Michael Bisping and Cung Le to Undergo Enhanced Drug Testing at UFC Macao; Is it Enough?

August 20, 2014
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Michael Bisping vs Cung LeThe use of performance enhancing drugs and drug testing to try and catch the cheaters has long been a topic of heated discussion, not only in mixed martial arts, but in all of professional sports.

The topic has continued to boil over in MMA, however, particularly with testosterone replacement therapy exemptions being nixed earlier this year and the more prevalent use of “enhanced” drug testing in recent months.

For the better part of the life of drug testing in MMA, a simple urine test has been the primary option. Urinalysis, however, falls short of detecting many advanced substances utilized in professional sports. PEDs like human growth hormone (hGH) and recombinant human erythropoietin (EPO), which Chael Sonnen recently tested positive for, are detected by drawing blood.

Enhanced drug testing requires the athlete to supply both a urine sample and a blood sample.

Sonnen was subjected to such testing, as were Jon Jones and Glover Teixeira before their recent fight.

Despite there being no governmental sanctioning body for this weekend’s UFC Fight Night 48 in Macao, China, that doesn’t mean main eventers Michael Bisping and Cung Le are going to be able to skate by without testing.

The UFC is self-regulating the event in Macao. Company president Dana White told UFC Tonight reporter Ariel Helwani that Bisping and Le will both be subjected to enhanced drug testing with the promotion footing the bill.

Whether or not PEDs are “running rampant” in MMA as some would suggest and whether or not the UFC is doing enough to combat their use will likely remain a contentious debate for some time to come, but fighters will have to be wary that they likely will be subjected to more and more scrutiny as drug testing becomes pervasive in the sport.

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  • TheHandMan

    You seen Cung Le recently? Dude’s definitely getting popped for something. He makes Handy and Hendo look like Titties Schoonover. My guess is he’ll “retire” after this fight, win or lose.

    • Fred U

      I am afraid, the tests will come up empty. But I agree: it is so blatantly obvious that he took something ( and lots of it ), that the UFC should just disqualify him, anyways. Anything else makes it all a sad charade.

  • insane187288

    so when are all the other major sports going to start this testing also? Ohh wait we still want players to be playing…. crazy how much of a big deal it is with ONLY the UFC. I dont see any other president trying to test as much as Dana does.


    Danas not doing the testing!look what happened to Overroids main event! do you think he wants to lose millions overnight. Danas all lip service

  • eddie eagle

    Isn’t Cung like 40 years old and has a rickshaw company in Macau?