Michael Bisping Says His Punches Had a Lot to Do with Mayhem’s Fading Cardio

December 4, 2011
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Following Michael Bisping’s win over Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller on Saturday night, everybody commented on how the fight might have gone differently if Miller’s cardio was up to par.

After a good start to the fight, the former Strikeforce fighter couldn’t get Bisping back to the ground and suffered the consequences as the fight wore on.

By the end of the second and into the third rounds, Miller was exhausted, barely keeping his hands up and taking an onslaught of punishment from the Brit.

But to the point of his cardio and conditioning, Bisping points out that it wasn’t an accident that Miller’s body was wearing down as the fight wore on, and it had nothing to do with him being ill prepared.

“This is it, everyone of my opponent’s gasses. Any time I stop someone it’s because they gas. Guarantee Jason didn’t gas, I guarantee Jason could have gone five rounds. This is a five round fight, I finished it in the third. This is a big opportunity for Jason, I guarantee he had the cardio to go five,” said Bisping after the fight.

“Guess what? You might have caught it, but when someone’s landing big body shots like I was, kneeing him in the stomach and punching you repeatedly in the face, your cardio gets affected.”

Bisping’s attacks had an obvious influence on Miller’s cardio, and eventually the punishment was enough to stop the fight.

The former ‘Ultimate Fighter’ winner knows as well as anybody that cardio is a real weapon in a fight, that’s why he’s always ready to go 25 minutes, and with enough damage done to his opponents, there’s no way they’re going to make it that far.

“You take the best runners in the world, you kick the (expletive) out of them, they won’t run quite as well,” Bisping joked.

Check out the rest of Michael Bisping from the TUF 14 Finale post fight press conference below:

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  • more like his poor cardio is what left him wide open for massive punches in bunches…cmon bisping…nobody denies you beat mayhems ass and nobody i taking your credit but its not even up for debate…miller gassed after round 1 and was a punching bag the remainder of the fight…

  • fsunoles09

    yep nailed it, im not tryin to take anythin away from bisping but it was obvious miller gassed. i was really disappointed with miller i know he a better fighter then that there isnt any excuse u gotta have better cardio then that

  • RonnieV

    Miller’s boxing was terrible, he needs to stay in Strikeforce. I was rooting for him, but was very unimpressed.

  • mark-31

    It’s pretty funny when out of shape punks who never fought anyone criticize real fighters and men who put it all on the line to go out there and compete. Just shows that you have no idea about how tough it is to fight someone at a high level for 5 minutes.

    • it doesnt take a professional fighter to see mayhem gassed after round 1 and proceeded to get his ass beat by bisping…even a blind person can see that…take the stick out your ass buddy cause id bet my life youre not a professional fighter either…

    • Hey Mark 31: Shut your f**k hole. This is a comment page dummy! Where does it say you must have fought a 5 round fight to comment on one? It doesnt. So zip it punchy. By the way, Mayham’s boxing did look aweful! Similar to yours…

  • I admit I’m not a professional fighter. I’m not even in shape- I drink beer and eat pork chops. So of course I cant knock a fighter for gassing out. Yet it seems to me cardio is one thing you can control. You can’t control your opponent having better technique or having that perfect combination. You can train to last for 5 rds. So it seems to me Miller didn’t take this seriously enough and beat himself before the fight started. Same w BJ and others.

  • rsnowbass


    Get off the pedistal your standing on placed on top of your High Horse…

    Miller’s standup looked like schitt and he obviously didn’t come in to the fight in top shape plain and simple whether your a fighter or not. No different than any other professional sport.

    I was pulling for Miller but he looked very sloppy. Poor form from a guy calling out wanting a shot at Anderson Silva a couple weeks back…


    In shape punk

  • rsnowbass

    In the UFC, it’s your six figure paying job (for the most part) to be able to go however many rounds the fight is stated to go on the contract you sign as a fighter. At least come with enough gas for 2 rounds…

    Just my .02

    Schitt on it if you like, I have thick skin.

  • I wanted Mayhem to win, but maybe Bisping did have something to do with it. Miller’s boxing looked sloppy and he took a lot of punishment. I remember Miller’s pre-fight interviews where he said he took this fight seriously, would not let emotions get in the way and was fully focused on beating Bisping. Miller has been in a five round fight before, but maybe he was not in it with someone like Bisping. I’m just saying, Bisping does have a point in this one! Oh, and I do know what it feels to fight for more than five minutes, I’m not out of shape and I do train, so I do know what I’m talking about. I do find it funny when people talk and they have never been in a fight, know nothing about fighting and are not ranked or skilled. Funny.

  • shereko

    Mayhem was in better shape than me, but its not my job to go in and fight 5 rounds, which shows he can’t do his job either and I’m sure in the same token he can’t do my job, so I have an up on him… So talk all you want he is a professional and looked terrible, and I was a fan

  • RubeKegal

    Miller’s standup looked atrocious. I hope he doesn’t get Munson’ed out here in the middle of nowhere.

  • vishkicka

    I think there’s probably a bit of truth in both sides, maybe Miller could have been in better shape but Bisping does push a relentless pace and while he doesn’t have knockout power he does land a lot, many of them to the body which sucks your energy. I just don’t know if the elite guys will wilt under that kind of pressure…unlikely.

  • fsunoles09

    its funny how people(mark-31)get on here speaking on other people that they have never met or have any prior knowledge on, at the same time acting like they r the all knowing being of the universe or some ****. bro stfu ur a keyboard warrior just like ur claiming everybody else to be.thats what a comment section is for to state ur OPINION