MFC 41 is Jeremy Osheim’s Opportunity to Take His Career a Leap Forward

October 3, 2014
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While he might not be so well known at the moment, Colorado light-heavyweight Jeremy Osheim could change that with a win in his first MFC bout.

Looking back on his career so far, Osheim feels like he’s performed well and continues to improve as he gains experience.

“I had about six or seven amateur bouts before (turning pro) and only ‘lost one’ by disqualification, but that that was a questionable one, otherwise I’ve won all of them, so that’s always a plus,” said Osheim. “I started in jiu-jitsu, but have really started to develop my striking skills this year so it’s comparable to my jiu-jitsu skills. I feel I’ve got a pretty well-rounded game as far as MMA goes.

“I feel like I’ve grown leaps and bounds since I’ve fought – which is key. I’ve finished four of my five (opponents) so far. My last fight went to a decision, but I almost got him with a heel hook in the second round before the bell saved him, so I’d like to think that for the most part I can finish just about anybody.”

Having spent his career so far in smaller shows, getting a chance to step up into an international promotion such as the MFC is a big thing for Osheim, but he won’t let it get to him.

“I’ve been competing for a long time and had always been an athlete,” said Osheim. “I had a chance to wrestle in front of the whole Pepsi Center at the state championships. I’ve been on big cards, have had some big fights, and have been the co-main event before.

“Most of the time that I’m in there, I’m the out-of-towner or the guy people hate, so there’s always a lot of pressure or whatever, but it just kind of rolls of me for the most part and I enjoy it.”

On Friday night in Edmonton, Canada, when the six-foot-five-inch Osheim (5-0) makes his MFC debut, he’ll be facing his most experienced opponent to date in veteran Victor Valimaki (18-8).

“Victor is a big, tough dude who has been around the game for a long time, but I think the key to beating Victor is be light on my feet and keep moving,” Osheim told “It looks like he likes to get guys into his game and tagging people when they’re off balance; so I have to use my range, be the tall guy, and control the ring and stay on balance.

“I’m very rangey, so that obviously will be to my advantage, but I also think the ground game is also to my advantage as well. I think people underestimate the edge that length gives you in grappling and wrestling. It’s just utilizing my big frame and shutting down those strong points that he’s used throughout his career.”

For Osheim, a win over Valimaki in the MFC could very well be the catalyst towards getting him the kind of exposure that translates into long-term residency on the international stage.

“Victor’s got a good record and is a former UFC guy, so it’s definitely a good feather in my cap if I take this guy down,” said Osheim. “It’s more exposure, maybe some more time with the MFC, a television opportunity, or a title fight somewhere.

“Whatever is next, I want to keep pushing the pace and taking on bigger and better things.”

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