Michael Bisping Says He’s Got Chael Sonnen ‘Quaking in His Boots’

June 14, 2012
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Michael Bisping is not a fighter who holds his tongue about much of anything.

The brash outspoken former Ultimate Fighter winner is very straight forward about pretty much any subject that you approach him with, and love it or hate it, he’ll give you his opinion or tell you exactly what happened.

Such was the case when Bisping recently received a rather odd direct message on Twitter from none other that UFC 148 main event fighter Chael Sonnen.

Bisping and Sonnen battled back in January at UFC on Fox 2 with Sonnen coming out on top by unanimous decision, although it was a very close fight.

According to the Brit, Sonnen messaged him in a rather cryptic manner after it was revealed that he was out of his fight with Tim Boetsch at UFC 149 due to injury. This was around the same time that rumors were swirling that UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva was possibly injured and out of his UFC 148 bout with Sonnen.

“The thing is with direct messages on Twitter is it’s personal; it’s private. I think it would be improper of me to divulge that information, but when have you known me to do the proper thing. So here we have the information, I was actually sat in the doctor’s (office) when this came through. ‘Alright man, here’s my guess, you’re not hurt and we are rematching. If I am right give me a clue in your tweet. Include the word “lad” in your next tweet,'” Bisping revealed on Fuel TV’s UFC Tonight on Tuesday.

“And I’m sitting in the doctor’s surgery and I’m like what the hell is this guy talking about? Obviously, he’s quaking in his boots at the thought of a rematch cause he knows I won the last fight and he doesn’t want to fight me again.”

After a few minutes, Bisping received a second message from Sonnen that seemed to close the book on the first message at least.

“Then another one came through and went ‘alright never mind, conspiracy theory is over. Get well soon.'” said Bisping. “So Planet Chael strikes again.”

It appears that the rumors about Silva’s injury at least reached Sonnen in West Linn, Ore., but at this point have been dispelled and the Brazilian legend will indeed defend his belt at UFC 148 in July.

As for Bisping, he’s on the mend for the next few weeks after having surgery to repair a knee injury suffered in training. The middleweight contender doesn’t expect to be on the shelf for very long, and hopes to jump right back into the title mix, if not a title shot upon his return.

“I’ve been around the UFC since 2005 and I’ve been consistently fighting the best guys in the world. I feel I’ve put together a good win streak and I deserve a shot. My last fight was a No. 1 contender match-up with Chael Sonnen. It was a very, very close fight. Some might call it a controversial decision. I think the general consensus is that I won that fight. I know Dana (White) and Lorenzo (Fertitta) said that as well,” said Bisping.

“So if Chael wins, I don’t see why I don’t get a shot at the title straight away.”

The contender’s race in the UFC middleweight division appears to have at least a few viable names including Bisping along with former NCAA champion Mark Munoz. It remains to be seen, however, if Bisping will get a rematch with Sonnen with the title on the line.

A lot has to happen before they can even contemplate that match-up, but maybe a few more private messages exchanged via Twitter can at least start the conversation.

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  • LOL at pillow fists.

    • Guy In The Know

      LOL… Bispings’ pillow fist would put YOU to sleep real quick.

  • BigDawg

    How can he call any decision controversial when he recieved the most B.S. decision in the history of the sport against Matt Hamill.

    • smill0313

      So true

    • rsnowbass


      “I was…BORN IN THE USA!”

    • Guy In The Know

      Beat Hamill fair and square twice get over it. First fight was close second fight all Bisping.
      Hamill sucks not even close to being on Bispings level.

  • Lesnardo

    Because he is Michael “the COUNT” Bisping.

  • maddawgmar

    It sounds to me that Chael just wanted find out if he would be fighting Bisping if Silva was hurt. Plus I don’t think Bisping even deserves to be in title talk. He hasn’t beat a top ten fighter once. Every time he fights a big name he loses. I think he should have to fight two top ten guys then talk about a title fight. Maybe Munoz or Belfort.

