Michael Bisping “Probably” Gets Next Shot at Anderson Silva with a Win at UFC on FX 7

December 16, 2012
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Michael Bisping - UFC on Fox 2Michael Bisping may have received the news he’s long waited to hear, but he still has to get another win before he can celebrate.

The former Ultimate Fighter winner and top ten middleweight is on the cusp of a shot at Anderson Silva and the UFC middleweight title, if he gets through Vitor Belfort at UFC on FX in January.

UFC President Dana White confirmed on Saturday following the end of the TUF 16 finale post fight press conference that Bisping would “probably” get the next crack at Silva should he beat Belfort in his next fight.

Bisping has long rallied for his shot at the UFC middleweight title, and with Silva currently on the shelf awaiting word on his next fight, the brash Brit appears next in line.

Of course next in line is still a ways off from a guaranteed shot at the belt because Bisping still has to go through Vitor Belfort, and that will be no easy task.

If he is successful however, it could set up a huge middleweight title fight between the greatest champion the UFC has ever known and one of the top fighters at 185lbs, and pound-for-pound one of the most magnetic personalities in all of MMA in Michael Bisping.

First things first, Bisping faces Vitor Belfort in Brazil at UFC on FX 7, and then if he’s victorious then he can start celebrating his potential title shot.

  • dd

    give him hector ..that would be the fight i want to watch..he has no chance against anderson..

    • Mike Little

      Couldn’t agree more.

  • chucker.

    i think hes the only top contender in the ufc who never been givin the chance to fight for the ufc title hope he gets his title fight

    • Scotty_O

      Yep, with all the garbage “contenders” that they threw at Silva (Lutter,Cote, Leites), then the meaningless fights (yet VERY entertaining fights) like Irving, Griffin and Bonnar, why wouldn’t they give bisping a shot? Not only does he win fights but he can promote a fight as well. Two key ingredients to earning a UFC title shot. I hope he beats belfort and get’s his chance, even though Silva will KO him the f@ck out!

  • WMC

    And Chris Weidman gets shafted again…

    • WhiteyWhiteman

      Bisping deserves it more than Weidman does

    • Weidmans out due to injury, what are you talking about, lol. Besides I’m sure 9 total fights on your record doesn’t earn you the right to fight the best p4p ever. Bisping has been around forever and only has losses to the best in the world and only finished once by the legend of Hendo. Hector lombard called out Bisping. We could see that even if Bisping beats Belfort.

      • Mark McDowall

        Yet again I agree with you…if he beats Vitor he is hands down the #1 contender. Weidman will get his shot…but he needs at least 1 more fight against tough competition.

        Lombard made a VERY poor showing in his first fight. Then beat Pollhares…who isn’t even in the title talk. How does that give him the right to call out the #1 contender. I think Lombard vs Weidman when he comes back will be a great fight…

        • I know Lombard called out Bisping due to a little beef between the two over the past year, he actually wanted Bisping as his first UFC fight. Lombard is incredible and any fight with him is interesting. I honestly wanted to see him fight Sonnen and if he beat Sonnen then give him a shot. Not just b/c Sonnen already fought Silva but b/c of his high level wrestling and size advantage. Who would you like to see Weidman fight when he gets back other then Lombard? (But I can see that fight happening, makes sense)

      • Clizzark

        Da hell? How in the world would Bisping deserve it over Weidman if he was healthy? 9/10 in a row would be better than Bisping’s 2 in a row, and how Bisping has only beaten 1 single top 10 opponent in his career and that guy was borderline top 10. Bisping is only being considered strongly because the UFC desperately wants a star from the UK and because he won TUF.

        Oh, and LFMAO at Bisping only loses to the best in the world. He lost to over-the-hill Wandy who had lost 5 of his 6 previous fights…

        • There are plenty of fighters all over the world. The UFC doesn’t need to hold Bisping as their golden boy from the UK. Of course when he won TUF he was the main star from the UK and representing at the time. A loss to Wandy is no shame. That was a great fight and a very close fight. Bispings losses have come over years of being in the UFC against a lot of top guys. I like Weidman but c’mon 9 fights total taking on Anderson Silva. He should fight Vitor/Bisping/Lombard/Stann/Boetch/ any 1 or 2 of those names before a shot. Then he for sure deserves it.

