Melvin Guillard Now a Blackzilian, Says No Bad Blood with Jackson’s

January 16, 2012
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Melvin Guillard has moved on from his time training under coach Greg Jackson and has relocated to Florida to work full time with the Blackzilian squad in preparation for his UFC on FX bout with Jim Miller.

The move was somewhat shocking and even curious after Guillard raved about his time with Jackson, where he said on numerous occasions that he believed he was becoming a true and complete fighter for the first time in his long career.

Guillard first started working with the Blackzilian team for a few weeks prior to his October 2011 bout against Joe Lauzon, and while he suffered a loss in that bout, he decided that ultimately he’d be happier in Florida training with the new squad.

Many wonder why the shift had to happen now? What went wrong at Jackson’s?

Well, to hear Melvin Guillard tell it, there was no bad blood, no dramatic reason behind it. It was just time to move on.

“Both camps are great, both sets of coaches are awesome. It’s just a decision I had to make for myself professionally. Did I want to split the time? Yeah, I did, but it’s kind of like trying to work for Exxon and work for Shell. You won’t be able to split your time between both. Cause both of those companies wouldn’t allow it,” Guillard told MMAWeekly Radio recently.

“So it came to one of those points in my life where I had to make a grown-up decision. Kind of an executive decision, and this is the decision I made.”

The biggest point that Guillard wants to convey as he finishes up his first full training camp with the Blackzilians is he has no hard feelings towards Jackson’s or about the time he spent there. As a matter of fact, Guillard is hopeful that if he ever needed to call on them again, they’d still have his back.

“I didn’t leave Jackson’s in a bad way. I love those coaches to death, love that team, and if anything ever occurs and I have to go back to Jackson’s, I hope I’m still welcome, because I didn’t leave in the wrong way,” Guillard said.

“One thing my mother taught me when I was a kid growing up ‘you never leave home bad because you never know when you might need to come back through that door.’ I hope the coaches there and the team there still love for me and care for me the way they did when I was performing for them.”

Guillard believes sometimes people get too wrapped up in the coaching situation in MMA. He loves all of his coaches, past and present, but this was the right decision for him at this point in his career.

“As fighters we have to make the decision who’s going to get us ready to take us to that next level. At the end of the day, all this hype about which coach is better than who, at the end of the day we’re the ones in there doing the job. We’re the ones that have to get in there and bust our butts. All they can do is give direction and make things go from there,” said Guillard.

With his main event fight against Jim Miller just days away after spending the last several weeks with the Blackzilian team and their coaching staff, does he believe that he made the right choice?

“It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long time for myself.”

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  • Mario

    I like Melvin. This guy has SOOOO much potential it’s ridiculous.

    His last fight was tough to watch, cause he was on the verge of a title shot. Joe Lauzon took that away from him in a matter of seconds 🙁

    Hopefully he runs through Jim Miller and gets back on track!

    • RonnieV

      Melvin Guillard is the barrier between mediocre & good. If you beat Guillard you are good (not great), if you lose to Guillard you are mediocre at best. He’s beaten some decent welterweights (Dunham/Tibau/Roller), but he can’t get past the next tier (Diaz/Lauzon/Stephenson). He looked best while fighting under Jackson.

  • DrkDisciple

    Melvin’s biggest problem is his ego. I dont believe leaving team Jackson was a good move but only time will tell. The matchup against Jim Miller will be a good test. He might win but no way in hell will he run through Jim Miller.

    • rsnowbass

      I couldn’t agree with you more. Perfectly said.

  • Mma fanatic

    It seems like the “Blackzilians” are a group of misfit fighters who have abandoned previous camps! You have A.J who just lost his job, you have Rashad cry baby Evans and wild Melvin! Not the best roster I’ve seen! Still love watching Melvin fight! I wish he could make 145 , he could shake that division all up!!

  • KingSlaughter

    are you kidding? Guillard is not getting past Jim Miller…i think Guillard’s best bet is to go to strikeforce and challenge gilbert melendez for the title

  • DrkDisciple

    I guess you dont have a very high opinion of Gilbert Melendez! I will say this if Melvin cant beat Jim Miller then he stands even less of a chance of beating Melendez(which for an unknown reason to me seems to be unrated by most).

