Michael Bisping Says That in a Tough Fight Vitor Belfort “Crumbles Mentally”

January 17, 2013
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Vitor Belfort vs Michael BispingThroughout the course of his 16-plus-year fight career, Vitor Belfort has seen pretty much all the ups and downs any fighter could see in the sport of MMA.

He’s been a champion and a challenger, a top contender, and a fighter on the outside looking in just trying to find his place in a promotion.

Despite his greatest successes, however, Belfort has continuously been plagued by some of his biggest downfalls with most pointing towards his mental game as the part that fails him each and every time.

As naturally gifted as any fighter in MMA history, Belfort has been accused of not being able to keep his mind right before and many times during a battle.

“That is the main criticism of Vitor, and I think it’s a valid criticism to be honest,” said Belfort’s next opponent, Michael Bisping, when speaking about his perceived mental weakness in fights.

“I’m not saying he’s a bully, but he shows some characteristics of a bully sometimes cause when the fight is going his way, Vitor’s phenomenal. But when the opponent takes what Vitor can dish, gets through those tricky situations, and starts turning the fight around, Vitor crumbles mentally. Mentally or physically and he starts looking for a way out.”

Bisping has done a lot of studying on Belfort over the last couple of months as he prepared for their fight at UFC on FX 7, which takes place this weekend in Brazil.

Time and time again, Bisping sees where Belfort has faded in a fight, or just not looked mentally ready for what was about to take place. Most recently Bisping saw that tendency when Belfort took on UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones in a short notice fight at UFC 152.

Belfort grabbed an early armbar that nearly submitted the champion, but after that it was all Jones until he finally ended the fight with a keylock submission in the fourth round. Bisping says, watching the fight, he knew Belfort wanted out so he gave Jones the option to finish it.

“I think the Jon Jones fight was a perfect example of that. I watched the fight just last night and again he was looking for a way out. He gave Jones that submission because he was beaten mentally and he wanted out of it,” said Bisping.

Bisping believes that’s just who Vitor Belfort is and always has been, and with 16 years already into his fight career, he doesn’t look for that to change any time soon.

“Vitor Belfort has the body of a lion, but unfortunately he has the heart of a chicken, and I’m going to expose that when I go down to Brazil. A lot of people will give up, too much of a long road, too much of a struggle, and they’ll take an easy route. Vitor Belfort is a hell of a fighter, he’s a legend, he’s been a world champion in the past. I’m looking at him as a great warm-up fight to Anderson Silva,” said Bisping.

“I’m sure I’m going to have to weather an initial storm, but as the fight goes on he’s going start second guessing himself, he’s going to be gassed, and he’s going to turn into a walking punching bag.”

If there’s one undeniable trait that Bisping knows separates him from Belfort it’s that – the way they approach a fight and deal with adversity in their mental game. Bisping has been beaten and he’s dealt with losses before, but he’s not going to give up or give in, but he knows Belfort will.

“That’s something that will never, ever happen to me,” Bisping stated. “I’ll fight tooth and nail to the very end, as long as there is a beat in my heart I will never give up.”

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  • marco

    well bisping i rely hope what your saying is true, cos he didnt give in when he face’d rumble johnson and he was getting beat up quite bad.but good look anyway and i rely do hope you win

    • urdooomb

      Rumble Johnson is so awkward that he poses no threat against a well seasoned fighter like vitor.

      Vitor saw Johnson as a tall, fast, athlete dude whose skill sets weren’t honed enough to compete at the highest level.

  • stevemcz11

    If by “tough fight” Bisping means JBJ or Anderson Silva then that is really no help to him

    • urdooomb

      he means all big name fights Vitor has lost in: randy, saku, tito, chuck, hendo, anderson.

      But clealy each of those guys were champs in their prime. So…I am not sure what a journey man in Bisping is thinking.

      • He beat Tito in that fight. Horríble decision. The other guys are legends in sport. No shame there. If Bisping is comparing himself to those guys, he’s out of his mind. He’s gonna try to jab and run all night. Don’t think that’ll be enough to win. Vitor will catch him eventually

        • i agree. bispings good but not on that level. anyways bisping always loses the #1 contender matches he lost to henderson and sonnen which were both title eliminators this one is no different

  • Guest

    Someone kidnap and murder Bisping’s sister while he’s trying to focus on his fight career and see if he’s right.

    • Oswald Cobblepott

      No kidding… Bisping crumbles when facing the right hand of elite UFC fighters! Bisping is only around because UFC needs a British puppet he is B class and always will be.

      • Biggest load of crap iv’e ever heard

        • Cptmats


      • El Gvapo

        Why do the UFC need a British puppet? The market is tiny compared to elsewhere. Plus whenever there’s a UFC event in England, the fans are always crying out for international fighters instead of domestic ones. Do you think Denis Siver is in the UFC as a German puppet? And sakara for Italy? Their populations are as big as Britain. Fact is bisping is in the UFC on merit.

    • uncle

      You are right how can anyone question Vitor’s
      mental touughness ?

  • urdooomb

    Yes, Vitor does’t have a good track records against big name guys, e.g., randy, saku, chuck, tito, hendo, A.Silva, just to name a few.

