Michael Bisping Guarantees He’ll Fight for the Title

January 29, 2012
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Michael Bisping knows he can hang with the best fighters in the world and even though he felt he beat Chael Sonnen, he admits you can never leave it in the judges’ hands.

That said, the former ‘Ultimate Fighter’ winner guarantees that his best days are still ahead and he will one day fight for the UFC middleweight title.

Check out what Michael Bisping had to say after UFC on Fox 2:

  • Rick79916

    Honestly, Chael should have lost that fight- but you can’t hate on him for owning the game!

    • RealmmaFan

      why is everyone saying micheal won? he did pretty much nothing besides winning a couple of exchanges in the 1st but sonnes rocked him too not to mention he took micheal down several times every round. it was a close fight but sonnen won that plain and simple

      • waynebelanger

        Totally agree. Chael won this fight.

    • Mike,
      FINALLY, You have done a lot of growing up, and now you are acting like a MAN that deserves to have top contender status. Conduct yourself with CLASS and the FANS will appreciate you and your EFFORTS.

  • Very close fight. I scored it for Bisping but it could have gone either way so I can’t complain about the decision.

    I bet they do Bisping – Maia next.

  • smill0313

    I had it 29-28 for bisping.

  • Rick79916

    There’s no way in hell Chael won all 3 rounds as two judges scored it. Just another unfair decision based on the marketability of the next fight! Bisping should’ve expected it.

  • greg_flynner

    PLEASE get ur facts straight in future. only 1 judge gave 30-27. u are a waste of time mate

    • elguapo

      PLEASE lighten the f*** up. We know what he meant.

  • greg_flynner

    youre even more of a waste of time!! Are u tellin me that our friend here mityped 30-27 in 2 rounds by accident? 🙂 Uv got a sense of humour mate

    • pooby

      Hey “Mate”. I think it’s hilarious you mistyped “mistype”.

      Bisping/Maia would be a horrible fight, Mr. Short-Bus. Maia looked like crap against a green, and exhausted opponent. Bisping looked great against a very tough #2 MW. Even Bisping/Weidman would be a mismatch.

      • The reason I think the UFC makes that fight is because Bisping – Maia was the original fight they had scheduled and they both lost last night. I’m just guessing what Zuffa’s next move will be.

      • bbtakayama

        I think you are forgetting that Maia destroyed Sonnen already, maybe they should have made that rematch?

  • I really thought Bisping was going to pull off the upset. I dont understand why he played into Chael’s game. He should have tried to create more space instead of clinching with a top wrestler.

  • DrkDisciple

    I must admit I thought Chael would destroy Bisping and I was wrong. I had it 29-28 for Bisping but the fight was close enough to go either way.

  • Bob

    Lets not forget how many time Bisping held the fence, grabbed on to the top of the cage or grabbed the shorts.

    • It does not matter Bob. Looked like he competed well against a top notch guy. Could have won!

  • fahtrim

    You people that are saying that Bisbing won are just wrong. It was pretty competitive and Bisbing fared pretty well, but this is a sport called MMA with a scoring system.

    Under the 10 point must system the way the points have been awarded for the last 5 years there is no way that Bisbing won the fight.

    If the judging system or point awarding starts being different then we can have a different conversation.

    If you want to be generous and give Bisbing round 2 (even though Chael had more agression and the takedown) you can’t say that Bisbing outpointed Chael in round 1 or round 3. Round 1, 2 takedowns for Chael (I know he didn’t do anything with them but we’re talking points here) and Chael had the higher striking percentage, clear 10-9 round for Chael.

    Round 3, Chael dominated with takedowns and top control, again clear 10-9 round Chael.

    So best case it was a 29-28 victory for Chael. I would argue that the judge who gave it 30-27 is not off base with how the scoring is awarded in MMA.

    Disclaimer: I’m not stating that I think the current point/judging system is the “best” way for MMA victories to be awarded, but this is what the fighters go into the Octagon/ring knowing are the rules, and if they perform per the rules, then they have won the contest.

    • pooby

      Too much credit for take downs. Saying that a close round automatically swings to the guy who gets a takedown is dumb. Dragging a dude to his butt and doing nothing with it only to have that opponent bounce back to his feet is like throwing a haymaker that misses.

      I’m not arguing with you, per se, just with the way that most judges seem to score fights.

    • Danjitsu

      Spot on in your assessment of the “Bisbing” and Sonnen match. 😉 The judges obviously weren’t as impressed with Bisping’s lame attempt at Couture stalling tactics as Rogan was. At least “The Natural” would land a couple of punches to the head while keeping his opponents pressed up against the cage – all Bisping did was throw rabbit punches, low knees (both illegal strikes) and hold onto the cage and the shorts. Had Herb Dean been the ref he definately would have lost a point. Yes takedowns count for entirely too much under the current scoring system, but honestly, what did Bisping do other than get some minor octagon control time?

    • natpaukar7


      Perfect assessment dude…and honestly I would have to say I do believe they need to change away from the “10 point must” system because it is too similar too boxing and mma is a far more in depth sport than boxing. I believe it should be more holistically approached judging….
      that having been said I do believe that under this scoring system (and any other) Chael Sonnen won this fight, 30-27 and rather convincingly, though boring as hell.,
      I do see where Bisping supporters are coming from though, he looked good, I jsut think Chael clearly won.


      sonnen looked like trash. no roids the man is trash walks around with a fake belt saying hes a champ. what a joke they let him get the win to try to sell the silva fight. wow he got a take down and never did anything with it. the guy looks like hes been doing heavy drugs. the mans a true fraud hints why he got kicked out politics. the best thing for sonnen is go to pro wrestling and get your happy meal belt there because all you are is the number 1 pretender.

  • phrankthetank

    This is the problem I have with the statement. He doesn’t say ‘i will be champion’ he says ‘I will fight for the title’

    • MikeMc1983

      He does say “I will fight for the title… And I will win” you might have missed it since the mic is going away when he says the last part. Anyhow, he’s a Brit. You know they can not speak, or actually be tough right? 😉

      • phrankthetank

        Must have missed it, it seems like a trend in general though

  • T Spoon

    It was a good call. The only thing in the fight that was worth talking about was the takedowns. The strikes were horrible for both fighters.

  • bbtakayama

    I’d like to see him fight Vitor the Phenom Belfort.

  • waynebelanger

    Sorry Bisbing… it is NOT general consensus that you won.

    Sonnen got the better of ya Saturday.

    You’re still delusional and conceited…

  • chrislovely

    Sonnen didnt look good but he did win. He better be ready for Brazil, and the greatest fighter to ever fight the Spider. Cant wait for the biggest fight in ufc History!!!!

  • TKD

    PISSping will never get a title shot. He looked like **** in his fight with that Mayhem douche bag, and he didn’t do too much to win in this fight.

    Sonnen won, and now he will get his chance to get beaten by Silva again. Only this time Silva will take him out much quicker.