    • KingSlaughter

      so you’re saying Gilbert Melendez can beat Jim miller? haha no offense but that says alot about your knowledge of the sport…look at their records…its almost the same but the difference is miller has been fighting top guys…and Melendez has been fighting B class fighters…people ive never even heard of…i do think Gilbert Melendez is a great fighter but he is no match for the top lightweights of the UFC

      • jtmma

        Did you really just question someone’s knowledge of the sport, and in the same “sentence” (I use that term loosely since your whole reply is one long, unstructured, run-on string of words) admit to never hearing of guys like Aoki, Kawajiri, Ishida, Thompson… who were ALL ranked in the top 10 at the time? Total nonsense.

        • jtmma

          And Miller has NEVER beat a top 10 fighter no less. The closest he came was a very close decision over Bocek.

        • KingSlaughter

          sigh…i don’t feel like arguing with a nerd over this…making fun of my grammar…way to go you really hit the spot -_- gomi beat kawajiri and ishida and look how well hes doing in the UFC…i only remember guys that are worth remembering

        • KingSlaughter

          why are you even on an MMA site? go study or something since you are so obsessed with my grammar

        • fsunoles09

          bro who gives a damn about puncuation, ima college student and i usually never use proper puncuation not cuz im dumb but cuz who cares this is an mma website bro.but on topic i like gil i really do but i think edgar is more underrated then him in terms of media and the average fan.majority look at gil as #1 in the world and i personaly think edgar earned that spot and i think its a lil unfair to him to not get as much credit he deserves not sayin he gets none but he deserves more i rarly ever hear people talk about em.i dont see em goin any where anytme soon lil dude has serious skill and some serious heart.haha idk how this went from a gulliard article to a gil article but apparently i might make it into a edgar article but seems like jackson has to many promising fighters to help all of em to the degree they want but then again im here commenting on articles not in the shi t.had to throw a full metal jacket refrence in there.

      • RonnieV

        KingSlaughter, just read your posts, and I must say you need to stop questioning people’s knowledge of the sport. I won’t make fun of grammar, because I don’t exactly spellcheck myself, BUT you are clueless if you think Guillard belongs in the same octagon as Melendez. From what you wrote below, it looks like you spent 20 minutes studying their Sherdog records. As jtmma stated, Miller has simply not beat anyone even close to ever being ranked. Where Melendez has beaten some of the best lightweights in the world, and trains daily with one the UFC’s best lightweights (Nate Diaz). NOBODY has beaten Aoki the way Melendez did! Melendez and Aoki have been ranked in the Top 5 by nearly every website for over the past five years. Melendez is only in Strikeforce, because of the Showtime contract. UFC will send fighters to Strikeforce to fight Melendez, before they bring Melendez to the UFC. If you have never heard of so-called “B” fighters like Aoki, Masvidal & Thomson, perhaps you should brush up on your knowledge of the sport. Right now, Edgar & Henderson may be the only UFC fighters that could beat Melendez right now, and I’m sure it would be a decision.

        • KingSlaughter

          jesus this guy wrote an entire essay and life story on the fighters…im not gonna even bother lol…everybody has their own opinions…i have other things to do other than write a whole timeline of “Gilbert Melendez” hey kid go pick someone else to argue with…im not the one

      • DrkDisciple

        You can question my knowledge of the sport as much as you want. Jim Miller and Gilbert Melendez are two great fighters, the main difference between the two is that Gilbert is a champion and that in my book means something!

  • DrkDisciple

    meant to say under rated……………

  • natpaukar7

    I agree that Melendez is underrated and would likely kill Jim Miller…I don’t know what will happen between guillard and miller tho…and I believe that the Jackson camp is what got Melvin on track for quite some time he abandoned them pretty quickly…should be a good fight!

  • D-rail

    Again with the comparison between ranked fighters in the UFC and Strikeforce. Why go on with the same dumb argument regarding Melendez vs any top ten fighters in the UFC. Gil can definitely beat Ben Henderson who made Miller look like a WEC rookie. Melvin was exposed with a jab on his last fight. Sure he’s got KO power, but when he fights smart fighters, he falls short.

  • Prodigy815

    Melvin will never win a belt in the UFC.