Michael Bisping: ‘I’m Ready to (Expletive) Take the Title Off of Anderson Silva’

September 12, 2012
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Some might say that UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva‘s reign of terror at 185lbs has cleared out every major contender the weight class currently offers.

There are a quite a few fighters sitting in the top ten of the division however that haven’t faced Silva yet and would love their chance to prove everybody wrong.

Michael Bisping sits among those top ten middleweights all hoping to get the next crack at Anderson Silva.

Recently, Bisping sat down with MMAWeekly Radio to break down and give his thoughts on the middleweight division, and the list of contenders who all believe they deserve a shot at Anderson Silva.

Of course, Bisping didn’t hold anything back when giving his opinion on any of the fighters that might be standing in his way of getting to Anderson Silva.

“There’s Alan Belcher, who’s a decent talent, no pun intended. He’s decent, but I think I match-up very well with him and I think I take him apart pretty easily. I don’t really see him vying for the title, or doing very well at all,” Bisping said.

The Brit then moved on to former NCAA champion Mark Munoz, who is currently recovering from elbow and foot injuries after a loss to Chris Weidman in July.

“You’ve got Mark Munoz – Mark Munoz who I never really thought was that good anyways. He was a wrestler with a very suspect chin, terrible boxing, and a style he refers to as ‘Donkey Kong’. I think anyone that refers to themselves as Donkey Kong needs to take a good look at themselves, and he was exposed when he fought Chris Weidman. I never thought he was that good to start with,” Bisping stated.

“Is he a nice guy? Yeah, he’s a (expletive) ace guy, one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Do I think he’s all that? No, I thought he was overhyped all the time.”

So what about Chris Weidman?

He currently sits atop the contender’s list for most people ranking the middleweight division, but Bisping isn’t sold on him at all and believes he’s another fighter ranked too high just waiting to be exposed.

“Chris Weidman, I think he’s overhyped as well. Up until the point when he fought Demian Maia I had never heard of Chris Weidman before in my life because he had been fighting bums on the undercard. Then he fights Demian Maia and I had to turn the TV off in my dressing room because it was the most boring fight I’ve ever seen in my life,” Bisping explained.

“Upon that he fights Mark Munoz, and yeah he beats him, but if I remember right the crowd booed unbelievably throughout the first round because he just laid on him. Then he knocked him out with an elbow, but that’s due to the fact that Mark Munoz came in out of shape, unfocused, and looking like he was at a rock concert and not a UFC fight.”

Then there’s Brian Stann who Bisping faces at UFC 152, but again the former Ultimate Fighter competitor already knows he won’t be relevant in this conversation for much longer.

Brian Stann, obviously I’m fighting him in 10 days, so we’ll see what’s up with that. I’m confident in beating him so we don’t really need to talk about that,” said Bisping.

Once Bisping carves up and whittles down the other contenders list, it obviously only leaves one name remaining for the fighter who should be facing Anderson Silva next.

“So who does that leave? Oh yeah, that leaves me,” Bisping stated.

“I’ve been here for a long, long time and I’m ready to (expletive) take the title off of Anderson Silva. I don’t just want a title shot, I want to win the title. I’m a fighter, I don’t want a payday, I want to be the champ and I believe I can be.”

To hear the entire interview with Michael Bisping listen to Tuesday’s edition of MMAWeekly Radio

  • p3ezy

    War Bisping!

    • demetriousgonzalz

      he got beat by wandy get real no way he stands a chance vs andy let him run his mouth he wont even get past stann

  • MaritalArtist

    You can’t rule out Stann vs a non-wrestler. I still hope Bisping wins. Give the Brit the title shot after GSP if he also beats Weidman.

    • KBEsq

      I agree. Stann’s standup is pretty nasty. It’s a mistake to look past Stann.

  • oswaldcobblepott

    Bisping got beat up by Matt Hamill, he stands no chance he is only around because he is British and helps English ratings.

    • elguapo

      Are you for real? Bisping fought (and should have lost) to Hamill years ago, it has no relevance to now. Plus, him only being around for the British ratings?!? What British ratings? The UFC is shown on ESPN over here and it’s a subscription channel. You probably have around 90,000 homes that subscribe to it, which is a tiny amount compared to other nations. If that’s your argument, why don’t the UFC put Stungun or Korean Zombie or whoever in every title fight? Their home nation viewing figures would be enormous in comparison, ditto any fighters from Brazil, Canada, China, India etc, these places are the key targets. If the UFC was that bothered by the British market, why do they continuously give us the worst cards possible for events over here? Our next main event is Struve vs Miocic for f*ck’s sake!

      • macgrubber

        you seem mad brah. Bisping lost to hamill and it still holds relevance to this day. and yes he is around for the ratings. Other people have gotten title shots with way less fights than him yet they keep feeding him c lvl fighters just so he can wins and the UK has someone to cheer for. When he steps up to better fighters he gets OMGKTFO against henderson like a little kid. u dumb bro.