    • FlowWithTheGo

      Its just a total non story. Bisping has got a little bit offended by an accusation that he’s faking an injury (as you would) & retorted in a very mild manner. WOW stop the presses! While Bisping doesnt yet deserve a title shot he is not far off. True he has lost to Hendo, Cheal, Wand & Rashad but lets be serious, the only one of those that was decisive was the Hendo fight & you could make arguments for him winning the others. He is a top fighter who is criminally underrated by fans who dont like him. Imo he would beat Munoz & Vitor (who only got through AJ after he gassed).

      • Guy In The Know

        You got everything right… except for the title shot….. everyone else has had their chance. Its Bispings turn.


      Ellenberger could beat bisbing!

      • Guy In The Know

        Ellenberger couldnt beat kampman and if the sanchez fight was 5 rounds he would of lost that to, and by the way it doesnt matter Diaz is the boss of welterwieght. Diaz bros will be champs in 2013 at the same time. Nate gets the belt his next fight.

    • Guy In The Know

      You goons hate on bisping, then boost munoz who has munoz beat. Bispings’ last legit lost was against the steroid usin henderson…. and who does henderson not knock out ….he Ko’d fedor for christ sake. Bisping Beat wandy and chael so he really has a 6 fight win steak, but thats beside the point. Munoz isnt even close to a title shot. Bisping would destroy him.

  • BigDawg

    Don’t let Chael fool you, he’s actually a really cool guy, just plays the role. Haven’t met Bisping but I’ve heard from other fighters that he really is an ass and not just playing any role.

  • KBEsq

    Yeah, Sonnen is a really cool guy who insults other fighter’s families, commits and pleads guilty to fraud, and abuses TRT. What a champ.

    It’s ridiculous that Bisping would think he should get a title shot if Soonnen beats Silva just because he fought a close fight with Sonnen.

    Belfort/Sonnen if that happens.

  • KBEsq

    Yeah, Sonnen is such a great guy who insults other fighter’s families, commits and pleads guilty to fraud, and abuses TRT. What a champ!

    It’s crazy that Bisping thinks he should fight Sonnen if Sonnen beats Silva just because they had a close fight.

    If (and it’s a big if) Sonnen beats Silva, I think Belfort/Sonnen would be the best fight. Awesome match and you can keep the Brazil/Sonnen feud going.

    • MrAdidas

      How can you say its a … “big IF” if Sonnen beats Silva?!? Did you not see the same fight I seen when Sonnen spanked Silva for 23+ mins?I’m not saying Sonnen will win or do the same thing to Silva in the rematch, but to say that its a “BIG IF” for Sonnen to beat Silva is pretty stupid & ignorant, considering he embaressed Silva for 23+ mins. When was the last time Silva was even tested in a fight? Maybe the Dan Henderson fight? (since Dan won the 1st round Vs. Anderson).

      If I’m not mistaken, I believe Silva got punched, kicked & taken down etc. more times in ONE Round vs. Sonnen, than all of Silvas UFC fights combined. Not too bad for a guy who EVERYONE (my-self included) thought was going to get KTFO in the 1st Round by Silva.

  • RubeKegal

    I think the best scenario should be Bisping vs. Belcher or Vitor upon Vitor healing.

    Chael > Bisping all day every day.

  • doberman

    Bisping is making this up trying to say chael is scared to market a fight between them so Lombard doesn’t get the shot. Bisping is weak and should prove himself instead of trying to talk his way into it. He might have a chance against Chael but Anderson would destroy him. It would be hilarious to see Bisping try and stand with Anderson, or to try and take him down with his wrestling skills.

  • Michael Bisping actually beat Chael Sonnen, who actually beat Anderson Silva. Bisping is the UFC Middleweight Champion and I hope he defends his title soon 😉

    • rsnowbass

      Cocain is a powerful drug…

      • somecokehead

        Cocaine is a hell of a drug (Rick James)

    • MaritalArtist

      There’s something to that, for sure. Can’t deny the logic!

