Michael Bisping: Fight with Brian Stann ‘Real Main Event’ for UFC 152, Not the Flyweights

July 23, 2012
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You can say what you want about Michael Bisping, but the guy sure knows how to sell a fight.

With two months remaining until Bisping returns to action at UFC 152 to face decorated Marine turned middleweight contender Brian Stann, the brash Brit is already doing his part to make their co-main event fight the biggest thing on the upcoming card in Toronto.

So big in fact that Bisping believes their bout is the real headliner and not the 125lb title fight between Joseph Benavidez and Demetrious Johnson.

“In my opinion, and I think in most people’s, this is the main event. This is the real main event. Two big hard hitting guys. No one cares about little flyweights, this is the real main event, this is the real big fight, tune in cause someone’s getting knocked out, ain’t going to be me though,” said Bisping when speaking to Fuel TV on Saturday.

“This is the real main event of UFC 152.”

Bisping believes his fight with Stann holds a lot of significance beyond just his belief that it should be the main event because of the two fighters involved.

With no clear-cut top dog in the division waiting to face middleweight champion Anderson Silva, Bisping thinks that his fight with Stann should declare the next contender to step in against the legendary fighter in the Octagon.

“I’ve been around the UFC since 2005, I’ve been consistently fighting the best guys in the world, and I’ve done very, very well. I was robbed in a decision when I fought Chael (Sonnen), if I hadn’t been robbed there when I beat Brian, I’ll be on a six fight win streak, I think I deserve a shot,” said Bisping.

“Whoever wins this we should get the next shot.”

Some have scoffed at Bisping’s notion that he’s truly the No. 1 contender at 185lbs, while also balking at his over the top confidence as he heads into another tough fight.

The truth is Bisping is just showing confidence in his ability to win a fight because that’s what he believes he will do. Some call it cocky, but Bisping just calls it believing in himself.

“We’re fighters, you can’t go in there thinking you’re not going to win. You’ve got to be confident, and I’m very confident,” Bisping stated. “I’ve been around here a long, long time, and I’m good at what I do. Brian, he’s a fantastic fighter, but I think I’m a better fighter, and that’s what makes it a fight.

“I’m going to go out there and do everything I can to punch you in the face as many times as possible and he’s going to do the same.”

Bisping will get the chance to back that up when he faces Brian Stann in Toronto on Sept 22 as the co-main event at UFC 152: Benavidez vs. Johnson.

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  • Steven UK

    “No one cares about little flyweights”

    I do. They’re a great addition to the UFC. Bisping should worry about his fight and let the UFC sort out the order of the fight card.

    • ifighterc


      good message sent

      • I hate Bisping and as far him being “this ” great fighter, he runs half the fight. He talks a good fight but he isn’t anywhere the fighter he thinks he is. Go back to where you came from and fight the girls your use to fighting. Oh yeah, you don’t deserve a title fight either. You have to EARN that too !!!!!

      • Bisping’s should change his nickname to “Pillow Hands”!

  • “two” big hard hitting guys.
    You f–king kidding me?????

    • cockrobin1

      this guy a fukin joke i wouldn’t watch him or stann if they wer “fighting” out my back yard

    • ifighterc

      Agreed Michael Bisping is more of a powder puncher than Sonnet

  • WhiteboyGBJJ

    Bisping does not deserve a title shot. He couldn’t even beat Sonnen. If he beats Stann and I do say IF>???? He should get Boetsch. Weidman is not really ready yet for Silva and we should see Weidman vs Rockhold first. I know that won’t happen because of the contracts and all that BS, but that is the real deal. Then Bisping should fight the LOOSER of Weidman vs Rockhold. If he wins against Stann and then Boetch,and then looser of Weidman vs Rockhold he gets a shot. Make sense Joe Silva????

    • MrAdidas

      UGHHH NO! Then who does Silva fight in the meantime?!? He’d have to wait another year b4 he fights? Not likely. By your logic, you’d have 2 or 3 top contenders having to lose, just to end up with one contender. I guess we’re ALL LUCKY you do not decide who fights who in the UFC.

      • maddawgmar


        • MaritalArtist

          Amen x 3

      • WhiteboyGBJJ

        Hey Douche, he fights Jones. My point is and it looks like you are too stupid to figure it out, is this. Nobody else has a chance. Maybe while these guys are figuring it out, he gets old and doesn’t train and then can be beat. Bisping would get destroyed just like he did against Hendo.