    But he is one of those fighters that perform very well against lower caliber fighters. He wins fights that he is supposed to win. No upsets plague this guy.

    Having said that, Michael “the Count” Bisping is not on Vitor’s level. In fact, I see this fight ending via quick KO following flurry of quick punches.

  • rome

    bisping talks alot of crap… but hes been finished once by Hendo… thats it… cant dwell on that.. anyone can get caught… what is he like 13-4 in the ufc?? thats a bad ass record…akiyama, brian stann, leben.. not bad …split to rashad…decision to sonnen and silva…. bisping deserves more credit…..but yeah..i hope he dont get KO by vitor..cuz hes a beast…

    • judging by common opponents vitor’s better

      Akiyama – bisping won a decision, vitor knocked him out in 2 minutes

      wanderlei – bisping lost by decision, vitor knocked him out in seconds

      henderson – bisping gets knocked out in the 2nd, vitor loses a decision- that fight was in pride so in theory vitor went 4 rounds without getting knocked out by henderson cuz the 1st round was 10 minutes

      • rome

        thats a good point.. im hoping bisping wins..but i know where i would put my money…vitor..

        i dont know bout the other fights…but lets look at vitor when he was 20 fighting silva… and vitor now.. he was juiced up with bull semen and dragon piss……clearly….but yeah.. vitor is where my money would would go

      • That’s called MMAth, and it never works. I could name a million examples but it’s pretty pointless. One recent comes to mind: Franklin>Wandy>Cung Le>Franklin. See what I did there? To put it more succinctly: styles make fights.

        • Maddawgmar

          That is correct sir. Also Guida>Pettis>Henderson>Guida. The list is endless. Still think Vitor will win though

  • swift

    Bisping knows about about losing tough outings. Whenever he has faced elite competition he has choked. Evans, hendo,wandy who was nowhere near his prime,and sonnen

    • acspider#244

      I agree 100%….but no one has ever beat him by taking his heart or broke his will. He has been KO’d and bested, but never looked for a way out. Not Vitor has.

      • acspider#244

        …. not saying Vitor has

  • Mike mckinney

    For the sake of the arguement let’s say Vitor does crumble in a tough fight. Too bad for Michael that he probably can’t give Vitor a tough fight…

  • Barry O B

    I’m really not a fan of Bisping, just because I think he is the most overrated fighter in the division. He doesn’t have a decisive win against any big name, and is not an exciting fighter. However, I have to like the fact that he has got me excited for a fight that I wouldn’t have normally cared about. I want to see Vitor destroy this guy, and the hostile Brazilian crowd create a hostile atmosphere for him. Vitor does lose that steam as the fight goes on, but that always happens to aggressive fighters. As for John Jones, I would love to see Bisping to step up a weight class to fight a guy whose physical prowess is overwhelming even to those already at 205, let alone a smaller guy like Vitor. Vitor was physically done in that fight, he crumbled too easily to the final takedown, and had nothing left, but that’s simply because JJ is a much bigger and stronger beast. He did well to make it to the 4th. I’m not sure if he gave up that submission on purpose, or if he was so fatigued that he lost his wits, what do you think fans?

  • El Gvapo

    I can’t believe you fellas all fall for this. Bisping is selling the fight, and he’s very good at it too. The more of you who he can get to dislike him, the more of you will want to see him lose, the more of you will buy the fight, the more money he will make. The more money he makes, the more the UFC makes too. The more the UFC make, the more likely they are to give him another headline fight. It’s called the fight game. It’s incredible that sonnen or Diaz can do the same and you jizz your pants, but when someone else does it?

    • DamianCross

      The fight’s on free…

  • greg williams

    I like Bisping and don’t like to use MMA math, but he’s getting destroyed.I can’t belive the hype around this! Mike should be pissed Dana is sending him to screw street he’s getting pulverized.

  • GoNoles

    remember the last time he talked this much crap? POW right to the kisser

  • LOL Vitor just threw a wrench in the middle weight division’s top contender list. Bitchping got his arse handed to him by a Legend. Logically, Bitchping’s career is as follows:

    1. He’s an average fighter who can beat average fighters,

    2. But when he faces the elite of MMA he always fails,

    3. Therefore, Bitchping will never hold the UFC title because he will not even be a gate keeper for that matter.

    Look at the evidence: 1) When he faced Rashad he lost, 2) When he faced Hendo, he lost, 3) When he faced Matt Hamill, I don’t care what anybody says, he lost and now 4) When he faced Vitor, he LOST AGAIN! Add to that the fact that he lost to Wanderlei. So conclusion, again, Bitchping can’t hang with the big shots just with the average fighters.

    Now, let him fight Chris Weidman. I think Bitchping will win this one and then who will fight Anderson Silva? LOL Anderson will have no choice but to fight nobody’s to make easy money or push the Jones vs Silva super fight. Forget GSP vs Silva though it would be good to see too.

    Sorry Bitchping, you’re just not cut out to be a champion, you crumble on big fights, actually, Lengends crumble YOU…LOL