Melvin Guillard Slams London Opponent Michael Johnson: “He Ain’t No Gangster, That’s for Sure”

March 5, 2014
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19b-Melvin-Guillard-UFC-on-FOX-8-wJumping from one Florida team to another has been beneficial, according to Melvin Guillard.

Formerly with the Blackzilians, Guillard moved to American Top Team and found a mix of sparring partners that over the past year have helped him in his run through the UFC lightweight division. He found some of the same in training with the Blackzilians, but there were a few bad eggs that didn’t sit well with Guillard.

Namely, Michael Johnson.

“Let’s get this straight. Me and Michael Johnson were never really friends. We were just training partners. Let’s straighten that out right there,” Guillard told The Great MMA Debate Podcast when discussing his UFC London opponent.

“We never hung out, we never shot marbles together, we didn’t go out and eat dinner or nothing like that. I only saw him at the gym, and after that, I went my way and he went his way. I never really cared for him as a person. I think he’s a good fighter, but as a person, when you move your friend out here and then throw your friend under the bus and get him get him kicked off the team. I think that’s [expletive] as a friend. How could you call yourself a friend?”

Guillard wouldn’t reveal the name of the fighter Johnson allegedly treated so poorly, but said he is currently a teammate at American Top Team.

The attitude put out by Johnson is something Guillard considers disingenuous. Basically, Johnson is doing what the Diaz brothers would call “selling wolf tickets.”

“I think he’s just one of those guys who grew up scared of people and then learned how to fight somewhere along the way,” Guillard said. “I can look right through that kid. He ain’t no gangster, that’s for sure.”

Guillard wouldn’t completely put Johnson down, however, saying that the two had competitive sparring sessions during their time together as Blackzilians. They would always try to knock each other out, Guillard said, and coaches would constantly have to separate them.

But the bottom line, according to Guillard, is that he’s simply the better fighter.

“If I had to say who got the better of each other, about 80 percent of the time I knew I got the best of him,” he said. “I got more experience, I’m the better fighter, I’m the stronger fighter, I’m the faster fighter, and I got knockout power. Mike’s been rallying up some wins lately, but I’m any fighter’s … kryptonite. Nobody wants to fight me. In the back of his mind, he’s probably, like, ‘Damn, I really have to fight Melvin Guillard?’ I’m just going to call it like that. I’ll say that to any fighter. I’m not an easy fight for anybody.”

Guillard added that there were good parts about being a Blackzilian, specifically training with striking coach Henry Hooft. But even so, Guillard said he’s happier to be with Coconut Creek, Fla.-based American Top Team.

Being away from a training center full of what Guillard said was “bad mojo” is something he’s grateful for.

“There’s just a lot of bad vibes around that place and I’m glad I’m not a part of it,” he said.

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  • ChoMama

    Melvin will get KO’d

    • Drewjitsu

      Hopefully … just for talking. S–t .. K I shouldn’t hope he does but I do

  • Jthor

    Sounds like Guillard gave him a complement to me. Get it straight that being a “gangster” is not a good thing. Gangsters are like sperm. The more of them there are, the bigger their balls get. Gangsters are nothing but pieces of s–t. Period

    • Jimmy Rebel

      I agree it’s not a good thing but to say a gangster is a coward is like telling a fat person they’re skinny or an ugly person they’re beautiful.

    • Jthor

      Gangsters are cowards. They don’t have the balls to stand tall on their own regardless of the hurdles. They hide in packs and behind guns. They talk all bad and will come at you 5 on one. They are the very definition of “Coward”. Trust me, i have witnessed it. Repeatedly

  • justin reed

    what a big doucher melvin is. he thinks he is the best thing to ever grace the octagon but he isnt. saying that he is “every fighters kryptonite” and everyone is scared to fight him is the most big headed thing i have ever heard. i bet he thought donald cerrone was scared of him to till cerrone kicked him in the head lol.


    melvin would be the best in ufc if someone would just teach him how to defend a rear naked choke 😀

  • Fightfankevin

    Boy, If I could buy Melvin for what he’s worth, and sell him for what he thinks he’s worth………

  • Fern

    Dam ya’ll. I gotta go with Melvin on this one. Was never a huge fan of Melvin’s attitude, but dude can fight and has Mike Tyson speed and power.

    MJ however has also always kind of a struck me as an off putting personality. He does seem kind of how Melvin describes him. Seems like a very touchy fellow.

    Gonna be a sick fight, but I think I might go with Melvin. He’s improved dramatically in his last few fights and is now showing patience along with his explosive power. Dangerous combination..

  • DonnieReilly

    It’s almost like Melvin forgot the time that he was shirtless in the TUF house yelling “DONT YALL KNOW WHO I AM??” at far better fighters.

  • ed5

    Seriously? That’s got to be the ghettoest thing I’ve ever heard a fighter say. Yeah, MMA is all about being a POS gangster, right? What a douchebag to the highest degree. And to top it off, he seriously thinks he’s so damn good…learn some submission defense first, coke head! Can’t stand listening to this ghetto ass, cocky idiot.

    • Gary Fredericks

      I can’t stand listening to ANY and ALL of them ghetto ass cocky idiots.

  • i’m a gangsta

    So do you guys think Chael Sonnen is a pos for talking much worse s–t with the American gangster moniker?

  • i’m a gangsta

    So do you guys think Chael Sonnen is a pos for talking much worse sh!t with the American gangster moniker?

    • Gary Fredericks

      No. I think it is funny when Chael P Sonnen, the whitest man on earth does it because it is blatantly obvious it is parody when you consider the median income level in West Linn Oregon is $72,010 (legit dollars, not “Benjamins”) per household. Melvin Guillard says that crap like being a “Gangsta” is something to be proud of or an accomplishment, which is typical of the ghetto trash that revel in such living conditions.

      When the “Aging Assassin” retires, his story is going to make Chris Leben’s after career story look like a success. Melvin’s been popped for using cocaine a couple times and still not giving a f&%k and keeping it real for quite some time. Too bad too. He had a $hitload of talent and pissed it all away being the ghetto dumb a$$ he is.