        • elguapo

          I don’t think you understand my point. There are no ratings to chase in the uk, we don’t have PPVs , there’s no buy level to increase as such. And I don’t disagree with your point about him getting beat by better level fighters. I’m not really sure what your point is to be honest.

    • Guy In The Know

      Bisping beat Hamill twice. Get over it, You should be talkin bout Hamills’ ko over munoz, if you want to boost Hamill. Trust me…. I KNOW

  • elguapo

    Sadly, I think Chael has shown that the way to get title fights in the UFC is now to talk your way into them. Forgot about earning your shot by winning fights, just call out the champ, make a fuss, throw in a few insults and you can get your shot, possibly across two divisions if you’re lucky. And that’s all assuming whoever lost the previous fight isn’t demanding a rematch because it was a close result. It seems pretty clear that’s what bisping is trying to do here, talk his way to Silva.

    • gnodeb

      You are right and that is frustrating, especially when you notice that majority of fans don’t care. Actually they truly respect Sonnen more then AS or JJ.

      • It works for Sonnen, and he put up a hell of a fight the first time and did start out ok the 2nd fight.

        but when other fighters try and to that it just comes off as corny as all hell.

        Weidman- needs to shut up and fight.

        Bisping- would get ko’ed in round 1 or 2 (and i’d pay to see it)

      • macgrubber

        im suppose to respect JJ who drives drunk and turns down fights? you sir are an idiot.

        • gnodeb

          This is MMA forum and he is champ and we are fans.
          What about Sonnen crime in life and in the cage? He is not the champ either…

  • WarriorScholar

    Have to agree with him,and it would be the biggest money fight for Anderson at the moment.

  • I love Brian Stann as a person and as a fighter. That guy is tough and he’s made so many improvements and he has a fighters chance but Bisping has been around so long and I would love to see him fight Silva. After everything he has done he is still underestimated by everyone. His foot work is incredible, he’s only been KO’d one time and it was by the beast Dan Henderson. Either way this is a great fight.

  • Darren2112

    Put him up against the Spider at UFC 153 then. Win-win-win for everyone – Except Stann…

  • God, if I have to read another article that mentions Weidman is the number one contender because of his ONE win against a top ten opponent. This site has him as the 4th ranked middleweight, while constantly referring to him as the number one contender. He’s ranked 4th, Betsch is ranked 5th. That means Weidman is fighting who he is supposed to be fighting. He’s not fighting Anderson anytime soon. So can we please just move on

  • bajafox

    And Bisping deserves a shot why?

    Loss Sonnen
    Win Jason Miller
    Win Jorge Rivera

    Those are his last 3 fights, he should be talking about beating a top 5 fighter before asking for Anderson.

    • KBEsq

      Yeah, I think when Bisping fought Sonnen, it was the first time in history that we’ve seen a loss actually move a fighter forward.

      • bajafox

        Not to mention his win before that was Jason Miller, say that out loud, Jason Miller, the biggest joke in MMA

    • His win agaisnt Jorge Rivera was disgusting. Jorge was clearly down, and Bisping hit him with an obvious illegal hit, and took advantage of it.

  • Love him or hate him he is that good and always a treat, i would pay to see that fight for sure.

  • elguapo

    The fact is there’s nobody who deserves a title fight in the MW division. And I mean deserves it through winning fights. There’s an argument for 4 maybe 5 fighters getting a shot but it’s always a flimsy argument and can be shot down pretty easily. So unless the UFC is gonna put together one of the superfights (which they will never do without at least a 6 month build up), it’s got to be a case of whoever wants the title fight most gets it. I think it should also be awarded to whoever has done most for the UFC in their career. Bisping has won a TUF series, he’s coached two seasons, fought in a few main events / co- main events, fought on three different continents and has always entertained. For these reasons I think he edges et al in contendership.

    • elguapo

      Edges Weidman I meant to say.

  • Since the Henderson loss, Bisping won 5 of his last 7 fights. Those 2 losses being a close fight with W. Silva and a razor close loss to Sonnen. I’m pretty sure that still puts him up there as a contender. Man you fans are rough on guys. A loss to Sonnen and you want to put him in back of the line like he’s a nobody. Only 4 losses all in the UFC and all to top fighters, only stopped by Henderson. What does a guy have to do to get respect? You expect a guy to go undefeated his whole career against top guys in the UFC?

    • bajafox

      True, but look at the list. Do you honestly think it is an impressive resume’ for title contention?

      Jason Miller TKO
      Jorge River TKO
      Akiyama UD
      Dan Miller UD
      Dennis Kang TKO

      Were any of those even in the top 10 when he beat them?

    • macgrubber

      “What does a guy have to do to get respect?”
      Well for starters not be british. And second not run your mouth so much after being put on a highlight reel for one of the worst KO’s in UFC. easy as that bro.

