Michael Bisping Still Isn’t Convinced About ‘Smug’ Chris Weidman

April 23, 2015
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The Count has spoken, and this time it’s about the king of 185.

The UFC middleweight division was once ruled by the iron fist — and feet? — of Anderson Silva. That was until Chris Weidman came along a gave Andy an iron fist of his own with a knockout at UFC 162 in 2013. Game changer, most would say. But then there’s guys like Michael Bisping who, even after watching Weidman take out the best in the world, still don’t believe the hype.

Veteran videographer Rick J. Lee caught up with Bisping in Los Angeles, and everyone’s favorite British trash talker spoke that trash for which he’s always been known.

“I’m not convinced of Weidman yet, I’m sorry. I’m still not convinced. No offense, I know he’s getting a little smug up there. The longer he’s the champion, it’s starting to go to his head a little bit. I would take that belt off him in a heartbeat.”

Bisping is booked to fight C.B. Dollaway this weekend at UFC 186. A win on Saturday probably won’t translate to putting his money where his mouth is with a shot at the middleweight title, but it couldn’t hurt (we guess … eventually).

Check out the full video interview below.

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  • yulog

    Bisping , is the top of the middle of the 185 class…all his losses are to the top of that class don’t see how he could beat the guy who beat silva twice

  • Just when I thought Bisping couldn’t be more ignorant, here he comes with the a$$ hole of a mouth he has and diarreahs all this nonsense through his hole.

  • TheCerealKiller

    And nobody is convinced Bisping can beat a top 10 fighter.

  • cheflacsto

    I gotta say I agree with Bisping here. Weidman is very smug for a guy that is injured all the time. Anderson was clowning, then broke his leg. After watching Anderson, I don’t think he could beat Weidman anyway so that is not what I am saying. Beating Vitor will not convince me either. If he takes out Rockhold and Jacare I will become a believer.

    • deepgrim

      bisping is full of it in really his story how he is going to win the title at the end is beyond far fetched. weidman might be injured a lot but i suspect he isn’t using the same “supplements” as the other fighters to aid the recovery. clean fighters just won’t heal as quick. rockhold is the next most well rounded fighter in the division to weidman but its hard to say if he is better in any particular aspect that weidman, he is probably more patient on the ground with the GnP and submissions than weidman

      • cheflacsto

        Come on, by your logic Cain and Weidman are some of the only clean fighters. I would guess they all take a ton of supplements. I saw a graphic that other than Anderson, and Machida, all of his victories are against guys outside the top 10. He looked gassed at the end against Machida, so I give stamina, to Rockhold, along with submissions. Probably even on the feet its a push. Weidman will beat Vitor most likely, but I think he is the underdog against Rockhold or Jacare.

        • deepgrim

          not all clean fighters are injuried, but their recovery time if they do get injured will take longer. well he still had enough gas to win the 5th round against machida after taken alot of hard shots in the 4th. rockhold and jacare havent been in many 5th round fights either to judge the stamina. i think weidman matched up better against jacare, i feel jacare would struggle to get a take down against weidman and on the feet i still think jacare is very beatable

    • ohboy

      Well, in the second fight with Silva, there was NO clowning, and up until the leg break, Silva was getting dominated.

      But let’s pretend that second fight didn’t happen…..Weidman still proved himself by going toe to toe with Machida and came out of the fight the same way he looked going in to it.
      To be honest, I just think that most people can’t accept the fact that a White guy beat a couple of the best fighters on the planet.

      • cheflacsto

        It has nothing to do with the color of his skin, he just doesn’t impress me as a martial artist. In the second fight, he caught Silva again and almost knocked him out. Had top position and Weidman is the one who got up bloody at the end of the first round. He did beat Machida up pretty good, but I believe he will lose to Rockhold (also a white guy) after a successful title defense against Vitor.

  • DamianCross

    Oh yeah, the guy who circled toward Dan Henderson’s power hand is gonna take the belt off an undefeated phenom who thrives on cutting off movement. You’re embarrassing yourself Michael.

  • KJK

    Should change his nick name from “The Count” to “The Counted Out”……never got my shot…..never got my shot….blah, blah, blah….I wish Dan Hardy’s health would have held up so there was a different spokesman from the mother land!

  • ohboy

    The guy couldn’t even finish CB Dolloway. Weidman neutralized Machida, who completely destroyed Dolloway.

    Yes, in this instance, MMA math actually applies, because all three fights were won standing up.

  • I think Bisping is great, although with knockout artists he doesn’t stand a chance…