        • Wow White boy, calling out guys like ” douche “,. Man you must be a fighter too ? Maybe a Bisping or one of those turtled-up fighters. All I know is let Bisping get in there with Silva and winner takes all. That way Silva gets richer and we can send this wannabe Bisping back to where he came from- broke….. I’d love to see Bisping get his butt kick AGAIN and put him back at the back of the pack. Everyone knows Dana take care of him because they want to advance the sport to other country’s and Bisping comes from one of them.

          • elguapo

            Youre incredibly ignorant. The UK market is tiny. There’s probably around 150,000 subscribers to ESPN (they show the UFC in the UK) which is a drop in the ocean compared to other markets. If your theories around them wanting to exploit foreign markets was true, they would have given the Korean Zombie a title shot a long time ago. Or Akiyama, Hioki etc or they would have gone all out and signed Aoki. The fact is the product is more important than any fighter nationality.

  • While I wouldnt be so condescending towards the flyweights, it is true I am looking forward to this fight more than the title match.


    “You can say what you want about Michael Bisping, but the guy sure knows how to sell a fight.”

    Wtf? He doesn’t sell a fight. People just want to see him get his ass kicked. Thats not charisma or a clever tongue. Thats just hatred.

    • fightfankevin

      I agree, he’s doing his best to emulate Sonnen, but the last time he talked this much was against Hendo. That didnt turn out so well for Bisping.

    • TKD

      I would certainly agree with that assessment!

  • rsnowbass

    Nothing like a recent loss to boost your ego…

  • BELCHER VS WEIDMAN number 1 contender. HECTOR GOT ROBBED. And Im a fan of Tim B saying this. No offense Tim B. Bisping and Stann are next. And maybe Vitor can fight Roussimar.

    • rsnowbass

      Hector robbed himself by not pushing the pace and not being active enough.

      I’m not saying he lost the fight, but I wouldn’t say he was completely robbed.

      My .02


      • cockrobin1

        thats 100% right rsnowbass

        • MaritalArtist

          I would agree

    • sc_d5b9c0d876b96467ebdff0651e2a1305

      Hector got robbed??? He bored me half to sleep. Tim Boestch at least pushed some offense on him.

  • d87310

    Ok so Bisping thinks he deserves a title shot, was screwed against Chael, and I suppose when he got ktfo by Henderson he thought he won that also. Mike Listen to me. You haven’t beat anyone top ten, you lost to Chael you weren’t screwed I saw it you LOST. And you sound like a fool I for one didn’t mind your shit talk but now you just look stupid. Win fights WIN them, stop crying earn your way not talk your way to a title. And Anderson just fight who they put in front of you. Remember how many fights you had before you got your shot? So stop with he he’s not ready BS. Belcher, Weidman, and rashad should he drop one of thease men will be MW champ by fall 2013!

    • smill0313

      None of the three people you just mentioned with MAYBE the exception of evans will be champ unless silva retires. Belcher beating silva? He needs to beat the tatoo artist that did that johnny cash tat cuz it looks more like hank hill.

  • goleta83

    and what impressive thing have you done to earn a main event Bisping? You are on a highlight reel I guess…

  • davemarini

    I agree. I hate watching those midgets. But Bisping needs to learn how to make some friends. He can’t just come out and say this stuff because it pisses everyone else off

  • Dickweed

    I replay the Hendo and Michael the count dip **** fight ever day he got knocked the F out

  • bully 4me

    Come on give Bisping a break, he’s just upset that the flyweights hit so much harder than he does. on a serious note , there is now way he’s going to KO Stann. So after he again loses to a ranked fighter we won’t have to listen how great he is until his next winning streak of mid tier fighters happens. Does anyone wonder why Hendo through the extra punch?

    • cockrobin1

      dono why Hendo throw the extra punch lol but wat i do no is if id be in that situation he might possibly got kick on the head to crown it off

  • mark-31

    I went to the last event they had midgets headlining here in Florida. A lot of people left before the “main event” including myself. Then Dana was mad that he couldn’t sell enough tickets to that garbage card. Flyweights are okay, but they shouldn’t be anywhere near the main card.

  • elguapo

    Come on guys, you have to take everything Bisping says with a pinch of salt. The article more or less explains his supposed ego, he’s trying to sell the fight. Let’s face it, there’s nobody on here who says they don’t want to watch the fight. You all want to see him lose, but you’re gonna watch. And I can guarantee there’s more interest in this fight than the flyweights for that very reason. And for all the talk on here recently about the “pittance” UFC fighters get paid, then obviously he’s gonna sell the fight to increase his share of the PPV buys. And yes he believes he’s the best (I do question whether he honestly believes he can beat Anderson though), every best in the world sportsman does from Ali to Woods to Lance Armstrong etc, it’s a frame of mind you have to have to get to the top.