          • Clizzark

            Weidman already deserves it. Why would he need to go well beyond what Bisping needs to do to deserve a shot?

          • Bisping has 17 fights in the UFC alone. Weidmans biggest win is Munoz, which is awesome and Maia which was an okay fight. Don’t get me wrong I am a Weidman fan I think he has talent but to see him get a title shot when theres still Boetch/Vitor/Stann and Belcher out there to fight would just be wrong. He has 2 big wins when Bisping has been fighting the top guys for six years now in the UFC.

          • Clizzark

            Yeah, but Bisping loses to the top guys. He’s only on a small win streak when there’s a couple of MWs with 4+ win streaks. If Bisping loses to Belfort, then the title picture could get pretty cluttered.

          • There’s got to be somebody you think Weidman should fight to make his status as #1 contender solid. Even as a fan of his. Nobody??

          • Clizzark

            Weidman is going to be out for a while. I think early summer is when he plans to return. Don’t know what the picture will be like then.

          • lol ok good point but how about in general?

          • Do you at minimum think that Weidman and Bisping should fight for the top spot and end this? I would have no argument against that. Although Bisping/Belcher has interested me for a long time.

          • Clizzark

            That wouldn’t work. Weidman is out for a while, Bisping has an upcoming fight, and Silva would need to fight someone.

  • Guest

    Well I guess he won’t be getting that shot than. Nice know exactly what will and won’t happen.

  • Mike Little

    Well I guess he won’t be getting that shot then. Nice to know exactly what will and won’t happen. Vitor by KO.

  • Timothy Malone

    Would be very interesting to know what his camp’s gameplan is for the Silva fight. Bisping is a great fighter but his style isn’t a good matchup against the champ’s excellent striking and strong clinch

  • Phil Steward

    No, no no & no. Please no Bisping. Wiedman would have bulldozed would have torn him apart & the UFC just gives Anderson another easy fight. He barely scrapped by Brian Stann. He couldn’t even hurt Chris Leben

    What would Shogun, Rampage, Vera, Machida, Hendo do to Bisping….yes even though most of them are old they would murder him….yet when Anderson does it everyone will swing from his nuts again & the UFC fight train rolls on. Anderson has sparring partners that would kill Bisping. Stop the protection racket.

    • Anthony Lopez

      Umm… alll of those fighters are LHW

  • BobLemons

    If he beats Belfort and doesn’t get the shot it will be the biggest travesty in mma. There is nobody in any division of the UFC who is a more worthy of a shot than Bisping.

    • Anthony Lopez

      Although I agree he should get a shot soon, Hendricks is far more deserving. Johny has 3 wins in a row against top 10 opponents, while Bisping has 1 top ten win in his last 5 wins

    • Clizzark

      What kind of joke is this? Does anyone in here actually follow MMA? Nobody more deserving than Bisping? Good God, I think I’ve heard it all now…

      • BobLemons

        Relative to the current status of the division yes. That’s why the majority of mma websites list Bisping as the No2, even the rankings here on mmaweekly do. The other which don’t list Weidman as No2, and that’s the joke.

        • Clizzark

          Ummm no. He’s #4 in the meta-rankings, which show that MMAweekly is the only site foolish enough to rank him at #2. People who know anything about MMA laugh at Bisping as the #2 MW.

  • Daniel Winge Stride

    bisping is not the number one. every time he has fight a top guy he has lost. hendo and sonnen. he needs 2 or 3 top guys before i say he is the number one contender.

    • Tiddy28

      Bisping definitely won that Sonnen fight. He got robbed of the decision victory in that one.

      • Daniel Winge Stride

        i agree that he won but on paper its says he lost. a lost is a lost;) + he has not beat a top middleweight;) give him 2 or 3 top guys and if he wins those give him the shot at the tittle;)

  • Tiddy28

    If Bisping beats Belfort and doesn’t get his title shot, it’ll be a travesty.

  • I bet in theory most of you thought Sonnen would hammer Bisping, he really proved the world wrong. Bisping more well rounded than we actually realize, I personally see Belfort taking Bisping’s head off his shoulders but anything can happen, similar to what Hendo did.

    Bisping is one fight away I believe from the shot, possibly 2 with the presence of Hector, he just sent a message out to the division.

    I would like to see if the Bisping fight ends up like the Forrest & Bonner fights with Silva.