Michael Bisping Considering Eventual Return to Light Heavyweight

September 3, 2012
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Michael Bisping at UFC on Fox 2

Michael “The Count” Bisping is scheduled to face Brian Stann at UFC 152 in Toronto in hopes of moving into a contender slot in the middleweight division, but the Brit isn’t ruling out an eventual return to the light heavyweight division.

“I think about it every time I want to eat pizza and can’t,” Bisping said recently during an online chat hosted by MMAWeekly.com content partner Yahoo! Sports.

Bisping had a successful run in the 205-pound division, including winning The Ultimate Fighter 3. He’s competed most of his career as a light heavyweight, but after losing to Rashad Evans at UFC 78, he decided to make the drop to middleweight.

The outspoken Englishman feels middleweight is where he should be at this point in his career, but the thoughts of a 205-pound return remain.

“But seriously, I do think about it. I was 15-1 at 205 pounds, but 185 pounds is where I should be right now.”

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  • MaritalArtist

    Bisping should move to LHW if he loses this month, and take on machida

  • oswaldcobblepott

    In either weight class he is no threat!

    • RubeKegal


    • FlowWithTheGo

      Wrong. Bisping is a threat to anyone in either division. Will he beat Anderson? He’d stand about as much chance as Vitor. But thats still far better than Cote, Maia, Lutter, Leites, Marquardt, Okami, Forest & Irvin.

  • oswaldcobblepott

    I’m pretty sure the only people Silva is worried about fight at 205

    • MMAGod

      Well said, oswaldcobblepott. Let’s all stop wasting our time by thinking Silva is afraid of anyone in his current weight class.

  • JAVbal1633

    You do realize the UFC hasn’t actually offered him the fight right?? It’s out in the open that Dana White hasn’t actually officially proposed the fight to Silva so all this “dodging” and “ducking” bulls##t is just what it is! Bulls##t! And you honestly think Weidmen is the #1 contender because he beat a sh##ty Maia whose had to go down in weight cause he sucks and Munoz who hasn’t beaten a top 5 guy either? I guess everyone differs in their opinion. I think that he’s close but should have to beat either Belcher, or the winner of the Bisping Stann fight. Then again what do I know?

    • MrAdidas

      Well seing that had Munoz beaten Weidman, he was pretty much guaranteed the #1 contendership Vs. Silva. So Weidman owning & KOing the guy who was suppose to be the #1 contender had he beaten Weidman, I think yeah, he definitely deserves to be the #1 contender, why not?!? Silva had to beat Leben to get a title shot, but thats okay right?!? Cote, Maia, Leites all got a title fight vs. Silva, yet you are complaining about Weidman getting his shot after spanking 2 top 10 MW’S, not to mention he has won 2 or 3 of his fights that he took on very short notice. Not to mention Weidman is undefeated. If Silva’S so good, he should have no problem fighting Weidman, finish him in the 1st Round & then fight 2 or 3 months later vs. whoever.

      If Silva got a title fight vs. Franklin b\c he beat Leben & Maia, Cote & LEites got one vs. Silva, then Weidman sure as hell deserves one.

  • WarriorScholar

    Munoz destroyed himself by running into that elbow and you just sound dumb =)

  • demetriousgonzalz

    listen u lil punk get ur thumb out ur a** wake up and smell the folgers your nobody just cuz u think hes the #1 contender doesnt mean hes gettin a shot so get over it nobody wants to see that fight silva will wreck him keep living in your wonderland alice

  • Bisping/Machida would be a great fight. Bisping just has some of the best footwork. 185 does seem perfect for him though.

  • MMAGod

    Bisping will make the move once Silva hands him his ass…If he ever gets a shot at Silva.

  • bajafox

    Can’t stand Bisping but it’s about time some fighters are thinking about moving up in weight instead of dropping down to be competitive