a title shot, which is what we all want. Of course I want to fight Michael Bisping,” said Stann.

Well if that’s the fight UFC matchmaker Joe Silva decides to put together, Bisping is more than happy to sign the contract and make the fight official.

“Brian Stann, it looks like your balls have grown a little bit. Listen mate, respect you’re a great fighter you really are, you’re a fantastic individual, I have nothing but respect but if you step into that Octagon with me you’re going to get your ass kicked so just know that,” said Bisping.

“So when you sign that contract, you’re going to get knocked out, you’re going to get beat down, You’re going to get cut up, you’re going to get bloody, you’re going to get messed up, you’re going to get beat. Period.”

It remains to be seen who will get the next crack at Bisping, but he’s obviously fired up and ready to get back in the Octagon with whoever the UFC throws at him.

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  • jonnypatrick

    As much as I hate this British F*ck I actually think he would do good against Silva, because of his striking. I think Alan Belcher would whoop Bisping’s ass, so I understand why he would rather fight Stann. Bisping may get the better of Stann and possibly knock him out, but he won’t hurt Stann.

    • FlowWithTheGo

      He has hurt everyone he has fought except from Hendo. Take your Bisping hate glasses off you douche bag, he’s no 3 MW in the world, perhaps even no 2 as the Chael fight could have gone either way.

      • phrankthetank

        He’s never beaten a top 10 middleweight and he’s coming off a loss. how can he possibly be the no 2 middleweight?

        • FlowWithTheGo

          I said the Chael fight could have gone either way, so you could make that argument. His opponents are hardly dissimilar to Monuz’s, Vitor’s (recent), Stann’s or Belchers, they’ve all fought maybe 1 or 2 top 10 guys but not each other. At least with Bisping you can make the argument he beat a top 10 MW, the MW no 1 contender & the now no 2 LHW. At the very least he took them to razor thin decisions which is more that any of the others have done.

      • jonnypatrick

        I’ve got your douchebag Flow, you mildly retarded bitch. I wasn’t bashing Bisping I was simply stating the obvious, that Belcher would beat him. I actually gave him credit saying that he could bang with Silva, would he beat him? Don’t know, I suppose you think that Bisping beat Chael?

        • FlowWithTheGo

          Yeah I think he did just beat Chael. Wand & Rashad as well. And yeah you did bash him, you made a ridiculous statement that he wouldn’t hurt Stann, for no other reason than Stann is your ‘American hero’. Take your pathetic patriotic glasses off for a second. Bisping would most likely beat Stann comfortably & Stann would most likely end up in hospital like the majority of Bisings opponents.

    • brianhussey

      Ehhhh!! (That’s a buzzer sound by the way). Bisping would look like Maia in there.

    • elguapo

      “British f*ck”? Bit unnecessary isn’t it? Why don’t you like the British?

  • TKD

    So, beating Brian Stann should earn Bisping a title shot? I don’t see it that way at all.

    • jonnypatrick

      I don’t think anyone is seeing it that way. Who has Stann fought to earn him a title shot? I said that Bisping would rather fight Stann because Belcher would kick his ass back to the UK. I think he will have to go through Munoz to get a title shot, if Munoz beats Weidman.

      • TKD

        I agree with you, jonnypatrick.

  • D-rail

    I think they might be saving Belcher for Vitor. The UFC’s ppv are looking weak aside the main event. As far as Bisping goes, I’d say he’s clever enough to get past Stann. No KO, but a decision on this one. After Saturday night and the past Silva vs Sonnen, every wrestler in the UFC wants a crack Silva to grind out a decision.

  • bajafox

    I’d like to see this fight on FX or FOX as a main card with 5 rounds.

    If Bisping beats Stann he would need to beat either Muñoz or Vitor to get his title shot, IMO.

  • elguapo

    It’s easy to say Bisping doesn’t deserve a shot but who does? You couldn’t really say anyone is one fight away, maybe Vitor but I’m not sure if the UFC would be that interested doing that fight again, most agree that it would probably end the same way as the last. I think Munoz may possibly get the next shot assuming he beats weidman. I bet the UFC are praying Lombard gets past boetsch so they can hype that up.

    • I think they are looking for Lombard too. But who has he beaten outside of the UFC?? And you beat Tim Boetsch and you get a title shot?? Not likely. Vitor is over the hill, Sonnen is possibly retiring, I think the winner of Munoz/Weidman and Bisping and hopefully Belcher(stann is a good match up as far as fights go, but it doesnt help Bisping get a title shot unless he goes out and destroys him) go for a #1 spot. Theres no one thats an obvious shot for #1 @ 185 right now.

      • elguapo

        Very true. And what happens if weidman beats Munoz? Weidman can’t then get a shot surely? Is jake shields fighting at MW again? Not saying he should get a shot by any means, it would be interesting if he was in the mix though. Also, I’d be curious to know which current WWs could comfortably fight at MW, same goes for LHW. If you’re not near the top of those divisions, why not move up/down in weight and take on what’s arguably a “weak” division?

  • natpaukar7

    Bisping is better than I thought…as displayed against Wanderlei Silva (who is over the hill) and against Chael Sonnen (which I believe he lost, though it was close) but I still think he is no where near a top five anything…Every time he steps up he lets down…think about who has beaten him…they are all good fighters…but he couldn’t even get lucky against one of these top 10 guys like Hendo…Wanderlei…Sonnen…he is just one step below any one mildly good. I think Bisping needs to get reminded of where he stands in, what I consider to be a weak division and that is the bottom half of the top 10…that having been said…if he beats Stann convincingly…I would consider him yet again…better than I thought…

    No disrespect to Bisping fans…I understand his appeal and he is a tough guy…just personally I don’t think he is much better than Chris Leben was in his prime…I said “much” though, he is certainly better than that…

    Strange Analysis…but here is my thoughts on Bisping for his match or equivalent in other divisions…and pardon my spelling

    HW-stefan struve
    LHW- Phil Davis
    MW-he is currently ranked number 4…I would have him at ten or so…behind or right on par with Yushin Okami…who I think is pretty terrible…
    WW-diego sanchez…the now diego sanchez not the good diego sanchez
    LW-ANthony Pettis (on an off day)

    all these fighters have names…but in my opinion stand no real chance against their respective champions…and I know that Pettis did beat Henderson…and honestly…that shocked me and impressed me…taking nothing away I think that was his 15 minutes of fame…

    all of this is strictly my opinion, of course

  • pooby

    Who was the last guy that Bisping knocked out? My memory isn’t that good.

    • bigwurm

      Neither is Bisping’s KO power lol

    • elguapo

      He’s got 8 stoppages and 4 decisions in his UFC victories, that’s not too bad. I can’t remember him getting a clean KO though, I think all his wins were TKOs which never look as impressive.

  • Machterf5

    Just give him a title shot. At the very least, it will shut him the hell up.

  • rsnowbass

    Wow…that’s one determined gatekeeper.