      • Wow that comment makes me embarrassed to be a fan of the same sport as you. I don’t even really know what else to say to those sorts of remarks.

      • elguapo

        “for starters not be British”? Haha, so you collectively dislike English, scots, welsh and Irish? Any other nationalities you dislike? It would be a great shame if people were to judge your entire country based on your personality, but I think 99% of people on here are above that and see you for the simpleton you are.

    • maddawgmar

      I would say to garner the type of respect given to a title contender, he should beat top contenders. He has beat a top ten fighter in his career. 0-3 against top ten guys, Evans, Hendo, and Sonnen. Plus his lost to Wanderlei, who wasn’t top ten. He now has a golden ticket, one top ten win and he gets a shot. In all actuality he should need two more. Just how thin the top is right now.

  • dathump

    why not, people know his name, the brits will watch to see their golden boy fight, the rest will watch to see him get knocked out, everyone wins. (except the silva haters)by that time Weidman should have a couple more fights and a better following, he can have Silva next

    • elguapo

      Why is he our golden boy? I can’t speak for all English mma fans but I’ve met many that don’t care for Bisping, and many that are indifferent. Is every American fighter their golden boy? Not sure about you but i follow my favourite fighters because i enjoy watching them fight, not because of nationality. As I’ve said before, the UFC doesn’t covet the UK market, it’s just not big enough. We don’t even have PPVs over here.

      • dathump

        Its the way the UFC portrays him, Every time he has fought in England, listen to the comintary, Joe Rogan is constanly refering to him as the UK’s “Golden Boy” and showing the Bisping fans on camera, so thats where I get it from. Right or wrong Bisbing and Hardy (up to the GSP fight) were the only UK fighters promoted heavily in the UFC. Like you said the UK market is small and its only good business to promote him that way, Same reason why they like to have GSP fight in Canada. True mma fans watch for the fights, part time mma fans watch for the hometown hero.

  • markrenton

    Talking down on other MWs with a Bisping’s resume doesnt make sense to me. Before Chael he fought Mayhem Miller, who’s last fight was with a homeless man in prison and Jorge Rivera, a 40 year old that retired a year after his Bisping fight. There can be arguments that he won the Chael fight, but in now way was it a dominate performance.

    I feel that even if Bisping could beat Stann, Belcher or even Weidman he would still get OWNED by Silva. Without wrestling he is going to have to stand up with Anderson and beat him on his feet, which I just dont see happening.

  • Darren2112

    All true boys, but a fight with MB and the Spider would sell well enough to save UFC 153. I dont think MB has a chance but I’d like to see it.

  • drewnathan

    Yeah, not a real compelling resume for Bisping to rely on. He’s coming off a loss, before wins over a clearly out of shape and unfocused Mayhem, Jorge Rivera (a 40-year old now retired journeyman with a career record of 8-7 in the UFC), Akiyama who has lost 4 straight, and Dan Miller, the MW division’s favorite gatekeeper. He needs to beat Stann convincingly and then beat the winner of Belcher-Weidman. That’s what makes the most sense.

  • Triggerman99

    IMO he’s actually 100% right with what he is saying, but he should also take a good look in the mirror. He’s no more desrving than any of those other fighters, due to reasons already mentioned.
    Which is why I have been saying all along that Silva taking a little time off is a good thing because there isn’t a clear-cut #1 contender right now. There’s a lot of guys who are right there near the top, but nobody really stands out.
    Let the division work itself out for a little while, instead of just picking one of four or five guys out of a hat just for the hell of it.

    • elguapo

      You’re 100% correct. If it wasn’t for these damn injuries we could have had some contendership fights.

  • jasondecipher

    Of course Bisping is arrogant but he doesen’t suck, hes not a boring fighter. He has IMO for being a brit good ground. He gets paid very well so let the haters hate he gets bank $$

  • sc_d467e3a10447bacad4f85ae1f6946fe1

    rofl its getting like the wwe. F it give the wanker a shot, after Anderson ktfo out of the loud mouth and then can distract the ref as Hendo delivers a flying elbow drop from the top the cage to the prone human pylon bisping. of course all while the ref is looking the otherway. honestly, i know anderson has to fight someone, but come on, i know belfort fighting jones but silva belfort a better fight then marble mouth bispingand silva

  • dgs

    “War (insert fighter name here)!” Please stop with that gay (and I don’t mean gay happy either) sh!t. The absolute stupidest, most trite, cliche expression on the MMA boards. Just stop with that juvenile crap.

    With that out of the way, I really, really, really (did I say “really” enough?) dislike Bisping, and I’m hoping beyond hope Stann KO’s him worse than Henderson did. Maybe, just maybe that might be enough to shut the blowhard Brit up.

    Stann if you’re reading this, please send this blowhard to the hospital on a stretcher! And more importantly if you’re reading this, thank you for your service to our country!