Michael Bisping Gets Anderson Silva and Title Shot with Win at UFC on FX 7

December 30, 2012
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Michael Bisping - UFC on Fox 2The day Michael Bisping has been waiting for is now only one fight away.

Following an eventful UFC 155 that saw two other middleweight contenders go down to defeat, UFC president Dana White confirmed that Bisping will get the next shot at middleweight champion Anderson Silva with a win at UFC on FX 7.

“If Bisping wins, he’ll get the shot,” said White on Saturday night.

Both Tim Boetsch and Alan Belcher lost at UFC 155, which locked down the top contender spot for Bisping.

First things first, Bisping has to get through former UFC champion Vitor Belfort at UFC on FX 7 in Brazil, but now he knows with a win, a title shot will be awaiting him in his next trip to the Octagon.

Ever since he dropped to 185 pounds, Bisping has been gunning for a middleweight title shot, but on a couple of past occasions that a top contender spot loomed overhead, he wasn’t able to pull the trigger and reach the peak of the division.

Now with a title shot guaranteed with a win in Brazil, Bisping is back in the same situation and he’s promised a great performance against Belfort. If he delivers, his shot at Anderson Silva and the UFC middleweight title awaits.

Bisping faces Belfort in the main event at UFC on FX 7 on Jan. 19 in Brazil.

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  • Zztopppp

    Yes! I can’t wait to watch Anderson silva put this douche to sleep!

    • rusty williams

      Cmon he’s not a douche. He’s a hard working tough fighter who is opinionated. Not my favorite fighter but no denying he’s tough with an opinion he feels everyone’s entitled to hear. Lol. But not a douche..
      Now saying that…… anderson will destroy him
      Bisping fits into the same bill as a Stefan Bonner, chael sonnen as far as punching power. And bidping first match Chael in wresting. So even IF bisping somehow gets by his next fight( which I don’t see happening ),
      Then he will be destroyed by Silva. If really like to see Silva facing a knockout power larger fighter in his division such as…….

      • r. williams

        Meant yo say ” bisping doesn’t match chael in wrestling “. Sorry for the spell correct on my cell. Lol

    • kennybro

      >assuming he’ll beat vitor

    • Can’t wait to see Vitor put him to sleep

  • Maddawgmar

    That’s a big if. If anyone is not to be looked past it’s Vitor. He is a mean dude, and can stop anyone in that division. He just ran into a precise striker in Anderson. Bisping is good but not Champion caliber.

    • Jay Nokay

      Vitor should pull out with an injury soon, and Bisping will finally get his shot lol.

      • Keep counting on that. That’s the only way he gets by vitor. Contender by default. Just give em a made up belt already so he shuts his mouth

  • Edwin

    I must’ve missed the fight were the #1 contender Weidman lost

    • mwalter

      No. You missed the fact that Weidman had shoulder surgery and can’t fight till atleast may.

    • lol I’ll let these educated fans bury you with that comment but don’t you think Weidman (with only 9 total fights) should have to fight Bisping/Roussimar/Okami to be considered #1 contender? Those guys have been in the UFC for many years and are the highest level fighters in that division. I’m a Weidman fan, he has potential, but his win over Munoz is his only impressive victory. C’mon that Maia fight was horrible and Maia went down to 170. He only has 9 fights on his record! And you want him to fight the best p4p fighter ever?

      • WhiteyWhiteman

        Thank You! Finally someone who knows what they are talking about! Bisping should have been given the decision over Sonnen. I agree with what you said about Weidman, have him win 1 or 2 more fights before taking on Anderson.

        • MMA

          Honestly who has Bisping beaten?? Brian Stann was his first top 10 win… Weidman had two top 10 wins, Maia and Munoz. Yes the Maia fight was terrible but he had a tough weight cut fighting on short notice for that. I definitely agree that Weidman should fight one more contender but to say Bisping has beaten better competition is just stupid. And plus I gave Chael that fight, rounds 1 and 3, and this is coming from a Chael hater.

          • WhiteyWhiteman

            Bisping has beaten far more credible people than Weidman has. Munoz is the most overated fighter as far as world rankings go. He beat Leben by cut and beat Maia the same way Weidman did. Bisping has earnt his title shot by fighting 15+ times in the UFC. Weidman 5 -0 has great potential but he needs another 1 or 2 victorys before even getting a title shot.

            And No i believe Bisping beat Chael, this whole lay and pray ******** has to be frowned upon rather than rewarded.

