Michael Bisping Posts Pic of Eye Injury that Forced Him Out of Mark Munoz Bout

October 7, 2013
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UFC middleweight Michael Bisping recently had to withdraw from a fight with Mark Munoz at UFC Fight Night 30, scheduled for later this month in Manchester, England.

The reason for his withdrawal was due to a recurrence of the detached retina he suffered in his April fight with Alan Belcher.

“Words cannot describe how sad I am having to withdraw from my fight,” Bisping wrote on Twitter after dropping out of the fight. “My sincere apologies to evry1 who bought tickets. I will be back soon.”

Early Monday morning, Bisping again hit the social media scene to post a picture of the injury.

“For those asking this is what my eye looks like right now, gorgeous!!!”

Michael Bisping Detached Retina(Photo courtesy of Michael Bisping)

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  • solo

    S…! It looks horrible. Hope he gets healthy very soon!

  • Oh god he looks like one of those creatures from an alien movie

  • Bellboy

    Bisping u poof

  • TheCerealKiller

    Hope he makes a full recovery, I like seeing him get KO’d!


    that’s what he gets for poking almost all of his opponents in fights… cheating bastard

  • octawhat

    It will be interesting to see if he fights again. It looks like he had ‘Buckle’ surgery. Basically, a band is placed around the retina and eyeball – securing the retina in place and thus minimizing the risk of another retinal tear.

    However, it can tear again – That’s what put Belcher’s career in jeopardy. Also, the risks of future tears become higher due to the fact he is getting punched in the head for a living.

    It’s a horrible injury to deal with, I hope he has a speedy recovery.

  • Snake

    Pretty sure he is still concussed from Hendo knocking him into the future

  • thom

    I wonder how many times he took that pic before he got it just right. It looks like he’s really concentrating.

  • Mike mckinney

    I can’t remember the exact fight, but I recall bisbing faking an eye poke in a fight to give himself some time.

    I’m not a big believer in karma, but I might be coming around.