    • Triggerman99

      I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you were being sarcastic.
      If that’s the case, well done! That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard all day!!

    • Guy In The Know

      Thats logic that these goons who troll this site should understand…… but they wont.

  • TKD

    Yeah, and Liddell is on a 6-win streak, and Lesnar is still the UFC champ. Now, there is some logic for you…

  • elguapo

    I’m glad us Brits have now got Pearson, Etim, Maguire and Sass to represent us now. Granted they’re never gonna be champs but at least they carry themselves well. Bisping is just a bellend, no class. Sometimes you think some people are mischief making, but sometimes they’re plain deluded. Also, judging by the tweets Chael sent, how does it look like he’s quaking in his boots? It sounded more like he was digging for info on whether Silva was injured. I just hope Bisping had a smile on his face when he said these comments.

    • JesseShredderMalloy

      Don’t forget debuting soon in Nottingham, TUF’s own Andy Ogle.He seems like a really legit dude, and great heart of a fighter. I expect him to become a decently known name

      • elguapo

        Yeah I think Ogle will do well after his spell on TUF, but more because of his attitude and character, he came across like a proper good bloke on there. Is he dropping to featherweight now?

  • Bullshit…..He always talks shit….but everytime he fights a guy that is a stepup for him he gets his ass whipped….I mean come on how many years has Bisping been around now talkin’ shit….saying he will beat Hendo, Wandy & others that were a stepup the ladder & each & everytime he gets his ass handed to him…..of course everytime he claims he won, or he should of won,or he coulda won….his fans are the same way….He will never wear a belt never…we all know it…

  • rsnowbass

    Bisbing is a lot like Rashad Evans. He will make any kind of noise in order to stay in the spotlight. You are a GATEKEEPER, always will be. Plain and simple.


    • rsnowbass

      Allow me to give respect where it’s due. You’re a very very good Gatekeeper Michael…

  • WhiteboyGBJJ

    If Bisping is such a bad ass, have him welcome Hector Lombard to the UFC. I would love to see him get KTFO again.

  • johnbartholamule

    Bisbing is so delusional he thinks he actually has a shot…ROFL!! I love to watch Bisbing try and throw knee’s….LOL he looks like DJ Jazzy do that run in place dance…LOL!! SO FUNNY!! My little sister could kick and knee harder than this bum. Sorry but he will NEVER be champion material no matter how hard or long he trains…What a joke. This guy does not even belong in the UFC.

  • macgrubber

    some1 show him his fight against henderson since he doesnt remember

  • elguapo

    Bisping is a very good fighter, just not championship calibre. If he had moved to the US a few years ago and joined a quality camp things may have been different. That’s a decision Pearson made and it looks to be paying dividends for him. The thing with Bisping is that he’s only ever been soundly beaten twice, the Hendo fight obviously, but ironically the Hamill fight too. He lost close decisions to Sonnen and Wanderlei and came very close to beating Rashad a few years ago at LHW. He’s too one-dimensional to beat top ranked fighters and it’s probably too late in his career to really learn some new skills.


    Ellenberger could beat bisbing !


    Bisbing’s demeanor an act? No, I don’t believe it is. I haven’t met the guy but as an American who has lived in the UK for several years now I recognize it. Its a kinda persona here that dickheads have.

    Kinda like back home when you see someone carry themselves the way Rampage does (most of us have met someone like that) you know the guy is an asshole deepdown inside. He is the British equivalent of that kinda person. There are plenty of them.

    • BizzleZX10R

      Funny thing is that Rampage and Bisping are friends. Makes perfect sense now.

  • Guy In The Know

    “Ive never been hit that hard in my life” said chael sonnen after he fought Bisping. The same people who hate on Bisping … are the same people that thought rivira and mayhem would destroy him. You goons need to remeber he is a big middlewieght and he has only been finished once. He is a boss…… top 5 in the world.