Mauricio “Shogun” Rua Considering a Move to Middleweight Following UFC Fight Night 33

November 26, 2013
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Shogun-Rua-UFC-113-460x270 Mauricio “Shogun” Rua will consider a move to middleweight following his fight with James Te Huna at UFC Fight Night 33 in Brisbane, Australia, on Dec. 7 (Dec. 6 in the U.S.).

The 31-year-old Brazilian is likely to follow the lead of countryman Lyoto Machida and drop to 185 pounds after losses in four of his last six UFC fights.

“It might happen, but for now I have a fight scheduled,” Rua said at a recent fan Q&A in Brazil. “I would have to do some medical exams to check if it’s possible.”

The former light heavyweight champion normally walks around at about 228 pounds and cuts 23 pounds for his fights, but would have to lose an additional 20 pounds if he were to drop down another weight class.

“Maybe I can (drop to 185) and maintain my performance. I would need to think about it, but that’s something that can happen.”

First, he is focusing on his upcoming fight with Te Huna, who has only lost twice in the UFC, which were against Glover Teixeira and Alexander Gustafsson, who currently sit at the top of the 205-pound division. Rua doesn’t feel that he has to win the fight, as long as he gives a good account for the fans.

“He’s an aggressive fighter and I know it will be tough,” Rua continued. “I like this fight because of his style. I don’t think of this fight as definitive for my career. I have no obligation to win, only to do my best.

“This fight is going to be difficult, the guy is good in boxing, and I will have to fight my best to leave the cage as the winner. My focus only is training and evolving. As long as my body is good, I will be fighting.

“I always say my biggest motivation is the fans, we have to do what we love and I am impassioned by what I do.”

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  • Jake s

    War Shogun!!

  • Kenny Powers

    Damn i’d like to Gun at MW, but cutting over 40 pounds? Better call Dolce. If he can keep his energy at 85 he’d be deadly, but we’ll have to see. MW will be ridiculously stacked with Machida, Mousasi, Chael and Shogun moving down. Even Rashad and Hendo could go down there.

    • shakejunt

      if he can keep his energy at mw, he’ll be more screwed than he is at lhw

  • combat to the core

    He’s pudgy at LH and he really thinks a cut to MW is gonna be any easier?

  • Chicago

    I want to know is he 228 when he is on vacation, Eating, drinking, and not training? Or semi training before a camp. People freak out saying that Anderson Silva is a big MW. (they forgot rich Franklin dwarfed him) the quote that Ed said that had people freaking out about AS weighing 230lbs. He said AS was on vacation. I’m 6’1″, I fought at 170, on vacation I weighed 205lbs. I normally weigh 190 working out everyday, eating what I want and drinking alcohol. I say if he could safely make the weight do it. He is a grown a$$ man!

  • Jaymo

    I was having this discussion about 2 weeks ago with a group of friends. The general opinion was he couldn’t get down to MW..
    I love Shogun and would be super interested to see him at MW, but I don’t know if he is motivated to train/diet down to 185..

  • I don’t think a run at MW is the solution. I don’t know his diet or lifestyle but maybe he could change those things up first. He’s already cutting 23 pounds.

    • Froztken

      He does have a bit of fat he could lose. Imagine Shogun ripped a 185. That could happen.

      • Milosc

        He may be a Vitor at 185

        • Truth

          the prob w/ Shogun is that his speed has slowed down and his knees are shot. He lacks the same explosiveness that he displayed in his prime. Shogun is a warrior, but he’s not where he used to be. Him and big Nog aren’t necessarily OLD in terms of age but both have ALOT of mileage.

          • Froztken

            We’ll see if he makes the drop. Less weight on his knees could be good for him. Who knows..

    • deepgrim

      its a big cut alright but it is something similar to what chael cuts when he hits 185. The middleweight division will be crowded with stars if everyone that mentions they are going to it will

  • Hugh Shakeshaft


  • bajafox

    Might as well stick around at 205 until Jones vacates the belt

  • Slicer

    Trim the legfat and some belly fat problem solved

  • The Best Eva

    It’s always looked like shogun was built for the middleweight division, I think it should be a smart and easy transition.

  • wsf

    Shogun is a great fighter, but I think he’s past his prime now. Even though he’s still technically young by age standard, he’s probally in his forties in fighting age. His super agressive, Chute Box style of fighting has put a lot of wear and tear on his body, just like Wanderlai, not to mention all the sugeries he had, from multiple nee operations and his arm breaking from a Mark Coleman takedown. He’s still one of my favorite fighters, but he’s obviously not the Shogun of 2005.


    A lot of interesting fights for Shogun at 185!! Rua vs Bisping, or the winner of Costas vs Rockhold would work for 1st fight at MW.

  • John McJohn

    Mousasi – Shogun at MW, where they both belong.

  • Jay Mcgarrity

    Machida, Mousasi, Chael, Hendo (kind of), and now Shogun. That is literally half of the LHW top 10. The MW division is insane right now!

  • Mike mckinney

    It will be quite funny to see a lot of these guys going back to 205lbs if Anderson regains the title.