Michael Bisping Out; Hector Lombard Moves to UFC 149 Calgary Card

June 7, 2012
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Hector Lombard Pride Bushido 13UFC matchmaker Joe Silva’s head just won’t stop spinning as the injuries continue to mount. The latest fighter to move onto the sidelines is Michael Bisping, who was slated to face Tim Boetsch at UFC 149 in Calgary.

Bisping’s void is being filled by Hector Lombard, resulting in a virtual swap of talent between UFC 149 and UFC on Fox 4.

Lombard was initially slated to face Brian Stann in the UFC on Fox 4 main event on Aug. 4 in Los Angeles. Stann fell out of that bout due to injury, so the UFC paired Mauricio “Shogun” Rua, who lost his UFC 149 opponent, with Brandon Vera to headline UFC on Fox 4.

After Bisping fell off the UFC 149 card late Wednesday, the promotion moved Lombard over to face Boetsch in Canada.

So now Shogun vs. Vera headlines UFC on Fox 4, and Lombard vs. Boetsch will be part of the supporting cast at UFC 149.

Be sure to stay tuned. If you look away or blink, there is sure to be another fight change coming your way soon!

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  • I don’t think Bisping is injured, I think they pulled him in order to set up the fight between Lombard and Boetsch. A fight with Boetsch is a better opportunity for them to showcase Lombard and build him up. Timing is way too convenient for Bisping to be injured.

    • That said, Lombard better have his sh!t together. Boetsch is an animal and will be there at the end of the fight, still capable of finishing at any moment. Lombard’s gas tank is questionable and if he doesn’t put Tim away early he might be in for a rude welcome to the UFC.

      • rogerdoger

        Haha yeah well I would say Tim’s gas tank is more questionable than Lombards. Idk if u saw the Okami fight but Boetsch was pretty gassed after the first round and got the shit kicked out of him for the better part of 3. The only reason he beat Okami is cuz of the Hail Mary uppercuts in the 3rd and the fact that Okami’s chin got turned into fine china after Anderson was done with him. Boetsch hasn’t beat anyone good besides Okami. Lombard has way more experience, way sharper skills and if Boetsch was rocked from Okami’s punches, he won’t be able to take Hector’s. Lombard by KO in the first. EASY.

  • grendel

    Lombard is about to show the mainstream why he is the only guy in ufc that is capable of destroying ando on the feet!

    • I think he’s in for a rude awakening. He needs to drop back down to 170 if he wants to have any chance at success in the UFC.

      • MrAdidas

        I think he’s way better off fighting @ MW, allot less talent @ MW, compared to the WW division. But he needs to work on his CARDIO to do anything at MW, skill & KO power isnt enough anymore, just ask BJ Penn.

  • KingSlaughter

    everybody is underestimating lombard…the guy was the champ over at bellator for a long time…he has a longer winning streak than anderson

    • browill70

      …and that’s the difference between the UFC and a minor league promotion like Bellator. The UFC is the real deal. Boetsch is gonna give Lombard a very rude awakening.

      • People are having amnesia to the fact that guys like browill70 were saying the exact same thing about the WEC lightweights when they came over to the UFC. The WEC was the minor leagues and they wouldn’t be able to compete with guys like Frankie Edgar and Jim Miller. Now look what happened, the current UFC champ and former WEC champ Ben Henderson beat the crap out of both of them. Who they’re fighting doesn’t matter usually, go by the skills you see the fighters display in there fights.

        • markrenton

          Bellator has a few solid fighters, but as as whole the competition is not near the UFC. I can’t really think of anyone Lombard has beaten that could be a contender in the UFC? That said, I’ve known of Lombard for a long time through Judo and the dude is an absolute animal…just hard to rank him with the best until he fights in the UFC.

          Also, Ben Hendo didnt beat the crap out of Frankie, just Miller.

    • He’s crushed more cans than Fedor. Look at his last 10 fights:

      – Trevor Prangley
      – Jesse Taylor
      – Falaniko Vitale
      – Joe Doerksen
      – Alexander Shlemenko
      – Herbert Goodman
      – Jay Silva
      – Art Santore
      – Joey Gorczynski
      – Kalib Starnes

      • kennypowers

        Yup and finished pretty much all of them in devastating fashion on his way to a 25 unbeaten streak. He’s the real deal. Look at Boetschs last fights: Lucky punches Okami, Descions nick ring and Kendall grove, get subbed by Davis, KO’d by Hammill and the other guys are bigger no names than the ones Lombards fought. Lombards gonna go right thru Timmy.

      • macgrubber

        This list is not impressive at all. I see no names and UFC drop outs.

  • RonnieV

    I’m starting to think some of these fighters are becoming pansies. When I attended UFC events in 2005-2009, the fights cards rarely ever changed. Maybe one fight was switched due to injury. Now-a-days, every fight card is having 2 or 3 injury withdraws. Yes, I know the training is extremely rigorous, and injuries happen, but I’m starting to second guess some of these guys toughness. I wonder how many of these guys are actually backing out because they are not mentally prepared, but use minor injuries as an excuse to back out. Bottom line, when I see a fight card that is three months out it’s very hard to get excited about it, because you know it’s going to change.

    • Triggerman99

      It’s not so much that they’re mentally weak lately as it is the fact that they are now fully insured through the UFC. I can’t remember exactly when it happened (a year ago? 2?), but basicly as soon as Dana granted them full insurance coverage for training related injuries, the injury drop-outs for fights skyrocketed (trust me; I’ve been keeping a close eye on it, since I figured it would probably happen).
      I’m not saying these guys shouldn’t be insured, but it seems like it’s being abused a little bit.


    tru dat ronnie

  • mikemma123

    This is where I get my mma news. Most of the time I won’t read the comments below because I don’t really care about people opinion. If you have the basic ideal of how the sport works and how to tell if a fighter is good or not just on looking at his technique, than what’s the point on arguing with each other? I been training in jiu jitsu and boxing for a long time now and my image on the sport has change once I understand it. I’m not going come on this website and act like I wrote the bible book on mma or anything. But I’m am going to say this before you start comparing the UFC and bellator, how about you compare the fighters. Before you start saying that Hector Lombard sucks or haven’t beating any body notable, how about you watch he’s fights and pick out his mistakes. Before you start judging a fighter on who he has lose to, example the Korea Zombie lost to George Roop, understand that fight are still developing their grapping, striking, cardio because mma is a sport that many of these guys didn’t start at the age of 6. Most of them started in there late teens, 20s or even in their 30s. The only reason why I’m bringing this up because I’m reading these comments and about Hector Lombard, it’s either he’s not good because he was in bellator or he’s not good because he haven’t fough anybody that you heard of. All I’m saying is do your research before you make some of these comments.

  • Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do all the way man, make like water and stay outta the way of Lombards punches!!