Michael Bisping: ‘Alan Belcher If Your Balls Are Big Enough Call Joe Silva and Let’s Do It’

July 3, 2012
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There are a lot of fighters when you ask them who they want to fight next, they answer with the standard ‘whoever the UFC puts in front of me’.

Now that might sound generic or somewhat manufactured, but for the most part it’s true.

Matchmaker Joe Silva calls and offers a fight and more often times than not a fighter accepts, but when two fighters both seem to ask for the same fight that can help speed along the process.

Well, Michael Bisping is hoping to make Joe Silva’s job a lot easier as he comes back after his recent knee surgery.

Bisping appeared as an analyst on Tuesday night’s edition of UFC Tonight where he first revealed his timeline for a return.

“Hopefully, pretty soon. The knee is healing nicely and it has been three weeks since the operation and I just started training. I just spoke to Joe Silva not too long ago and I am hoping to fight at UFC 152 in Toronto,” Bisping revealed.

Now as far as his fight plans, Bisping is gunning for a title shot but more importantly right now he wants to stay active and get back in the cage.

There appear to be two names on his hit list and he’s happy to challenge either one for his possible return to action in September.

“I would like to fight Brian Stann, he is a good fighter. A second one is Alan Belcher. Alan Belcher’s somebody that’s been calling me out for seems like forever now. To be quite frank I’m sick of it. So, Alan Belcher if your balls are big enough call Joe Silva and let’s do it,” said Bisping with conviction.

Belcher has long sought a fight with Bisping and following his impressive performance defeating Rousimar Palhares in May, that might just be a fight worth making.

The Mississippi native has been out of action since that time nursing a hand injury, but if the timing works out a fight with Bisping could be just what the doctor ordered.

Currently, UFC 152 only has one confirmed main card fight with former welterweight and lightweight champion B.J. Penn returning to action to face Canadian upstart Rory MacDonald.

The addition of Bisping could be a big boost to the UFC’s return to Toronto come September.

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  • bradwesley

    It is funny he didn’t mention the guy who has recently said he wanted to fight Bisping in Belfort although I will say calling out Belcher would be stupud for Bisping, the guy has never beaten anyone worth mentioning.

    Do not see how he is in line for a title shot.

  • You are definitely an idiot… Alan belcher not only deserves to fight biding but will kill bisping when they fight… Nobody worth mentioning? He just beat the best ground fighter in mma on the ground… When belcher gets the belt you’re gonna say damn that guy was right I am an idiot!

    • shakejunt

      let’s not get ahead of ourselves now

  • bradwesley

    I see how that came out wrong. What I ment was Bisping is so f**n over rated its ridiculous.

    I think Belcher or any of the Top 5 Middle Weights not including Stann would destroy Bisping.

    No one can name a fighter who was a Top 15 Middle Weight when he fought them and beat them.

    He is 0-4 against the Top 15 Middle Weights he has faced( give or take where you want to put SexyYama)

    Not sure how that warrants a title shot.


      Everyday Anderson gets older if he wins this fight, he should fight Belcher for title 1 more time (beacuse hes easily the only real threat out there although the Spider would probably finiish Alan as fast as he did Vitor and james the sandman Irvin) As for Bisbing,he would get finished by Alan or silva , would of got finished if chael took him as serious as he did when he fought Stann. Silva over Sonnen mounted triangle 4th round!

  • adam1848

    I think Belcher and Stann are both great match ups for Bisping. The three of them are at the top of the second tier of middle weights, although I don’t think any of them have what it takes to be champ in the UFC. Belcher v Stann would be a great fight too. Could see any of those fights going either way.

  • elguapo

    I don’t think bisping is overrated at all, I think he’s a little underrated in fact. He held his own against Chael, I don’t think he won but he certainly wasn’t battered. I think if you take Anderson out of the division then it’s anyone’s title, any one of eight guys could realistically win it. I’m not saying bisping would win it, but he could win it. The fact that bisping is a d*ck shouldn’t cloud your judgment as to whether he’s a threat or not. His only emphatic defeat was to Hendo and he’s next in line for Bones, no shame in losing to that guy.

    • lowlb

      Agreed! Except I don’t think Bisping is a d*ck he just talks a lot.
      He’s got skills and will beat Stann or Burper. He would lose to Belfort and Munoz and Anderson..

  • bradwesley

    How can you be under rated when you have never won a fight against a Top 15 middleweight?

    • elguapo

      It just depends on how you rate a fighter in your own mind. I don’t think he’s a bad fighter, I just don’t think he’s shown he’s a great fighter. Yes he hasn’t beaten a top 10 fighter, but I think he could beat a few of them on his day, as could several other fighters in the division. That’s the great thing about the mw division at the moment, if you took out Anderson, I think it would be pretty difficult for everyone to agree on one or two fighters who would definitely be champ. I’m not trying to pick flaws, and it is each to their own, but I don’t think bisping sometimes gets the credit he’s due. If he wasn’t such a d*ck maybe he would? I do agree with everyone on here though, he doesn’t deserve a title shot, I’d say he needs to beat at least 2 top ten ranked fighters before he gets a shot, the same goes for every other fighter too.

  • MaritalArtist

    The fact remains, no matter how good bisping is, he needs to heat a top 10 middleweight, just so people can stop talking about it.

  • pooby

    He loses a fight, then misses a fight from an injury…now he’s going to call out the whole division? Bisping needs to keep his ass in the gym and away from microphones.

  • shakejunt

    yes, he needs a good win to legitimize a title shot, but who have the other contenders (minus chael) really beaten? vitor has wins over 2 guys that aren’t even in the weightclass anymore, munoz beat leben, and weidman beat maia. solid opposition, yes, but none that were legitimate title threats. there aren’t any clear cut contenders right now so i’d say bisping is still somewhere in the mix after a win.

  • vzxccxvddscvsd

    The difference is Belfort has destroyed both his opponents while everyone else goes to a decision.

  • WhiteboyGBJJ

    Why does Bisping deserve a title shot? He can’t beat Sonnen, he can’t beat Henderson and for sure, he can’t beat Wanderlei, He needs to fight Okami, Belcher and Cung Le and Brain Stan before he starts asking for a championship fight. Beat those four and yes you can then and only then Fight the winner of Silva Sonnen Stop running you mouth you and win some fights.