Michael Bisping Says Anderson Silva Hasn’t Cleared Out the Division Because He Hasn’t Faced Him Yet

September 14, 2011
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UFC Fighter Michael Bisping

Michael Bisping

With the season 14 debut of the ‘Ultimate Fighter’ just a week away, returning coach Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping may be focused on his upcoming fight with Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller, but he still hasn’t forgotten about his ultimate goal…

The UFC middleweight title.

As a winner of three fights in a row and four out of his last 5, Bisping believes that he’s at least one spoke in the wheel remaining that UFC champion Anderson Silva hasn’t vanquished yet.

“I do get frustrated when I hear people say that Anderson Silva‘s wiped out the middleweight division. He hasn’t wiped out the middleweight division, he hasn’t fought me yet. I feel I match up very well with him,” Bisping told MMAWeekly.com on Wednesday.

“I’m not disrespecting Anderson. Anderson rightly so is regarded as the pound for pound best in the world, and I’m a big fan of him. But I feel like I’d give him a good fight and I feel I match up a lot better with him than a lot of the other fighters he’s faced.”

The brash Brit has never been one to back down from a challenge, and Bisping is ready and willing to challenge Silva if presented with the opportunity.

Whether Bisping will get that chance based on his next fight remains a mystery.

To get the fight with Miller and to coach on the ‘Ultimate Fighter’, Bisping has had to put his career on hold for several months, but he still didn’t hesitate to accept the job.

See, the former ‘Ultimate Fighter’ winner will face his fellow coach Jason Miller in the finale show in December, and while he’s looking forward to punching the former host of MTV’s Bully Beatdown, he’s not sure it’s the fight that will push him over the top into title contention.

“The reality is there is a downside, the downside is it means almost 10 months out of the game, which I like to stay active. It means taking a fight against Jason Miller, which with respect probably doesn’t get me a title shot by beating him,” Bisping stated.

“Maybe beating Miller is the guy. I mean I’ve got a decent streak, I’ve only been beaten once at middleweight, I’ve been around the UFC for a long time, I’ve beaten tough guys consistently for a long time. I feel like I’m going to get a title shot real, real soon.”

Never say never is the attitude that Bisping has heading into his showdown with Miller because anything is possible.

If he’s able to go out and dispatch of the always tough Miller in impressive fashion, maybe the UFC takes notice and gives him a shot at the seemingly unbeatable Anderson Silva. If not, Bisping is happy to keep plugging away until he can’t be ignored any longer.

“Hopefully, I beat Miller, I do a good job, I do it in style, who knows maybe that will get me the title shot,” Bisping stated. “If not, definitely I think one more fight and I should get that shot pretty soon.”

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  • jared499

    Well Michael, there is an obvious answer as to why he has not fought you yet, and that is because you have not proved yourself a good enough fighter when it counts. What you expect him to clear out the whole division including the low and mid level guys, I think not. He has cleared out the top middleweights, which I do not catagorize you as.

    Win a couple of key fights and then start talking trash, because right now it is just a PR stunt.

  • bajafox

    LOL, must be nice living in that fantasy world.

    I don’t see Bisping having a chance in hell of beating Anderson Silva. He should fight the loser of Stann v. Sonnen, then maybe talk about getting a title shot

  • Darren2112

    Nice to hear him being humble.

    If he wins and can beat a former contender, like Shonnen, or Belfort, then I really think he deserves a shot.

    Looking forward to seeing Mayhem in the Octagon.

  • Mario

    jared499 pretty much said it, so I won’t say much myself!

    Michael Bisping complained that he felt he won the Wanderlei fight. But clearly he lost. Wandy did more to gain the decision.

    Bisping needs to worry about Jason Miller first before thinking about potential fights with Anderson.

    I know Miller may seem like a retard, but if you sleep on that guy, he’ll beat your ass!

    The guy is no joke. And now that he’s back in the UFC, sky is the limit.

    Fighters perform best when they know the reward will be great.

  • ericdecker

    These silly brits have worse math skills than wrestling… who taught him how to count? If his loss to W. Silva doesn’t count, his win over Hamill certainly doesn’t…

  • XIRandomHeroIX

    Hey I’ve never beaten anyone either can I fight Silva next?

  • No one has yet explained to me how Stann deserves a title shot more than Bisping. He hasn’t fought anyone at all that would make him deserving. And Sonnen already had his shot. I would love to see Bisping vs Silva, though I’m sure Anderson would win.

    • Matt Magick

      I hope you’re not serious right now? Have you seen Brian Stann’s last 2 fights? He is a top caliber striker and Stann vs. Sonnen is the best Boxer vs. Wrestler match that there’s been in a long time, Stann would kill Bisping and I hope to see him take on Silva.

  • Danjitsu

    Michael Bisping is a legend in his own mind. Until he actually beats a guy ranked higher then him he should stop all his whining…I know that is hard for him though.

  • “he hasn’t fought me yet. I feel I match up very well with him” … Are you kidding me. He will walk through you.

    I actually really like Bisping and enjoy watching him fight but he will never be a title contender. Anytime he gets a challenging fight, he loses and those fights are tests which he continues to fail.

  • Ha. Bisbing has always been a character, but I had know idea he was this great of a comedian. Thought Henderson would’ve knocked some sense into him. I want Silva to lose, and this wouldn’t get me what I want.

  • ..By the way I like the new setup mmaweekly.

  • ericpope

    hey guys, stop hating on bisping. ofcourse he’s top 5. how soon we all forget his fight vs hendo when he almost broke hendo’s left hand with his face block.then his bruce lee move where he caught hendo’s forearm with his face while he was sleeping.and he wouldve beatin vanderlei if silva didnt cheat by punching back.michael the reason ufc hasnt put you in with anderson is the US has laws preventing cruel and unusual punishment.but saying that having a louder mouth in the ufc usually gets you further then your actual record

  • BigGuy

    Bisping-Silva will never happen. Who would pay money to watch that fight? Bisping is not at Silva’s level, and I am pretty sure there aren’t a lot of people out there that would disagree with me on that.

    Bisping is a guy with a lot of mouth, but nowhere near the talent to be able to take the title from Anderson.



  • Bob

    I laughed so hard when I read the title to this article that my dog started barking!

    Michael ‘The Cunt’ Bisping says he don’t cut much to make 185- so I think he should be fighting at 170. He would do better at that weight against the elite- he would probably still get beat up, but he would do better.

    Anthony Rumble Johnston cuts from 220 to make 170 so it shouldn’t be that hard for ‘The Cunt’ to make 170.

    He lost against the elite at 205, then he cut to 185 and again lost to the elite. Maybe its time to cut to 170.

  • shereko

    HAHA OMG this is hilarious… if you read through all these comments the funniest thing is nobody is taking the other side saying that Bisping should get a shot or that he would have a chance against Anderson, the closest was Uncanny and he even said that Anderson would still win… Too funny! Bisping isn’t even a gate keeper, put him against Belfort or even Leben and watch him get whooped.

    • XIRandomHeroIX

      Uncanny does not count, he either is Bisping or has a huge boner for him

  • Shan_Phoenix

    You can tell which fighter will get to the top. A UK fan and following UFC since the beginning nevertheless I can tell Bisping will never get there. He is good but doesn’t have the talent. I hope he gets there so he learns his place. Agree with the guy saying he could fight the loser of Stann-Sonnen. Makes sense. That’s as far as he gets in my opinion.