Meet the Cast of The Ultimate Fighter: Nations

January 8, 2014
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The Ultimate Fighter: Nations premieres on Jan. 15 on Fox Sports 1 and pits prospects from Canada and Australia against each other in a quest to become the next Ultimate Fighter.  Watch as the cast introduces themselves.

UFC veteran Patrick Cote serves as head coach for the Canadians, while the Aussie fighter have Kyle Noke at the helm to guide them.

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  • Shartnado2, the Sloppy One

    Is there really a national rivalry between Australia and Canada?

    • Stefano ‘Zwonimir’ Sega Nogaro

      I don’t think so and really I would be surprised if there’s any sport rivalry between USA and UK too (they did that kind of TUF in 2009).

      OK maybe for USA vs. Canada (from Ice Hockey) and ‘The Ashes’ UK vs. Australia (from Cricket)

      • El Gvapo

        Uk vs Australia is definitely a big rivalry as is USA vs Canada I’d imagine. But Australia and Canada I’m sure can’t be, in fact I can’t think of any sports in which they directly compete at a similar level. I think they must have put it together as that’s where there were two potential competitive casts outside of USA and brazil. I remember when they did the UK vs USA season always thinking they took it easy on the UK with the US selections. Damarques Johnson was probably the best fighter they put on the US team and I’m pretty sure he was cut long ago. I think it’s only Ross Pearson that remains with the UFC to date.

    • bbman182

      Not really but they should totally do TUF Nations: Japan vs Korea with lighter weight classes

  • Brad Phillips

    do yourself a favour and check out jake Matthew’s last fight in the afc the kid has all the skills to be ufc champ one day he is unbelievable!!!! and no i dont no him im just a fan