Mayhem Faces a Doberman at UFC 146

February 18, 2012
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Jason "Mayhem" Miller
Life is all about second chances and the UFC has decided to give Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller another shot.

Miller will return at UFC 146 on May 26 in Las Vegas where he will face former ‘Ultimate Fighter’ finalist C.B. ‘The Doberman’ Dollaway.

Miller first announced the fight via his Twitter account, and separate sources confirmed the bout to as well on Saturday.

The second chance for Miller comes after his performance at the ‘Ultimate Fighter’ season 14 finale against Michael Bisping. UFC President Dana White was not happy with Miller’s abysmal showing in the fight, where his cardio backfired in a bad way after the first round of the fight.

There was some question whether or not Miller would even get another fight in the Octagon, but it looks like the UFC is going to give him another shot.

Facing Miller in May will be former ‘Ultimate Fighter’ finalist C.B. Dollaway, who is himself looking for redemption after back-to-back losses in the UFC.

Dollaway dropped bouts to Mark Munoz and Jared Hamman in his last two fights before having hip surgery to close out 2011. Now the Arizona based fighter will look to get back on track as he faces Mayhem at UFC 146 in May.

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  • Towers66

    Dolloway is going to get destroyed. I’m sure of it.

    • smill0313

      I agree

  • therealmo

    their backs are against the wall it should be a good fight

  • rezsurfer

    so dana hates on mayhem, but likes drug users and cheaters. Mayhem is a awesome dude. want controversy, this man can bring it since thats what UFC wants to be a real fighting WWE

    • charlesirwin

      Did you see Millers fight with Bisbing? I think mayhams performance spoke for its self. This game is about winning . You say they want to be real fighting WWE but the fact is if Dana cared about “good guys” that would be real wwe.

  • TJ


  • TJ

    how is he giving mayhem a “second chance”? its not like he used illegal drugs and skipped press conferences and scheduled flights like someone we know (DIAZ). he only lost one fight, let him come back with better cardio and we’ll see the real mayhem we all know and love, not self indulged pussies like diaz that get catered to no matter what kind of shit they pull

  • mayhem was doing well until he gassed in the bisping fight as happens to most fighters making their debut because of the pressure. a lot of people thought he won the first round.

  • maddawgmar

    His two losses in the UFC are to GSP and Michael Bisping. Any one in the game can lose to these two. CB Dollaway is a good fight for Mayhem. I mean when your UFC debut is against GSP then years after on his return he gets Bisping. Not an easy run, he deserves another fight.

    • Lesnardo

      It’s because there are plenty of guys at Mayhem’s level who would love to take his spot in the UFC. UFC does not need five gate-keepers.

  • matty

    It is definitely a do or die situation for both of them.I hope millers cardio is better or it won’t even be a interesting fight.

  • bbtakayama

    Dolloway is the one getting another chance. Mayhem doesn’t need another chance, he was doing fine without the UFC.

  • RubeKegal


  • Glad Mayhem is getting another chance. He looked so horrible against Bisping it must have been a fluke performance. Mayhem did pretty well against GSP and Jake shields. CB Dolloway should be no trouble for him if he can fight the way he used to. Big IF though.

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