Mexican Drug Cartels Won’t Stop UFC From Taking Fights South

October 26, 2010
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UFC president Dana White says that the violence surrounding Mexican drug cartels won’t stop the company from taking the Octagon south of the border to do fights in Mexico.

  • gnodeb

    What a dramatic title for this video clip… he was asked about politics and drug cartels but he clearly dodged question and said that when you run business globally, you have different problems in every area…

  • UFCjunky

    Cain is not even mexican is he? just pay cartels like mafia in vegas

  • Satchmo

    There is a MASSIVE difference between Germany, France, and Canada compared to Mexico.

    We’re comparing 1st world to 3rd world.

    • wonggfan

      There are two places where the UFC haven’t gone in as of now even though they could have, Japan and Russia. This might have to do with the fan-base over there and the fact that those two countries have indigent MMA organizations.

      But in both Japan and Russia, the crime-organizations have been tied to fight promotion. Vladim and Fedor could have russian mob ties and Pride had their yakuza ties too.

      I am not sure if the drug cartel has ties to fight-biz in mexico but I wouldn’t be surprised. It seems like in every country the fight-biz has this sort of tie. But UFC is somewhat mob connected too, I think. Fertittas are not gangsters but I am sure they know someone who knows someone who is. Old money Vegas.

      Dana is probably not afraid to step into anywhere if he could make money.

      It would be hilarious if Cain pulls a Fedor on Dana. After he defends his belt few times, he leaves the UFC and asks for one fight contracts, creates his own WAMMA thing, convinces fighters to get out of the UFC, lures ex-UFC champs to fight him outside the UFC and beats the crap out of them, and then refuse to fight new generation fighters and take fights he knows for sure he can win.