Michael Bisping – “I Am Destined to Be World Champion”

January 14, 2013
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Michael Bisping - UFC on Fox 2For the past nearly five years, Michael Bisping has come close on a couple of occasions to finally reaching his goal of getting a UFC middleweight title shot.

He came up short in both of those fights, losing once to Dan Henderson and, in the other, dropping a close decision to Chael Sonnen in a fight he took on a week’s notice.

Now Bisping has been declared the No. 1 contender in the middleweight division by UFC president Dana White. All he has to do to get that elusive title shot is to get past Vitor Belfort at UFC on FX 7 on Jan. 19.

In the past, Bisping has always come across as supremely confident, and maybe at times even cocky with his belief in himself, but looking back at those past fights he can honestly say it wasn’t the right time to get a title shot and maybe that was the deciding factor in both losses.

The times have changed, however, and as he stands on the precipice of his UFC dream coming true, Bisping is as ready as he’s ever been.

“In the past I’ve said I believed it, and I certainly talked the talk, but I think if I searched deep inside my soul, maybe I knew that I wasn’t ready or maybe didn’t fully expect to win. Now I know I’m one of the best in the world. I’ve been around this sport long enough. I’m very successful. I’m full of confidence. My skill set is better than it’s ever been, my athletic ability is better than it’s ever been, and I’m certainly in my prime,” Bisping told MMAWeekly Radio.

“I’m destined to be world champion. I will be world champion one day. You can guarantee that. I’m ready to take this title 100-percent.”

During Bisping’s tenure in the UFC middleweight division, one man has stood as king the entire time. Anderson Silva‘s reign is nothing short of legendary, and he’s held the title with an iron grip, destroying every middleweight that’s stepped in front of him during his time as champion.

In recent interviews, Silva has expressed interest in a fight with Bisping, and the British born fighter takes that as an extreme compliment. One he hopes to pay back by earning the shot to face him in the Octagon later this year.

“It’s like if you’re a boxer and Floyd Mayweather’s saying ‘that’s the guy I want to fight next.’ That’s a huge compliment. It’s the same with Anderson Silva. He’s saying they’ve got their eyes on me. He obviously recognizes the talent, he recognizes the threat, he knows it’s a marketable match-up. It’s a fight people are going to pay to see,” said Bisping.

“It’s very complimentary and it’s a testament to what I’ve achieved and how hard I’ve worked in this sport.”

Silva is currently sitting out and awaiting word on his next fight, but if Bisping is successful this weekend in Brazil, the match-up will almost be a lock in the next few months.

“Anderson wants this fight as well; a lot of people will tune in to watch. I believe I can give Anderson a run for his money, certainly a much better fight than some of the other people have done lately,” Bisping stated.

Bisping isn’t looking too far ahead because as much as he wants that title shot and a fight against Anderson Silva, it all goes away if he can’t get past Vitor Belfort this weekend at UFC on FX 7. All of the accolades and compliments are nice, but Bisping wants a title shot, and to do that he knows he has to earn it.

“I’ve been after this for a long, long time,” said Bisping “But I’ve got to beat Vitor first.”

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  • Oswald Cobblepott

    Bisping is paper made, got whooped by Matt Hamill but handed athe fake win and has been gifted big fights ever since. Maybe the UFC will make him the British middle weight champ!

    • Marcus miles

      Well Bisping got robbed against Sonnen so he and the UFC are even steven because Sonnen only won the third round. However i think Vitor is being overlooked by Bisping. I think Vitor is gonna kick his ass.

      • MMA

        Sonnen won the fight, rounds 1 and 3, it was a close fight but it doesn’t even compare to the Hamill robbery. (this is coming from a guy who despises Sonnen)

        • marcus miles

          I wouldn’t give Sonnen the first round and i kinda like Sonnen. What did he do besides try and take Bisping down and when he got one or two Bisping got back up. It was a close round but Sonnen didn’t do anything significant to win the 1 round and Bisping landed better shots and more shots through rounds 1 and 2. It wasn’t till the third round that Sonnen dominated but it was a little too late. It was close and controversial as you can see. And i will agree it wasn’t a robbery as bad as Hamill. But in my opinion, Bisping fought a better fight than Sonnen and was robbed so he and the ufc are even.

          • MMA

            If you look at the statistics Sonnen landed 24 significant strikes at a rate of 51% and a total of 43 strikes while Bisping only landed 13 significant strikes at a rate of 33% and a total of 23 strikes. Plus Sonnen did score the two takedowns, they may have not held Bisping down for long but they still count as points. The first round was still close but it goes to Sonnen.

          • Marcus miles

            I havnt seen the stats since the fight so i don’t know the numbers, all i know is it was a close fight and from what i saw is Sonnen didn’t look too impressive and looked shocked as hell when he got the decision. I am also a bit bias as well. If i see a fighter like Sonnen land 50 shots and neither one of them do any damage (no blood, no swelling and no slowing the other fighter down), how are those shots significant? if i see a fighter like Bisping land better shots that actually do damage and slow a fighter down like Sonnen looked in the first and second round , thats significant to me. Bisping quoted Sonnen at the post fight press conference stating that Sonnen told Bisping he thought Bisping won the first and second rounds. Sonnen was present during that conference and didn’t oppose that statement either. Sonnen looked beat and in worse shape than Bisping and less confident and that my friend is the definition of an ass whipping in my eyes, not some lame stats from wack judges. But since those were the stats of the UFC and following UFC criteria, then Sir…. i suppose your right. Good politicking with you.

