Michael Bisping Puzzled as to Why Jon Jones Wouldn’t Accept UFC 151 Saving Bout

August 29, 2012
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Michael Bisping wasn’t one of the fighters immediately effected by the shuffling of the deck when UFC 151 was cancelled, but just like anyone else, when asked about the situation, he has an opinion on the matter.

When speaking about UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones’ decision to turn down a short-notice fight with Chael Sonnen in order to save the UFC 151 event, Bisping, however, has the qualification of being a fighter that has stepped up when called upon at the last minute. In fact, he faced Sonnen on short notice at UFC on Fox 2 when Mark Munoz, Sonnen’s original opponent withdrew due to injury.

“I have no problem with Jon Jones. Jon Jones is a fantastic fighter, but I think the sign of a true champion is stepping up,” said Bisping on a recent edition of UFC Ultimate Insider.

“You could say this is an easier fight than Dan Henderson. So I for one am quite puzzled as to why he wouldn’t take the fight.”

Bisping also went on to talk about his upcoming UFC 152 fight with Brian Stann, as well as declaring the one fighter he’s lost to that he would really like to  rematch. Check out Bisping’s UFC Ultimate Insider interview below.


  • Lesnardo

    Spoken like a guy that will never come champion.

    Dan killed you. Chael only defeated you. Therefore, Dan is better.

    • TKD

      Great point!

  • TKD

    And how many more times is MMAWeekly going to beat this dead horse? We get it already. Everyone has an opinion on Jones turning down the fight. Who gives a sh*t anymore?

    • Not MMAWeekly’s fault. I mean this video and interview was done by Jon Anik so their just reporting it to us, which I appreciate. But I agree. Everyday theres an article on a new fighters view of the Jones situation. The biggest opinion that matters and was necessary is Dana Whites. After that it’s just fighter after fighter saying they would have stepped in. But I am a big fan of Bisping so I don’t mind watching his interview.

    • They should ask Matt Hamil if he would have taken the fight. I bet he would have even though he’s retarded.

      RETIRED!! He’s retired I meant to say retired my backspace key doesn’t work mmyep.

  • whats so hard to understand? a surprise opponent, 8 days notice w/ no time to prepare…simple

  • Triggerman99

    I mean, come on now. Obviously every fighter you ask is gonna say Jones was wrong for not taking the fight. That’s the correct response.
    This isn’t news; this is predictable repetiton of the same article.
    I agree; Jones should have taken the fight. But that doesn’t mean we need to hear every single fighter in the world say the same thing.

    Find someone who says they wouldn’t have taken the fight and I’d be happy at this point to read that article. I would disagree, but for fu*k’s sake, at least it would be something different.

    • TKD

      Agreed. Find some different opinions, and then I’ll be interested in reading this stuff. We can probably ask every UFC fighter what they think. True or not, nearly all of them will take the safe route and say they would have taken the fight.

  • b-soc

    I’ll keep saying the same thing: it isn’t Jones’ fault. The UFC cancelled the event. But, I can’t blame the fighters for following Dana. He’s throws temper tantrums like a baby when he doesn’t get his way, and UFC fighters are probably afraid for their job security when it comes to opposing him. Dana’s personality is becoming the biggest problem in MMA. That’s why the UFC hall of fame can’t be taken serious – if you have a beef with Dana, despite your legend status, you are not getting inducted. ie: Frank Shamrock.

    My point: Everybody’s jumping on the Dana bandwagon. Dana has cemented his place in history, but not his attitude is only causing trouble.

  • diazfan209

    Is it a coincidence though that nearly every fighter (except for King Mo) is agreeing that Jon Jones should have accepted the replacement bout?

    • not entirely true…plenty of fighters sided w/ jones including benson henderson…obviously tho, its an unpopular opinion and thats due to an insane level of entitlement from fans…they dont care about the thought process and reasoning behind the decisions that are made…they want their fight no ifs ands or butts and if they dont get it, heads will roll…do i think jones should have taken the fight? yes…if for no other reason then to avoid the backlash from a legion of simpletons…but do i understand why a champion w/ tons to lose would decline a fight against a talented opponent with nothing to lose with only 8 days notice and no time to prepare? of course…how could you not? do i think jones ducked sonnen? hell no…he accepted the fight against him at UFC 152 but DW nixed that idea…is it jones fault for ufc 151 being cancelled? no…its the UFCs fault for attempting to sell the fans a weak watered down event and when hendo pulled out they had no back up plan…they had no solid main card fights that could be sold as a main event in the case of the main event being cancelled…the UFC screwed up…jones didnt help clean the mess up but he didnt make the mess…plenty of blame to go around but most of falls on the UFC IMO

  • clarkw901

    If i remember right, didn’t Jones say he’d show Sonnen what a man would do, or something along those lines? Even though, this would’ve been an easy paycheck for him, but he turned down the fight. Maybe he has his reasons that we will probably never know, but if me or you said i’d show so and so up if we fought and then we didn’t fight, what would that make us? See, my point? I know, Jones this and Jones that, more to lose or whatever excuse, but really, if someone challenges you to fight, UFC or not, do you fight or do you run?