    Obviously you have to have the skills to back up the talk and that’s where Bisping falls down unfortunately. I think he’s a very good fighter, not great, but very good, but I don’t really find him exciting enough to really care about. I do think he’ll beat Stann and I think the UFC will probably give him the title shot if he does.

    • lowlb

      Yep, what elguapo said… It doesn’t mater much but I like Bisping. He’s lost to the best, 23/4 record is pretty good…. His fight with Sonnen was close. He’s gonna beat Stann and he’s being respectful.
      But Wow, there are some boring fights on the UFC horizon.
      They need more hype machines.
      I am looking forward to Machida vs Bader but I digress..

  • MaritalArtist

    I think bisping is a “terrific” fighter, and he too has a punter’s chance of beating silva. He will probably lose, as he’s not good enough at standup or takedowns/GnP, to beat silva. I’ll tell you right now, this is the list of fighters at MW or who can make MW with the best chance of taking out silva, in decreasing order: number 1: Evans. 2. Sonnen. 3. GSP. 4. Hendo. 5. Weidman. 6. Rockhold. 7. Vitor. 8. Belcher.

    All others including bisping are not even worth mentioning. To beat Anderson, you have to have sonnen-like wrestling, or Anderson-like standup (a.k.a. “his clone”). Bisping is a top 5 middleweight with world-class kickboxing.. But anderson is on a whole ‘nother level. There’s not really any other effective way of beating that man except what i listed above. Belcher shouldn’t even be on this list, but I like him so much, gave him a pass. 🙂

  • axis

    The only reason Michael bisbing is good at selling a fight is because everyone wants to see him get knocked out! Hes the biggest douche of a fighter that I have ever seen, the only way bisbing wins a title is if Chris leben some how works his way up to the belt and bisbing gets to challenge him for it, I’m sure he would beat leben in points if he can keep from getting KO’d.. Point is, bisbing sucks!

  • mma fanatic1982

    Obviously u speaking out of hate towards bisping and not logic. Yes hes a prick, but losing to hendo is in no way bad. Plus he did beat chael! 2 rounds to 1 thats a win, they knew they needed chael to win for they’ll big blockbuster remathch to.take.place so they screwed bisping so ufc can get the money for siva sonnen 2.

  • deedleedee

    He’s right. The worst welterweight would clear out the entire division below 155. I know quite a few mma fans, but don’t know one person in real life who cares about fly, bantam, etc.

    Dana: get rid of anything below 155! The cards are going to get worse with more lower weight classes…

  • bradwesley

    I want to know on what earth Stann is considered close to a title shot. He is 1 fight removed from being the first person Chael has finished in like 6 years.

    Shouldn’t that send you to the bottom?

  • mma fanatic1982

    Lol more dumb ppl. So cause he was finished by sonnen hes at the bottom? Sonnen dominated everyine to get that title shot not once but twice. Losing to him is not a disgrace. Besides theres no real bottom in the mw lol theres just simply not that much talent in that division as the rest, so they all r pretty much at the bottom. Everybody has already lost to silva and theres only a couple noticeable namea left, stann bisping belcher and ofcourse the man who should get first shot weidman. Tim.b is not marketable.at all, none of his fights did he look impressive esp the last one so he dont make my list.

  • Hightop

    Bisping hasn’t beaten a top ten fighter. Other than being the UFC UK poster boy, doesn’t deserve a title shot.

  • elguapo

    It’s hilarious how you’re all bad-mouthing Bisping etc, saying he shouldnt get a title fight etc, how much you hate him, how you want to see him get beat etc etc etc. You’re all playing into his hands. The more he mouths off, the more people want to see him get beat. The more people who want to see him get beat equals the more people who will buy the fight. It’s very basic fight promotion and it’s exactly the same tactic Chael employed to get his second shot at silva, the only difference is Sonnen was a better talker.

    There’s no conspiracy here about UFC wanting to capitalise on the uk market either, it’s a tiny market in comparison to brazil, china, Korea, Canada, brazil etc. why do you think every UFC event in the uk has a piss poor card? The UFC will put on the fight that garners the most interest with fans. Bisping is trying to capitalise on the lack of number 1 contender in the division. Pretty much every fighter in the division realistically needs one more win before they get a shot, if that’s the case then Anderson is gonna be waiting a long time before he fights again, which means Anderson and the UFC miss out on big bucks. Bisping is trying to talk his way into the shot and it looks like its working. Do you think Bisping cares if some faceless fans don’t like him so long as it makes him a ton of money? Nope, me neither.

  • kostagiann

    kim kardashian is 5’3″ and weighs about 115 to 120 who wants to see guys fighting at womens weight, first time i agree with that retard bisping and none of these two deserve a title match