  • Daniel Winge Stride

    ho has he beatin? the only way he will be champ if silva retires or gives the tittel to him.

  • I don’t get when fans say things like “who has he beaten?” Your not just insulting him, your insulting every fighter on his resume. Everybody can’t go undefeated, going against tough world class pro fighters in the UFC you can expect a guy to lose. Bisping has been in the UFC for six years now winning TUF and only having four losses in some tough fights. Only stopped by Hendo. If the guy beats Vitor he deserves the title shot.

    • Joey

      When people say “who has he beaten”, they are usually saying that in the context of someone stating that Michael deserves a title shot, not to insult the fighters.

      In reality, they are usually right too. Every time he has had a chance to get a signature win, he loses. I mean look at his wins; Eric Schafer, Elvis Sinosic, Matt Hamill, Charles McCarthy, Jason Day, Chris Leben, Denis Kang, Dan Miller, Yoshihiro Akiyama, Jorge Rivera, Jason Miller and Brian Stann. None of those wins really shout title contender.

      However I will agree he has looked MUCH better as of late and even in the loss to Chael he made that fight really close. If he can get the win against Vitor, added with the win against Stann, I too think he finally deserves a shot at the champion.

      • He is underrated and for sure does not get the respect he deserves as a fighter b/c most fans don’t like his personality. That’s my main problem. This fight with Vitor should be good. Vitors only losses of late have been Silva and Jones so that’s a nice win for sure.

      • Jesse Malloy

        I used to HATE Bisping, but for some reason, as of last year, I really want to see Bisping/Silva. I’m finding myself becoming a supporter as time goes on

        • mikeyman1000

          I completely agree. as i was reading this i realized that i dont hate bisping anymore and trying to figure out why that is now. i believe it goes back to the hendo fight. he got his ass whipped,no more cocky brit. hes more humble. dont get me wrong my fav fighter is and always has been AS but i dont hate bisping anymore. with that said i think vitor beats him and i know silva does so what does it matter

  • Jmoney510

    I’m gonna be world champ one day…. Said bisping aka ken flo jr…lol

  • Fuzzy

    To quote Bill Lumbergh:

    “Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhhh…. about that…”

  • jrcr_15

    Champion? ..He’s destined to be added to Anderson’s
    highlight reels in another brutal knockout. IF he can get past Vitor. Which is a big if .

  • He will deserve the shot if he beats Belfort but Anderson Silva vs Michael Bisping? Really thats a mismatch if I ever seen one. It’s gonna be a short fight quick KO not to mention a waste of a main event!!!!!!

  • billy

    Say that after you beat Vitor Mr. Bisping (wont happen).

  • Maddawgmar

    He finally beat a top ten fighter in Brian Stann, but one top ten win, isn’t title worthy. Even IF he beat Vitor I don’t think he should get a title fight. But I don’t see anyone else unless they want to give Rockhold an immediate shot.

  • uncle

    The Count deserves a title shot he is way overdue for 1
    people on here saying who has he beaten who has Chael
    Yushin and Vitor beat to get a title shot ?

  • jeremy

    this guys on crack lol

  • Mike Little

    Michael Bisping.

    – “I Am Destined to Be KTFOD by a World Champion”

  • FlowWithTheGo

    The problem with the MW contenders is that none of them have particularly impressive resumes. Look at the current top 10:

    10. Lombard – no top wins
    9. Okami – Muñoz & Marquardt in 2010, has since been destroyed by Anderson, lost to Boestch when he was dominating and beaten Belcher
    8. Boetsch – Unimpressive wins over Okami (was getting owned) and Lombard
    7. Costa Philippou – Boestch, who is overrated
    6. Stann – Leben, has recently lost to Chael & Bisping
    5. Muñoz – Only Maia & Leben in 2011 really, lost to Weidman
    4. Weidman – Muñoz & Maia
    3. Vitor – Embarrassed by AS, beat AJ who was winning until he gassed & Akiyama. Almost caught Jones.
    2. Bisping – Stann, Leben & Akiyama. Lost razor close decision to Chael.

    Imo Weidman & Bisping are neck and neck at the moment. However Bisping will clinch it if he beats Vitor.

  • BarrysHypocrisy

    The ONLY way Bisping has a chance against Anderson Silva is if they blindfold Silva for the fight and then let Bisping take a baseball bat into the cage with him. Even then, Bisping would probably still lose.

  • bell end

    the only good thing about bisping is his cardio and footwork he must do a full trning camp learning how to run backwards

  • What a rude awakening for Bitchping! Destined to be knocked out every time he faces real competition. And yes, who has he beaten? That’s not disrespecting him is just stating a fact. All the fighters he’s faced are just “average” or “over hyped” fighters. When he faces real competition he gets beaten or knocked out yet again (e.g. Hendo and now Vitor). Poor delusional guy!

  • satchboogie

    Quite simply, Bisping is a “good” fighter but not a “great” fighter. And though fighters need to be confident, he always takes it to the cocky level which makes it hard — very hard — to like him. He’d have you believe that he’s invincible, yet the results prove otherwise. Admittedly I was somewhat surprised he beat Stann, but I fully expected him to lose against Chael, Hendo and Belfort. And if he somehow (?) ever gets to fight Silva, he’ll get slaughtered. If matches were fought with egos, he’d beat everyone — at the same time. Until he admits to himself that he’s indeed very beatable and takes the subsequent steps to elevate his game, I don’t think he’ll ever be a champ. Ever.