Michael Bisping Forming Retirement Plan

Michael Bisping still doesn’t know the who, when, or where of his next fight, but he does have an idea of how many. As in, how many more fights he has left in him.

While Bisping has reached the pinnacle of his career over the past year, capturing the UFC middleweight championship and defending it against Dan Henderson, he admits that age is catching up to him. The 38-year-old fighter, in promoting his new movie My Name is Lenny,” told Oddsbible that he may only have a couple fights left in his hands.

Before calling it a day, Bisping is still holding out hope that he’ll get the fight he wants with former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre.

Michael Bisping - UFC 204“They’ve got the interim title fight in July, but I’m hoping it’s going to be GSP (for my next fight). I’ve heard from his camp that it might be back on again,” said Bisping in laying out his potentially career-ending scenario.

“If that fight happens in November or December, then after I beat him, one more fight in England. My last fight would have to be here, the fans have always got behind me, every step of the way.”

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His retirement plan isn’t yet definitive, but it is certainly at the fore of his mind.

“I’m not saying 100-percent it’ll be my final fight, but I can’t fight forever. I’m in a good place right now, but who knows?”

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  • Murdock

    I hope Romero wins at UFC 213 so he can give Bisping a vicious beatdown while he’s still active.

    • Johnny Sanchez

      Bisping is going to retire before he has to fight a real contender.

      • Murdock

        Not if Romero wins at 213. Bisping will be forced to fight him then.

        • Johnny Sanchez

          I’d bet no matter who wins, Bisping will still be fighting GSP. He will then retire Champ if he wins. He’s not going to risk anymore than that.

          • Murdock

            That ship has already sailed. Nobody wants to see Bisping vs GSP.

          • Johnny Sanchez

            I didn’t say anyone wanted to see it, I just said it will happen. Both fighters are clamoring for it. GSP came out yesterday and said he talked to Dana and the fight is still on. UFC will do anything for a money fight.

          • Murdock

            Sorry son, that ship has sailed.

  • Sean

    Screw it good for bisping. He’s been fighting for 20 years 50% of that in the ufc. He beat a world class fighter to get a title shot, a world class fighter to win the title and he’s almost retired. Up until the title he fought and beat almost anyone who they asked him to. Screw it. Kick back and give two fingers to the world. Most of the people are just part time gym goers or armchair ufc athletes anyway. What does it matter what they think.

  • mmalivesz

    Pissed Ping SHOULD RETIRE. He COULD not even beat grandpa Hendo. Hendo beat the crap out of Pissed Ping. London ” gifted ” Pissed Ping decision. Any top five contenders WILL SMASH Mikey. Romero, Whittiker, Jacare, Moussasi, Rockhold. Pissy is very smart to retire ASAP. Otherwise, he will get a good old bea tdown.