Mayhem Miller Zeros-in on Michael Bisping, Wants Shot at Anderson Silva (video)

December 1, 2011
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Jason Mayhem Miller, one of the coaches on The Ultimate Fighter 14, is zeroed-in on fellow coach Michael Bisping, but his ultimate goal is to topple UFC middleweight kingpin Anderson Silva from his perch.

“(Anderson Silva) is the best guy at 185 and he’s the best guy in the world. Cool, I wanna stand in front of him and I want to fight him,” stated Miller.

Check out the full interview…

  • collideoverme

    Mayhem is gonna wreck Bisping.

  • Bisping is gonna wreck Mayhem.

  • BigGuy

    I doubt he would last more than a couple of rounds with Silva, but I hope he DESTROYS Bisping!

  • wonggfan

    I never quite understood the Bisping hate. But then again, I never really paid any attention to the dude and generally dismissed him as a B-level fighter, slightly above Clay Guida.

    Is it because he comes off as a cocky guy? Is it because he is a brit? Is it both? Does he come off as a cock guy because he is a brit?

    As far as I am concerned I felt kind of bad when he lost to Wanderlei. He was so hated by the viewers that it might have affected his mental game.

    I predict Bisping via unanimous decision.

    • KBEsq

      I’m having deja vu. You already asked this question, and I answered it on a previous story. Remember – he’s been on two seasons of TUF and has injected his douchbaggery into many stories in the news?

      People hate him because he’s a complaining, immature, hypocrite. Watch his childish behavior on TUF. He accuses the other team of doing these he does 100 times worse, and acts like a big dumb alpha male loser.

  • sirreadsalot10

    I hate Bisbing. I don’t think it’s because he’s a Brit. Wait, now that I think about it, I don’t like Hardy, I don’t like that douche Daily either (all Brits). Ross Pierson is a good guy and he’s a Brit. I think it’s more about his attitude and smarmy mouth than his nationality. I almost wept with joy when Henderson rendered him unconscious. I am looking forward to that feeling again when Mayhem destroys him.

  • wonggfan

    That is what I was gonna say. Daily, Hardy, and Bisping, three of the most hated guys in the UFC, are all Brits. It is probably the way they carry themselves, including their accent.

    Bisping comes off as a poorman’s Beckham. He is not as rich or famous as Beckham. And Beckham got skills but Bisping doesn’t.

    In any case, Hendo’s popularity went up after KTFO of Bisping. And although I was rooting for Wandy, I kinda felt bad for Bisping. Everytime he got tagged people cheered. Poor guy. That must have affected his gameplan.

    To me, the most annoying MMA fighter is Tito Ortiz. After that, it’s Frank Mir (who btw has been surprisingly quiet for some time now). Maybe getting owned by Carwin humbled him. I remember that guy talking so much crap and blabbering on about his improved physique and skills. It’s one thing to say that the preparation for your next fight is going well. It is quite another to scrupulously analyze the improvements you’ve made.

  • Astro Zombie

    I like Bisping, he cracks me up. Plus he was pretty good in TUF 3. I like it when hes worked up and can’t talk right. The shits funny and that is why you all actually like him to.

  • Karno

    I hear all this talk about disliking these fighters. Who Cares!!! They have more fortitude and heart than everyone on this site. Myself included. I like what you had to say Astro Zombie. Bisping is quite the crack up.

    • sirreadsalot10

      If we didn’t like or dislike fighters what would be the point of these discussions. How much heart and fortitude the have is irrelevant. If you want man love I recommend

      • ajmadic

        ^^^ lol

  • fsunoles09

    yo wonggfan i cant speak for everybody else but my opinion on em is he is just a bad dudes, which then again i dont know the guy but he felt it was alright for his fighter to stand infront of ol boy sittin on the stool and mow em down with an imaginery gatlin gun or whatever it was suppose to be but then bitches about any little thing miller does and he is pretty arogant sayn miller doesnt belong in the octagon with em thats a joke miller has fought some damn good opponents who the hell has bisping beat worth a **** and sorry if my comment seems to be directed towards u in a wrong way

  • fsunoles09

    and zombie hah yea it is quite funny him and miller start goin mind blank or somethin when they get worked up cuz they act like they dont know what to say when they are like that

  • RubeKegal

    Stop calling him Bisbing!! In spanish, Pinga is the word for Penis which is why Michael BisPING should continue to be called Michael Bisping, cuz he is a penis.