Michael Bisping Injured, Lyoto Machida Steps into UFC Fight Night 30 Against Mark Munoz

September 27, 2013
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machida-vs-couture-ufc-129-9780UFC middleweight contender Michael Bisping is injured and out of his upcoming UFC Fight Night 30 bout with Mark Munoz. However, former light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida has already agreed to take his place.

UFC officials announced the injury and change of opponent on Friday.

Although UFC officials did not divulge details of Bisping’s injury, UFC Tonight later reported that it was an eye injury that forced him out of the fight. It is certainly a disappointing turn of circumstances for “The Count,” who fights out of Manchester, England, where UFC Fight Night 30 is slated to take place at the Phones 4u Arena on Oct. 26.

After Vitor Belfort knocked him out of the title picture in January, Bisping bounced back with a victory over Alan Belcher. Following that up with a win over Munoz would have planted him firmly in the title shot conversation.

Instead, Machida will get an opportunity to make an immediate splash in what will be his first fight in the middleweight division.

He had been slated to make his 185-pound debut against Tim Kennedy in the UFC Fight for the Troops 3 main event on Nov. 6 in Fort Campbell, Ky. Machida will instead be making the trip to the U.K. to fight for just the second time in his career.

For Munoz, it is a drastic change of opposition, as Machida brings a much more elusive style to the cage than Bisping. Plus, he only has four weeks to shift gears.

Kennedy is expected to remain on the UFC Fight for the Troops 3 fight card with UFC officials planning to announce a new opponent in the coming days.

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  • Sir_Roy

    Hopefully we see a wrestler actually wrestle Machida. Be better than watching an average striker try to chase him down all night in an oh so tentative fashion to avoid the counter flurries Machida is capable of.

    Let’s see how “elusive” the Brazilian is eating elbows and punches in guard.

    • Lucas Freire

      I really can’t see Munoz doing anything to Machida.
      We gotta remember that in Middleweight Machida will ALWAYS be the stronger man.

    • Dragon Kid

      Machida has a history of beating good wrestlers – Tito, Rashad, Bader, Couture, Hendo & won a round against Jones.

      • Sir_Roy

        That’s why I said it’d be nice to see a half decent wrestler actually wrestle Machida for a change.

        Those you enumerated tried to strike, for the most part, with him. A few feeble take down attempts, but mostly striking and playing his game. I’m not dissing Machida’s skills. He’s a handful for anyone at MW and I’m sure he can make a run for the title after Silva wins it back, vacates it after a superfight with Jones 😛

        • Truth

          you’re clearly underestimating Machida’s takedown defense. these guys WANTED to take the fight to the ground, esp. Tito, but all failed except Jones, who didn’t have an easy time himself.

          Rashad didn’t know what to do and got KTFO.

          TIto wanted the takedown, but couldn’t get it.

          Randy wanted to clinch w/ Machida and hold him against the fence but Machida would have none of it and crane kicked Randy the F out.

          Bader wanted to strike a little and get in close for takedown but got KTFO as he charged in.

          Hendo tried to go for his H-Bomb but you can see that thing coming a mile away and wasn’t able to land anything.

          These guys WANT to take Machida to the ground but have difficulty of doing so. If you grab a hold of him, he has a very solid base and wrestling takedown defense fundamentals, He also has some tricky trips of his own.

          Even IF Machida is taken down, he’s still a black belt in BJJ.

          Machida should be able to win this.

  • Cptmats

    This will be a walk in the park for Machida !

  • King_DG

    If machida beats Munoz and Anderson beats weidman, are we gonna see machida vs silva? I hope that happens probably not though

    • Ian Price

      It’ll never happen

    • Jay Mcgarrity

      I would love to see Anderson vs Machida. If the whole fight took place on the feet it would be a really interesting thing to see. I’m pretty sure they are still friends though right, so I don’t know if they would make that fight unless Machida was the undisputed #1 contender. Would be nice if they could put that together while they are still both in their prime.

  • Kenny Powers

    Damn, this is interesting. So, Machidas gonna destroy Munoz, Andersons gonna destroy Weidman & Jacare just destroyed Okami. That means 3 of the top 5 MW’s will be training partners, not to mention Vitor, so aside from Bisping and Weidman, 185 is basically gonna be run by Brazil. Now imagine if Mousasi, Chael, Hendo & Rashad all moved to MW, it would be so stacked.

    • Maddawgmar

      I like how you automatically assume Silva is gonna destroy Weidman. If memory serves me correct, Weidman won the first round pretty clearly before he knocked him the f*** out. Not saying it will happen again, but Silva didn’t offer anything in the first fight.

      • Lucas Freire

        Well, assuming Weidman will win the rematch, he’ll be able to become the new Sakuraba! Demolisher of Brazilians! If he defends the title against these guys it’ll be:
        Silva(2x),Jacare,Belfort,Machida,Maia haha

  • james j

    Machida will run from Munoz just like he did against Dan Henderson. I will not watch another Machida fight.

