Melvin Guillard and Ross Pearson Can Try to Finish the Fight at Next UFC London on March 8

October 26, 2013
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Melvin Guillard vs Ross Pearson faceoff-478x270At UFC Fight Night 30 at the Phones4U Arena in Manchester, England, brawling Brit Ross Pearson and American slugger Melvin Guillard met in a main card showdown.

The fight didn’t last long, unfortunately, as Guillard unleashed a bevy of knees to the face of Pearson during an early flurry in the first round.  As brutal and pinpoint as the knees were, they also came during a scramble in which Pearson was lifting his hands up and down off the mat in attempt to stay grounded, and in the process making Guillard’s knee attempts illegal.

With a giant gash from the knees etched into his skull, the second of which referee Marc Goddard deemed illegal, the bout was stopped and ruled a “No Contest.”

Both fighters were visibly dejected, as were the fans in attendance and the viewing audience at home. Pearson and Guillard each immediately said they wanted to fight again, and come to a final resolution in the Octagon.

And they got their wish.

It was announced that both fighters would receive their win and show money – a nice gesture by the company, no doubt. But as the UFC’s Executive Vice President and Managing Director of Europe, Middle East and Africa Garry Cook said at the post-fight press conference, that wouldn’t be the only bit of good news these two fiery combatants would receive on Saturday night.

“This matchmaking thing is getting pretty easy,” said Cook with a wry smile.  “So I think we’ll put Melvin and Ross together again on March the 8th in London.”

Earlier in the press conference, the March 8 card was announced to host a light heavyweight title eliminator between Alexander Gustafsson and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira.  With the news of Guillard vs. Pearson 2, U.K. fans have another quality match-up to top the card that is still roughly four months away.

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  • Chicago

    bull s*** they were illegal!

    • Dragon Kid

      When a fighter’s knees and one hand is down on the ground, kneeing or kicking someone is deemed illegal. Rules are rules.

      • Chicago

        I saw the slow motion replay and his knee was 5 inches off the mat and was hovering as he tried to get up….. could be wrong I was not there but from the replay it looked good.

        • Mike mckinney

          His hand touched down on the second one. Which caught more of the chest than head, but it is what it is. The ref might not have liked calling it but he was supposed to.

          • Chicago

            valid poinT & I agree with the 2nd knee. again I was not there, I’m just an idiot with an opinion. but I felt like Melvin was already in the process of throwing the 2nd knee when the hand touched the mat.

          • Jay Mcgarrity

            According to John McCarthy, you count from when the knee is thrown and not landed. Since Melvin already threw the knee before Pearson’s hand touched down it was legal. The main problem is that the ref does not have instant replay available to him to make the call which to me seems absurd. Who knows if McCarthy would’ve made a different call or not, may have been hard to see since it happened so fast but I do trust McCarthy to move to a better angle faster than most of these other refs.

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    i had money on melvin and i really believe that fight was going to go his way after how it played out up to that point. pretty disappointing but i guess that’s the way it goes sometimes.

  • Oswald Cobblepott

    UFC needs instant replay!!!!