Michael Bisping Responds To Luke Rockhold: “Win a Fight in the UFC Then We Can Talk”

May 28, 2013
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Michael Bisping - UFC on Fox 2

It didn’t UFC middleweight Michael “The Count” Bisping long to respond to Luke Rockhold’s challenge via Twitter on Tuesday.

It took 45 minutes to be exact.

Rockhold took to Twitter and challenged Bisping to a fight early Tuesday afternoon.

@bisping u dont have opponent, I dont have opponent, u talk (expletive) about ‘practice’ i say we set the record straight once & for all @danawhite,” read Rockhold’s tweet.

The “practice” Rockhold references was a 2012 sparring session between the two while Rockhold was the Strikeforce middleweight champion.

In an interview during a November 2012 episode of MMA Uncensored, Bisping alleged the sparring session didn’t go well for Rockhold.

“Let me put it like this: I’ve sparred with Luke Rockhold recently and let’s just say I’m the unofficial Strikeforce champion. Sorry Luke, but these are the facts,” said Bisping.

Rockhold made his UFC debut on May 18 at UFC on FX 8 in Jaragua do Sul, Brazil.  He was knocked out by Vitor Belfort in the first round of the main event by a spinning heel kick followed by punches.

Bisping suffered a similar fate when he faced Belfort on Jan. 19 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Belfort landed a high kick that sent Bisping crashing to the canvas and finished him with punches on the ground.

Bisping rebounded from the loss to Belfort with a decision victory over Alan Belcher at UFC 159 on April 27. He thinks Rockhold should win at least one fight in the UFC before calling him out.

@LukeRockhold @danawhite I say you go and win a fight in the UFC then we can talk,” responded Bisping to Rockhold’s challenge.

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  • I knew this fight was brewing. Makes sense for both of them and makes an even better fight with all this trash talk. I’ll take Bisping on this one though.

    • Madmmax

      As much as I can’t stand Bisping, I agree with him also. he’s # 3 on that MW rankings and needs to fight someone with some hype behind him, I’m thinking Jacare. Luke’s got a lot to prove right now. I could see a number of middleweights giving him a tough fight.

      • Cereal Killer

        Official UFC ranking, Bisping is #4 and Luke is #7. It might be the first time Bisping beats a real top 10 fighter. I’d rather see Jacare whoop his ass first. Then he can fight Luke at #6 vs #7.

        • Madmmax

          Just looked at that. Forgot about Weidman. They actually have Okami above Bisping. How did Sonnen drop so far down the list? Interesting

      • Luke, Jacre and Tim Kennedy will shake up the division a bit. Luke may have been KO’d by Vitor but he’s still young and a pretty tough fight. Him and Bisping also make a nice style match up.

  • FightProfessor

    He’s right

    • Truth

      lol, they both got KO’ed by same guy. Truth of the matter is, they both need a win and both are probably around the spot in rankings anyway.

      • andyman07

        Bisping did get a win he jacked up belcher


    I usually think MB is a dumbass… he’s got a point on this though. Win a fight (UFC) first Luke. You’re looking kinda douchey right now.

    • fsunoles10

      why does he look douchey for wanting to fight a loudmouth prick that said he whipped him in practice? seems like a logical reaction from a fighter to me


        Anytime someone tries to line jump, its a douchey move. Luke needs a W in the UFC first IMO. He doesn’t have the pull to call out anybody. He’s coming off a loss after all. while I have no desire to see these two dudes pillow fight, I wouldnt be surprised if it happens. In England at that.j

        • fsunoles10

          who exactly is he jumping in line? neither is in title contention and
          rockholds only loss in the past 10 fights is to the guy that just ko’ed
          bisping. and all but 2 of rockholds wins are by stoppage and as much as i
          hate bisping and thinks he hits like a vagina he does have 18 stoppages
          compared to 6 decision wins so dont know why you’re under the
          impression it would go the distance and rockhold is a fairly dynamic

          • Lucas Freire

            Well, everybody has the impression it’d go the distance because neither of them have the ability to KO top level fighters,as themselves. lol

          • fsunoles10

            it prolly would because of bispings movement but on paper the chances are it would be a finish.


            You’re right, linejumping is a bad choiceof words. “Paying you’re UFC dues before calling ppl out” would have been better. I feel it would be a snoozer with Luke not wanting to go buck nutty and risk a 2nd L in a row and MB not wanting to get caught with a wild “KO” punch and becoming even more irrelevant. Just my opinion though.

          • Lucas Freire

            Exactly. Both guys have great striking skills, and great movement. Their wins are all about dynamic striking. Just look at Rockhold vs Jacare or Bisping vs Belcher,it’s basically the same game. That’s why I don’t think a KO would happen, they don’t go for the kill, they wear out the opponent with fast strikes that hardly pack a punch.

  • Manuel Lopez

    What kind of bulls*** answer is bisping giving? You talked s*** about the guy now you chicken out. Belfort beat Rockhold, and belfort beat you too bisping, how about you both get it on like the fighters you’re supposed to be? Rockhold ain’t golden either, f***** embarrassing how he choked on his first UFC fight. He looked scared s***less in there with belfort, f*** his corner team looked scared too!!

  • MMA

    Atleast Rockhold has a win over a top 10 opponent…

    • Cereal Killer

      Ha ha ha, a poster after my own heart! Bisping is not as good as he thinks he is.

  • fsunoles10

    this is coming from the guy who would get knocked out in a #1 contenders fight with a heavy bag.

  • adice89

    Luke rockhold vs hector lombard. Make it happen ufc.

  • julian moran

    Rockhold does not deserve Bisping. Do Rockhold vs Belcher.

  • Damo

    Rockhold is jumping on the lets all hate Bisping train and by doing so he’s coming off a bit of a tosser to be honest, (and for the record Rockhold is a total f****** tool in real life with a serious attitude problem). Bisping is 100% right in telling him to get a win in the UFC before calling people out so more power to him. Rockhold’s next opponent should be someone also coming off a loss, maybe Sonnen or even Belcher would make good matchups for him. Bisping’s next matchup should be without a doubt Yushin Okami, Okami already called Bisping out and going on UFC fighter rankings he is the only viable choice in my opinion.

  • solo

    Luke was very dissapointed with a Vitor loss, so i think he just wanna jump back into the game ouick. He called out a guy who said all those things about him plus a possible win over Bisping would be huge for his name and a place in the division.

    But yea, i also think he should win a fight first to get an opponent like MIke.

  • Ryan

    Somebody please shut this cocky a**hole up other than Bisping. Lets say an under top 10 guy who will put him back in his place?

  • Baller31

    With all the s*** talking that would ensue…I would love to see NIck Diaz vs Bisping