    • Should Machida have stood in front of Hendo who is an olympic wrestler who loves to clinch and is known for KO power or should he use his footwork to land shots and move out when Hendo counters?

      • james j

        Hendo circles his opponents for 4 out of 5 mins, and then strikes and the entire arena boos him the whole time. Maybe MMA is not his game. Just turn your volume up in the next fight, and you will learn something. I won’t be watching.

        By the way, nice nickname. Lol

        • My apology. I thought we were all on here to share views and opinions on fights. I expected to have a nice, intelligent conversation but you obviously have a chip on your shoulder. Take care.

    • George Sperry

      Good and please stop commenting on them also james.

  • Well first I’m very curious to how Lytoto handles the weight cut. Even 10-15 pounds could be a different for a guy who’s already in top shape and has not been cutting weight. I love Mark Munoz. He’s a tough guy. But I think Machida takes this with his footwork and explosiveness.

    • Ian Price

      Agree 100%. This is a -400 fight for Lyoto

      • Indeed. Mark is a great wrestler and is game but Lyoto is just a life long martial artist who’s worked with the best guys in the world. That fight with Phil Davis was so close and Phil is a big explosive wrestler who’s light on his feet. And although two different weight classes would a fight between Munoz and Bader interest you?

  • Charles

    Machida’s first cut to 185 against a guy who was shadow boxing before his last weigh in. Munoz wins by decision after Machida gases. He’s too old to start cutting now.

    • LRM1387

      are you his trainer?! How the f*** do you know he can’t cut weight at this point in his career?! The man was never a large lhw and if he and his team/management say he can drop down to mw then let them handle that assessment.

    • Adam Vogt North Yarmouth

      He’ll hardly need to cut…Machida walks around at 200…185 will be easy for him. Machida by decision after stuffing Munoz’s takedowns.

      • Intelligent Hoodlum

        Not true. Machida is a natural heavy weight…he used to fight in the heavy weight division. Munoz walks around above 200lbs and Machida is bigger than him.

        • Lucas Freire

          Not true. Machida is like Edgar, of course if he stops training he’ll go over 205, but on training season, without any dehydration he’s already below 205

          • Intelligent Hoodlum

            Wrong answer…check your facts. Machida has been training and actively fighting for the past 10 years…without taking time off (outside of injury) to gain large amounts of weight as your theory proposes.

            He trained very hard and fought in the heavy weight division for 3 years. Are you suggesting that during this time he intentionally put on weight and/or did not train enough to lose weight?

            He had to cut for every fight to make 205.

            185 is a big cut for both fighters…especially Machida.

          • Lucas Freire

            No, I’ve been trying to say the opposite. I’m saying he was heavier, and since his first fights is always getting more and more fit. Look at his “off season” recent photos, he’s not bulking up like he used to. You never see him not in fighting shape. Just compare how his body is now and when he fought Franklin or BJ Penn

          • Served

            Machida is alot slimmer than he was in his HW days. If you’ve actually seen him during those days, you’ll notice how much bigger and thicker he was then. He also was carrying some fat (as it wasn’t all muscle) that he was carrying at HW.

            It was reminiscent of Babalu when he fought at HW.


    Very interesting !!!!

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    Too bad. I really wanted to watch Munoz stomp the crap out of Bisping. Now all we’ll get in another 6 months of Bisping whining about how he should be getting a title shot instead of anybody else.

  • Alex Anderson

    Bisping is actually pretty elusive as well, not actually THAT much different than machida. I think Munoz is pretty unlucky to have to face Machida though. I definitely think that Machida is a tougher opponent, as long as he can make weight okay (and I think he probably will).

    • Lucas Freire

      Difference is Machida knocks people out on a division above, while Bisping doesn’t knock out anyone.
      Munoz is f***ed.

  • TheCerealKiller

    I was looking forward to a “fight”, now I’m not looking forward to an “evade”.

  • Maddawgmar

    Bad news for Munoz, good news for Kennedy.

  • robc

    Machida has only had 2 “KO’s” in the last 4 years, in fact only 2 finishes of any kind in the last 4 years… At least he has one more than Rashad “bob and weave” Evans. Face it, he is boring as hell to watch. Bisping has 18 finishes in 24 fights. That is a bit better statistic. Not by much mind you as he has only finished 3 guys in the last 4 years. When did the UFC become so decision heavy? Oh wait, right after GSP won the belt back from Matt Serra

    • Lucas Freire

      Pardon me but…what?
      Machida on the last 4 years has wins over: Thiago Silva, Rashad Evans, Shogun,Couture,Bader, Hendo.

      Bisping has wins over: Denis Kang(who), Akiyama,Rivera, Dan and Jason Miller, Stann and Belcher.

      I really think you can’t compare a KO against Kang,Rivera and Mayhem to KOs against Thiago Silva, Rashad, Bader and Couture.