Max Holloway Earns First UFC Victory at TUF 15 Finale

June 1, 2012
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Max Holloway earned his first UFC win at The Ultimate Fighter 15 Finale via unanimous decision over Pat Schilling.

Holloway and Schilling are young, up and coming fighters aspiring to make their mark in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s featherweight division.  Both suffered the first loss of their careers in their UFC debuts earlier this year and were looking to get back on the winning track at The Ultimate Fighter 15 Finale.

The fight was a one-sided affair with Holloway battering Schilling with jabs and body shots while stuffing Schilling’s takedown attempts.  The striking totals showed just how lopsided the fight was.

Holloway nearly finished the fight in the closing moments of the second round.  He had Schilling against the cage taking shots with the referee looking closely at the action, but Schilling was saved by the bell.

Holloway dropped Schilling with a punch in the final round, but Schilling showed his toughness by making it to the end.

“I just wanted to show that I belong in the UFC and I wanted to get back here,” said the 20-year old Hawaiian following the win.  “I’m still a baby.  People still call me a baby and stuff.  I’m just going to keep training hard and hopefully come back for a long time.”

  • Holloway was too cautious in that fight. Schilling was gassed and hurt laying flat on his back several times and he should have swooped in and finished. I understand not wanting to play to the other guy’s strengths but Schilling was very vulnerable a few times and Holloway opted to step back and play it safe. Need to work on that killer instinct.

    • KBEsq

      I agree – towards the end, I think Holloway should have just finished the fight and jumped in Schillings guard. Schilling was too gassed to pull off sub.

      However, I actually totally understand why Holloway did it. This is his second fight in the UFC, he just lost to Poirier.

      I think he just wanted this win desperately and did not want anything to get in his way. It’s that same old conflict: do I win safely, but win, or do I take the chance to win spectacularly (and impress the fans and my bosses) and risk losing.

      When this guy rounds out his ground game, watch out.