            Personally i would rather see Anderson destroy Luke Rochold and have Bisping fight Weidman for the true Contenders spot.

        • Right, there should be no question on whos the number 1 contender. If your being questioned about your contender status then you obviosuly need to stop complaining about how you think your the top guy and go call out a guy or two who’s in your way so you can shut people up.

          • WhiteyWhiteman

            Wouldn’t you rather have Silva fight Rockhold? Bisping vs Weidman would be a great fight.

      • Edwin

        He’s undefeated and thus on a 9 fight win streak. Bisping will be on 2 fight win streak if he beats Vitor. And why must Weidman beat those ppl to get the shot when Bisping hasn’t faced any of them either or beaten many worth mention. The Maia fight was on such short notice, not to mention he’s the only guy to actually beat Maia at his own game in the ground. Before trying to discredit Maia as a MW don’t forget he submitted Sonnen who has a win over Bisping. As far as the injury, the fight with Bisping will likely be around spring anyways.

        • Weidman hasn’t been in the UFC nowhere near as long as Bisping so of course Bisping may have a few losses. The Chael fight was razor close anyway. Nobody in the division has a real win streak going. Before Weidman fought Maia who did he even really beat that was eve top 10? If being the contender is in question then he obviosuly needs to take a fight or two more to prove his status to everyone. Bisping/Belfort/Lombard/Roussimar any of those wins would call for a title shot. Some guys have gone on 6 or 7 fight win streaks against all of the top guys in the ufc to get title shots. Jon Fitch and Thiago Alves must have fought every top guy in their division before getting title shots. I do respect your opinion but even as a Weidman fan you should admit he should take one more fight to prove his status to shut people up

  • Does anyone really think Bispings one win in a row makes him so good he should be a number one contender? He is a talented fighter who comes up short against big names.

    • El Gvapo

      Difficult one. There’s no real outstanding contender that we could comfortably agree as being no.1 in line for a shot. Boetsch and belcher are now out of the reckoning, Weidman is hurt, okami & Lombard probably need to do more. That doesn’t leave much else except for Belfort or bisping, so I guess the winner should get the next shot.

  • Ohioboyo

    Bisping has the best footwork only matched by Anderson. I think he will use that to tap his way to another UD against Vitor. No chance of out dancing the champ though.

    • brian stevens

      Vitor has some pretty damn good footwork.

  • b-soc

    It really doesn’t matter who fights for the title in the middleweight division. Nobody is going to beat Anderson Silva. Nobody is going to beat Anderson Silva. Nobody is going to beat Anderson Silva. Age isn’t a factor with this guy. He’s like a fine wine. Weidman, Bisping, etc – doesn’t matter. They are simply fighting to be the next guy to lose. The battle for second place!!! I’m a GSP nuthugger, but I could see Jonny Hendricks giving him trouble, and maybe even winning, but nobody is going to beat Anderson.

    • Scotty_O

      Father time is undefeated my man. It gets us all. Anderson Silva is the best MMA fighter of all time, but he is still humain none the less. Every dog has its day and with this new 10 fight deal, I believe we’ll be seeing his. It won’t be bisping though.

  • bisbing will get wrecked by silva. I would like to see silva vs cung le cung is just as unpredictable as silva standing. Silva vs weidman once he is healed up every time weidman steps in the cage he gets better and better and last but not least luke rockhold all his fights have ended in the 1st round in strikeforce

  • uncle

    The Count should get a title shot if he beats Vitor this
    man is a machine he has been grinding for years now
    the only real loss is to Henderson and it seems like
    that made him tougher when other fighters lose their
    touch after getting KO and to tell the truth that fight
    with Chael is very controversial

  • Yannick Messaoud

    Love him or hate him Bisping is always there to fight and he puts on a great show, its about time he gets is chance at the title, i dont see him losing to belfort, he is too good and belfort is over the hill, i like belfort dont get me wrong but he lost to many to be a contender now.

  • justin_e

    Not sure if he’ll even get past Vitor, but he’s gonna get jacked up if he fights silva.

  • bmc92

    i just dont see bisping beating vitor and if vitor wins is he ment to get another title shot??

  • Blablabla

    They keep Bisping as a paper champ for the UK fans. I’m excited to see him get knocked out senseless like the Hendo fight. This is a Hendo sinario for Bisping. The only question for me is were is this guy going to wake up? Keep medical staff close.